"Sweetie, are you up yet? Your alarm went off 15 minutes ago." My eyes slowly opened, my mom's worried voice was just too much to handle this early in the morning. "Mom … I'll be fine I mean I always am. And … don't worry … I'm super fast." I chuckled. Ever since I was little I always knew I was different. Not like other girls favorite color was pink and mine was black different but … I just felt like I didn't belong. And that made me isolate myself and for some reason I just didn't want to be isolated. Well in this new school or … "academy" I will be me, Bay Gift. Hate my last name. "I don't hear footsteps!" Yelled my mom, my poor mom, hunters killed my dad and I'm all she has and I'm a total screw-up. I'm not popular and my grades aren't the best, even though I'm really smart I just, I just don't like school very much. I guess it's because I'm not popular but it's also because I don't want people to find out who I am really. Because I'm really a werewolf, not the hot ones you read about or see in the movies, being a werewolf is … well it's a bitch. Really, I hate it. You try to blow off steam and you wake up to find you killed a whole family of bunnies. And do you know how fast bunnies reproduce? So you kill THOUSANDS. Okay, I 'm exaggerating a bit. And you have to strip all your clothes or else it's like the hulk on instant replay. Realizing I am still in bed, I get up and get ready. "Oh shit." I look into my closet and realize I didn't unpack last night. So now I'm rummaging through every box I can. And finally find … my dad's old ties. I just stare at them for a moment; they smell the same, like aftershave and mint. "Honey? Oh … I made you breakfast." I wipe away the tears in my eyes and close the box. I lift it up and open the one below it and find some rustic red jeans and a black and white stripped off the shoulder blouse. "Thanks Mom. Pancakes with chocolate chips? How did you know?" I said, trying my best to brush off the dad conversation. "Uh … Mom, this is the part where you say, 'I'm your mother!' … Mom?" She suddenly shakes her head and looks up at me. "Sorry. I-" But I was already gone.

"Sweet …" I whisper to myself. "Another brick school with green grass and beautiful people." I have to stop it … it's not me saying those things … it's trouble maker Bay, not Bay Gift peacemaker and loved by all Bay. Suddenly and girl rushes by, "She looks nice," I think to myself. "Hey! Um, I'm new and I was wondering if you could show me the office … area." When she turns around I am surprised. She's pretty, blond, intelligent looking, and nice looking, I was GOING to make this girl my friend. "Oh sure! I'm Andie by the way. I actually have a map right … here." She pulls out the map of the academy. "Thanks … I'm Bay Gift … isn't the map a bit excessive … Oh …" Once I open the map I realize there are about 6 buildings in this school. "Ya, that's the reaction we usually get, here, I need to drop off some papers anyways, let me show you to the office." And with that I got into the grove of things at the Gates Academy. I sat with Andie at lunch and met her boyfriend Brett who is really amazingly sweet and good looking. All was good until I couldn't get my locker opened. "Damn it!" I shunned myself as the bell rang. With having no luck I kicked the unmoving locker. "OWWWWWW …" I didn't realize today I was wearing open toed sandals. "Need help with that?" I heard a voice and turned around. "If you could that would be great … lockers are not my friend." When I saw the full extent of the guys face I just melted a bit inside. "I'm Charlie … I'm new too but luckily, (opens locker) I have a special relationship with lockers." He smiled at me. "Thanks … I guess you do-""Hey Bay is this guy bothering you?" I turn around and see Brett. "Oh no, he helped me open my locker." If you could be in an awkward moment … it would be this. "Why are you guys out of class, the bell rang." "Textbook." Both teen boys said at once. "Alright well, I have to go to Chemistry. I'll catch you later Brett and Charlie." I quickly exited. "Hey Bay! Wait up!" I heard Charlie cry. "I have chem. too. What's your last name by the way?" He asked once he reached me. "Gift" I replied stiffly. "Bay Gift … that's a cute name," I smiled, I had heard this phrase only a couple of times, but I learned something new about my name and was excited to try it out on the new cute boy I met. "Do you know what "gift" means in German?" I asked before we reached the chemistry lab door. "No, what?" He asked quizzically. "Poison," And then I whipped inside chemistry and smiled because I knew that behind me, Charlie's heart beat skipped a second. Because you know, I'm a werewolf. I will definitely like this school.