This was written quickly, after seeing the news that my favorite commando will appear in the upcoming RE movie. In my opinion, it would have been much better had she survived throughout the entire series. Oh well, at least we'll get to see her again.

Note: Alice and Rain. You can take it however you want-I don't think there's anything strictly lesbian-related in here.

This isn't the first time I've seen you since I woke up in the lab. I've watched you for years now.

When you're trekking across the country on your bike, when you sit at night by your fire, when you sleep without resting, and when you're "killing" the animated corpses that plague your world, I've watched you. Through video monitors, binoculars, or by my own sight. There is very little you've done that I haven't seen.

They said it ways my job to get to know you. The "know thine enemy, know thyself" kinda crap. I guess they didn't know that we already knew each other. I'm not stupid-I know I'm not real even as I'm blood and bone. I'm not me-I'm her. A copy for the woman who's name I've taken. Well, her image; her body is rotted now somewhere on a train in the ruins of a city that doesn't exist anymore. That's what I've seen in my memories.

They could be dreams. But I think memories are more accurate. They feel like they're replaying in my mind after they've happened, which would explain the sense of déjà vu I get when I wake up and think they're real. They're too accurate and real to just be dreams. I've seen you, Alice, in a mansion. I've seen you on a train, in a medical facility. I've seen you scared and determined. I've seen you look at me with caring and compassion. I've heard you want to tend to my wounds, or tell me everything was going to be okay. These memories unsettle me. For that reason though, I feel like I know you better than I know myself.

And I'm okay with that, Alice. Because you know me too. I can see it in your eyes and smell it in the gasp you release. You never thought you'd see me again either. For that reason, I don't shoot. I can't. You're all I have. Besides, it's okay if you shoot me. I've already died once before. This time, it will be for someone important, not Umbrella's cause. And I'm okay with that.

Dibble. I'm not even sure that this made sense so if you think so please tell me. Took me about ten or less minutes to write it out at work. Yes I know, it's like working on this stuff at school. Oh well, as long as I get all my work done I can't complain. I like this series and I would like to get more involved but that will have to wait. Take care, hope you enjoyed.