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Chapter 1: Life Altering Events

This was supposed to be a happy time for them, Rose thought bitterly. It had been two years since the Daleks and the second visit to Bad Wolf Bay. After a rough beginning, she and the Doctor were very happily married, living in Pete's world and they were having a baby. They were supposed to be living their forever with her mum, dad, brother and however many children they chose to have.

Tonight those dreams had come crashing down around her. Tears flowed freely down Rose's face as she hurriedly packed a few belongings into the jeep. She had changed her clothes but she was still covered in the stench of the explosion. As soon as she got the opportunity she was going to scrub her skin raw the try and erase it.

Her little brother, Tony, was sleeping peacefully in the back seat, completely unaware of how his life had been permanently altered. She was amazed the boy had slept through tonight events. The Doctor, the Human Doctor, finished securing the aquarium holding their baby TARDIS into the back. They were in a hurry and the trio needed to get out of London as fast as possible.

"Where are we going to go?" Rose asked turning to her Doctor.

"Right now we're just going to run. It's not safe here, may never be safe here again." The Doctor pulled her into a tight hug inhaling the scent of smoke from her hair. "It's what we do best." He kissed her forehead and helped her into the jeep.

It had been one hell of a night. One of those nights that Rose wished could just be a dream or in this case a nightmare. Now that her second wave of adrenaline had started to dissipate, a tidal wave of exhaustion hit her. Closing her eyes she tried to get some sleep as the Doctor pulled into late night London traffic. In the back of her mind she could feel his tension and his fear. Someone had tried to kill them tonight. Had almost succeeded too, if Rose hadn't gotten sick at the last minute, the two of them would have been in that car with her parents.

Another tear rolled down her cheek as she remembered events that seemed to have happened an eternity ago and yet she knew it had only been a few short hours. Pete and Jackie had invited Rose and the Doctor to some big political party. Pete had just been elected President of Great Britain. While the Doctor had been reluctant, he loathed politics, Rose was so proud of her dad that she insisted they go.

Rose and the Doctor lived in the guest house on the Tyler Estate, when they weren't traveling and exploring Pete's World. So naturally they would have ridden to the event in Pete's car. By sheer luck, five minutes before they were to leave Rose got sick. Not an abnormal occurrence since she was recently pregnant, but her bouts of nausea tended to last for some time. So they had waved off Jackie's offer to wait and told the elder couple they would meet them there. Rose wished she would have known it would be the last time she saw either of them. Closing her eyes once more Rose was unable to stop the memories.

She felt like a teenager again, praying to the porcelain god after a stupid night of drinking. Only this time the Doctor was rubbing circles on her back as he held her hair back. This was going to all be worth it when she held their baby for the first time, she kept telling herself. Then the house shook with a violent roar and it seemed like the world had ended. Because in a way it most certainly was.

Rose ran in the direction of the noise. Years of Torchwood training and traveling with the Doctor had taught her to run towards the source of the trouble. Outside her parents car was on fire. Rose could feel the heat from the fire envelope her even as her blood seemed to run cold. Pieces of metal were scattered in the driveway and she hurdled them as she tried to reach the inflamed car. They had to be alright she told herself. She had lost her dad so many times. Had watched him die twice already and her mum, oh God, her mum for so many years all they had was each other.

They couldn't be gone. She had been talking to them just five minutes ago. Talking, laughing celebrating the impending newest addition to the Tyler family as well as Pete's election win. This had to be a horrible nightmare.

The Doctor caught her around the middle before she could reach it. "There's nothing we can do." He cried as she struggled against him. "I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry but they're gone." And she cried.

"Mum, Dad they can't just be gone. They can't." She sobbed into his shoulder, her entire body shaking with grief.

The next few hours had passed in a blur. Torchwood, the police and the Presidential Secret Service had been crawling all over the house asking questions, interrogating the staff and looking for clues as to who planted the bomb. Rose had gone into Tony's room and crawled into the six year olds bed. How could she tell him that he was now an orphan? That they both were? She drifted off into a fitful sleep clutching her baby brother like a life line.

A few hours later the Doctor slowly opened the door to Tony's room. "Rose" he said softly as he crossed over to her. "Rose, we need to talk. Wake up love."

Gradually Rose opened her eyes and catching the pained expression on her husband's face she knew that the events of tonight had not simply been a nightmare. He lovingly cupped her face with his hand before pulling her gently out of the room.

"We need to leave here and we need to go right now." The urgency and fear in his voice were undeniable. "I've been talking to Jake…Torchwood received a message earlier today. They didn't understand what it meant so they didn't pass it along. Naturally had we known we would have been more careful, but I'm not sure we could have prevented this…"

Rose clamped a hand over his mouth. One of the things she loved most about him was his absurd rambling but now just wasn't the time. "Breath Doctor and just tell me what the threat was and why we need to leave now."

He closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against hers. His right hand trailed down her abdomen and rested where their tiny baby was growing. "The message said," he swallowed hard. "The message said 'Silence will fall when the question is asked. Give us the time child or it will be destroyed.' Hardly anyone knows about the baby yet. Jake didn't even know, well he does now. I just told him. Maybe if we had told him earlier we would have been told sooner. I'm so sorry Love."

Bile began to rise once more in Rose's throat. Someone was after her baby, her precious unborn baby. But how could anyone even know? How could some (probably) alien threat know? She was only three months gone and hadn't even told her parents until the previous night. "Ok, we'll take Tony and leave now." Her voice sounded resigned, running for their lives, par for the course when married to the Doctor.

"We may not come back. Take only what we need. I'll let Jake know we're leaving and we probably won't be in contact." He brushed his lips across her forehead. "I'm so, so sorry. I love you and I promise you and Tony and the baby are my top priorities. Even if we have to leave the galaxy I will protect you."

Rose smiled sadly. "I know love. I believe in you." She kissed him and then ran off to pack.

Hours later back in the Jeep, the sun had begun to rise. Tony had begun to stir in the backseat, Rose's stomach growled and the Doctor drove on. His face wore the mask of the Oncoming Storm. He was scared, not for himself, never for himself. But for Rose, their baby, and for Tony, yeah he was scared. Look at what had happened to Jackie and Pete, all because someone was after Rose.

"Love" Rose said softly. A muscle in the Doctor's jaw ticked before he turned his head, not saying a word. "We need to stop."

The Doctor shook his head. "Can't. We don't know if anyone is following us."

Reaching over Rose placed a hand on his arm. "Love we need petrol, Tony'll wake up and I'm sure he's going to be hungry and I need the loo."

His eyes flicked to the still sleeping six-year old in the backseat. "What are we going to tell him?"

"Don't know" Rose wiped another tear from her eye. "At some point we'll have to tell him that Mum and Dad are gone. I just hope that eventually he'll be ok."

The Doctor gave a half smile. "Course he will. He's a Tyler. Never met a more resilient family than yours my heart... They were my family too."

Silence fell once more in the car before the Doctor turned into a petrol station. Once he had stopped Rose made to open the door but he quickly locked it.

"What?" She asked.

"I'm not letting you out of my sight, either of you. At least until we know we're safe. Ok?" He stroked a long finger down her cheek and she nodded. There was no one in the universe she trusted more to protect her, her brother or her unborn child.

"Yeah, OK… I trust you to keep us safe Doctor." She tried to flash him a reassuring smile but her face fell when she peered out the front glass of the vehicle. A tall creature, one that looked a lot like a stereotypical Earth science fiction alien (only it was pale grey not green) stood in front of them. It was wearing a dark suit and tie, and had no distinguishable mouth.

"Doctor, what is that?" Rose said, her voice trembling. Before he could respond the creature spoke.

"Silence will fall when the question is asked. Give us the time child or it will be destroyed." The voice was icy yet spoke with authority as if it was accustomed to being obeyed. Rose's blood ran cold. There was no way in the multiverse that they would ever give up this child, her child, their child to anyone.

The fury rolling in waves off of the Doctor was palatable as he slammed the jeep into reverse. Unfortunately they didn't get far. The aliens had them surrounded. The as of yet unknown alien race advanced on them and Rose felt a warmth rushing through her veins. A quiet calm overtook her mind. Suddenly a bright golden light began to emanate from deep inside of her quickly enveloping her family and the jeep. A song, reminiscent of the one Rose had heard when she returned to the Games Station, oh so long ago, filled the air. And with a flash of fantastic golden sparks the Tyler-Noble family ceased to exist in Pete's World. Forever.