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Ikuto: Um … {sweat drop}

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Ikuto: Action? Does that mean I get to kiss her? {Pounces on Amu}

Amu: NOOO! Get off Pervert!

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Amu: No! Don't y-you d-d-dare you p-pervert!

[Amu is beautiful with a beautiful figure and in this story her hair is down to her stomach or mid-back. She is 16 and so are all the other girls, all of the guys are 17]

:::Amu's POV:::

{sigh} Just another day of school … but now, I'm all alone! Me and my family just moved, again.

We've been all around the world from France to Russia, Brazil, America … the list is endless! Though my fashion sense has improved a lot thanks to all that traveling. We move around often because with my mom being the main writer for "Vogue" and my dad the famous photographer for clothing lines, magazines, and red carpet events, people want new and fresh material. We only started moving around when I was 10 so it is nice to be back in Japan. We bought a really beautiful and comfy home in Seiyo, Ehime.

It's early Monday 6:30 am but class doesn't start till 8:00 so... I guess I'll go early. My straight hair was left down. (outfit in profile)I was wearing one of my favorite black zip-up sweatshirts with a skeleton print on the front. Under I had a black beater with a black leather vest. To complete the look, I had high tops with black cargo-pants with a couple of chains dangling from them and some black and gold bangles with a simple silver ring that had the words "Don't mess with me" engraved in it. (This is the outfit from BOA eat you up music video, look it up it's awesome!) I guess you could say I have a wide taste in clothing but it's all based on Punk, Goth or Lolita style. I was grateful that even though it is an academy, we're free to dress in whatever clothes we like as long as it doesn't violate the dress code.

I rode my motorcycle to Seiyo Academy parking it in a close lot to the walkway. Teens were talking and listening to the radio from their cars. Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia floated over to me.

"Hey! Isn't that Tohru?" Miki shouted. Tohru was an old friend of mine from when I was still living in Japan. "Hey Tohru!" I called cooly, keeping my cool and spicy facade on. She whipped around eyes widening when tears started to trickle down her face. "Amu!" She cried and ran over to hug me. "I've missed you so much! What happened? Why did we lose touch a month ago?" She questioned eagerly.

"I wanted to surprise you!" I grinned. "Who's this?" A handsome boy with long dark blue hair and twinkling brown eyes asked. "Oh! This is Hinamori Amu, Amu this is Nagihiko!" Tohru introduced us.

"Nice to meet you." He flashed a smile. "May I call you Amu?" "Only if I can call you Nagi!" I smiled widely. "So what's your homeroom?" "History I think." "Yay! Amu-Chan, you're in my homeroom! Let's go before the first bell rings!" Tohru exclaimed. As we strolled down to homeroom, I pulled up my hood that covered my eyes and most of my hair. "You know, I should warn you. There is a group of guys called the Studs and a group of girls called the Flirts. They are the highest rank of the popular crowd. A couple of guys in the Studs are players so watch your back!" She looked concerned like I would fall for one of the playboys or something. "Don't worry!" I smiled. "Alright, but come to me if you need someone to stick up for you." We burst out laughing. We both knew I wasn't the type to back down. As I was sitting on the teacher's desk the bell rang and everyone flooded in. "Okay class settle down, I'd like to introduce our new student. Would you introduce yourself please?" He gestured to me and I hopped of the desk and stood in front of the class. Everyone averted their gaze to me. No pressure right? Of course not! I inwardly smirked ready for the new challenges awaiting me.

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