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Chapter 3

Will woke from the glare of the sun bleeding through the curtains. She had the feeling that something important had happened she couldn't put her finger on it. She figured if it was important than she would have remembered it. But then again it could be because of her blasted head ache. For a few days she had woke up with her head pounding it felt like someone hit a bat over her skull. She laid back down on her bed, maybe her mom would let her stay home this once? But even as her eyes closed again she felt that it was a fleeting dream.

Will hadn't had her eyes closed for very long before she heard a knock on the door. "Will? You'll be late like this." she heard mother's voice from her door. Maybe if I ignore her she will just go away. She thought.

"That would be plain rude." Her alarm clock informed her, obviously used to being ignored.

"Shut up."

"Will? Honey what was that? Who are you talking to?" Great that idea is out the window.

With a groan she answered. "Nothing Mom." Will propped her self up on her elbows before jumping out of bed. Reluctantly, she pulled on her clothes for the day.

With a sigh, Will opened her door not quite ready to face the day.

Aldrick walked down the corridor with long quick strides. His Lord had called him immediately for a discussion. Pausing to gather himself, Aldrick pushed opend the heavy oak door leading to the court room.

"Aldrick! Quick as always. That's what I like best about you." A young man, no older than eighteen, greeted him with a flash of white teeth and sharp green eyes. He stood on a high platform, his golden hair curled around his face. He had a scar on his tan skin above his brow marking him as a warrior.

"Of course My Lord." Aldrick replied with a deep bow of his head dropping to one knee.

"Tell me, have you made contact." The man asked him.

"Yes, I have successfully connected with her mind." he replied

"Good." The young man nodded clasping his hands behind his back. He pursed his lips together in deep thought after a moment he passed closer to Aldrick. "Do you believe what I am doing is right?" He asked in a inquisitive voice.


"I want my kingdom back. What is rightfully mine. Do you believe I have this right?" He asked again

"With all do respect My Lord, I am a simple soldier what would my input do?"

"Aldrick, I of all people know that isn't true." He said with laughter in his deep colored eyes. "But a good answer all the same."

"Very well My Lord." Aldrick replied simply

With a tilt of his head, and a slight puzzled expression on his face he spoke in a level voice "You interest me. A man that follows the power, it will keep you safe. But I see that your loyalty is temporary, but for some reason I am not angered by that. Why do you think that is?" The blonde haired man said as he looked him over l

Aldrick met Lord Astralgerious's steady gaze. "Because you know as long as I am in your care I will not stab you in the back. But when I leave, I will look you in the eye and tell you so."

"If that is true, why shouldn't I kill you here where you stand?"

"I'm sure you know the answer to that my lord." he murmured but continued on, giving Astralgerious the answer he wanted. "I have the power that you need, and you should know my skill is high enough to fight my way out unscathed."

Astralgerious looked at him with sharp eyes. Adrick's body tensed up ready to evade if necessary. But he relaxed as Astralgerious gave him a large wolfish smile.

"You may go, you have made me very pleased." He said to him turning away.

"Yes My Lord." Aldrick replied a bit relieved. He had taken leap by talking to Astralgerious like that, but as he guessed it was the right choice. Aldrick felt several years older as he left the court room. He was already well in his years with spots of grey in his chestnut hair he was already a veteran warrior. But then again no matter how strong, no man can fight old age. But his recent assignment troubled him. It was not his wish to lead astray the young red headed girl. But as any soldier he will follow the orders of who ever holds the most power. But that didn't mean he didn't have a conscience, dismissing the thought he continued towards his room in the palace.

Will yawned stretching out her back, Susan sat next to her driving carefully on the frosty road. Will looked out the window, the street for the school was just about to come up but instead of turning they went right by it.

"Um, Mom where are we going we kind of missed the turn..." She mumbled. But her Mother stayed silent her eyes trained on the road in front of her. Shifting in her seat Will closed her eyes and didn't dwell too much on her Mother's behavior, she was simply too tired to care, not that she usual did. She stirred awake from her small sleep when she felt the rumble of the car die out.

"Where are we?" Will said groggily.

"In a car."

"I know that." Will replied pointedly. "Why haven't you said something?" Will asked rubbing at her eyes.

Susan sat for a minute thinking about her response. "I..am worried about you." She said.

Will gave her a disbelieving look. "What is there to be worried about?" She asked a bit confused.

Holding her head in her hands her Mother sighed again. "You haven't been sleeping, you're pale and sick looking, and do you honestly think I don't notice you sneaking out? Skipping school? Running off with your friends in the middle of the night?" Susan rambled exasperated.

Will groaned and slammed her head lightly on the seat. Of course she thought, what else would it be?. "You still haven't told me where we are." She said avoiding the subject.

"Monkeynut Cafe." Her mother replied.

"That's funny, really where are we?" Will asked again, not taking her Mom seriously.

"I just said, a Cafe!" Susan said frustrated.

"But..it isn't seriously called.."

"Monkeynut Cafe."

"You've gotta be kidding."

"Well it was either this or Bananarama."

"And.. where is this uh Cafe located exactly?" Will asked.

"Oh, On the outside of town in this new village thing, I read it was really popular."

"Outside of Town! Why did you take me all the way out here! What about school?" What if W.I.T.C.H needs me?

"Yes, what about school, you've been skipping!" Susan replied twisting the subject back around.

"What about it?" Will snapped back.

"What about it!? Where have you been going! You never did stuff like this, you're hiding something from me aren't you?" Susan argued back.

"N-Nothing! Get out of my business!" Will half yelled feeling pressured.

"That's just it! You never let me in!"

"So? Neither do you!" Will shot back, the words spilling out of her mouth without permission.

"There is nothing to share! There isn't anything you have to worry about; worrying is my job!"

"Yeah? What about dating my TEACHER Just because you say it is your responsibility doesn't mean it has nothing to do with me!" Will yelled back her voice a bit strained. The frustration she had been feeling began to spill over.

"At least I'm not hiding secrets! I told you eventually! You...just..argh You're just like your Father!"

"What!? Don't bring dad into this, I'm not the one who made him leave!"

"Made him? I wasn't the one sneaking around with other women!" Susan hissed, but soon tensed in shock.

It was clear that she never wanted to let the words slip out, the deer caught in the headlights expression on her face made that obvious. Will's head pounded more and she felt tears sting her eyes. Grinding her teeth she felt suffocated and desperate to be anywhere then here. Will slammed the door open and walked out feeling a bit better in the brisk air. She could hear her Mother's voice call after her, but it only made her walk faster before turning into a full run. Because that's all she wanted to do, was run, as far away as possible. Hot tears streamed down her face, she hadn't cried in years, but she let it go and pounded the pavement.

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