Our little piece of heaven

Chapter1 adopting you

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Yay I'm so happy me and Emmett finally decided we would stop trying to make a baby and just adopt one! Sure it might be a little dangerous having a human baby in the house but its been 100 years since Bella's birthday accident, and Jasper has finally gotten his thirst under control, so the baby should be safe. Or that's what Alice says… I hope she is right.

Me and Emmett are on the way to the local orphanage in Forks Washington. We decided it should be safe to move back in our old house with Bella, Edward and nessie live, but they spend most of their time at the main house. Me and Emmett have decided we would change the guest room next door to our room into the baby's room.

" rosie we're here babe" my husband Emmett said, snapping me out of my revire. I felt some nervous butterflies at the pit of my stomach. If it is possible for vampires to get butterflies.

" okay, lets go try to find our future daughter. I hope you don't mind em but I really want a baby girl" I said hoping he would understand.

" okay babe whatever makes you happy" I love him he will always do whatever he can to make me happy.

We didn't talk as we went into the orphanage or as it looked like more like a jail. When we got inside it smelled sweet and flowery. Emmett and I went up to the front desk to the lady.

" excuse me ma'am we were looking to adopt a girl could you please show us to them?" I asked

" of course right this way" she said. The lady led us down a hallway into a big room full of loud noisy girls around the age of 2 to 5.

" here we are I will wait for you guys in the hallway till you find a child you like." The lady said

" thanks"

" okay Emmett take the left and ill take the right try to find some one around two and not bratty please." I told him.

"okay baby ill let you know if I find someone" he said.

As I walked around I kept seeing these bratty kids getting in my way. I walke to a corner and what I saw broke my unbeating heart. I saw a little girl with amber eyes and mahogany long hair crying. So I went up to her.

" sweetie whats wrong?" I asked

" thowse mean girwls towld me that I wouwld nevewr get adowpted becawse im ugly and dumb" she whispered through her tears.

"oh well we are going to show them wrong because I want to adopt you sweetie.. uh whats your name darling?"

" massie" she andswerd.

" well Massie lets go find your new daddy so we can go adopt you."

" okway mommy" she said the screamed " mommy turn arwound I left my teddy beawr."

So we turned around and I scooped up the bear and gave it to her.

" thanks" she said burying her head in its fur.

" your welcome darling. Oh look there is your daddy. EMMETT" I called

" yea?"

" I found the girl I want to adopt. Her names Massie and she is two years old."

" well hi there Massie you are a cutie im Emmett your daddy the only thing you have to be worried about around me is me hugging you too tight." He said making her giggle.

" well lets go sign those forms so we can take you home to meet the rest of the family. You can meet them at the house. Okay?"

"okay mommy hellwo dawddy."

When we walked out the door the lady led us to the signing room and I gave Massie to Emmett to hold while I signed the papers and got her small suitcase.

"okay we can go home now come on em."

When we walked out to the jeep Massie was surprised about its massive height.

" that's my jeep pumpkin" Emmett said. With that we climbed into the jeep and went twords the house.

Massie POV