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Ikuto: WHAT?!


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Amu: Does that mean…


Ikuto: Besides, I would never let you get away that easily, Amu. {Snakes arms around her waist}

Amu: Rape!

Ikuto: It's not rape if you enjoy it … {Smirk}

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Amu: You are the only one enjoying this you perv!


What did Utau tell Amu at the mall? I called Utau, careful not to wake anyone in the house. "Hello?" She answered. "Utau, what did you do to Amu that's got her so jumpy all of a sudden?" "Uhhh well…" She giggled. "Bye!" She cut the line. I sighed knowing this was going nowhere. I jumped off the balcony and walked to my house. More like mansion but still! I'll have to wait to find out till tomorrow.

:::Amu's POV:::

I thought about the three bikinis. If I choose the paw print one, Ikuto will rape me. If I choose the polka dot, Ikuto will rape me. If I choose the pink plaid, Ikuto will be a perv. The plaid it is!

I walked into my closet and reached for the bag, when a note fell out.

Dear Amu,

I already know what you're thinking, so I am borrowing the plaid and polka dot bikinis along with every other swimsuit you own besides the striped one. Have fun with Ikuto!


You have got to be kidding me! She's thought of everything! I pulled on the stupid bikini and grabbed my bag. I hear the car roll into the drive way. Thank god I'm wearing a t-shirt and shorts over this.

I walked out the door and slid into the passenger's side. "Morning." Ikuto smiled.

"Can't we just ditch the beach?" I pleaded. "And what else do you have in mind, Amu?" Ikuto smirked. HE'S EVEN A PERVERT THIS EARLY IN THE MORNING?!

This will be a long day…

*Time skip*

"Utau!" I hollered marching toward her. "Hey Amu, um, I think I'm going to take a swim, ok?" She said cautiously. "Not before I drown you!" I growled. I chased her around Ikuto and Kukai. "What happened with them?" Kukai asked. Ikuto shrugged and sighed, knowing me I'll run out of breath and fall.

"Amu…" Ikuto made me stop abruptly. "What the hell happened between you two?" Kukai was snickering like there was no tomorrow. I'll punch him later.

"N-Nothing." After all this time… I STILL blush and stutter?! "I can tell, it is not nothing." Ikuto muttered dragging me down the beach.

He pulled me onto his lap. "Kukai told me." He grinned mischievously. You have got to be kidding me. "Amu, you should have told me… but I would still like to see the bikini…" There goes that smirk again.

I sighed knowing that I wouldn't win this one. I took of my shorts and top to reveal my bikini. Please don't rape me, please don't rape me… "You look… adorable."

"I didn't even know you were capable of such words!" I laughed. "Well, of course you look sexy too, but adorable just happens to fit you more." Ikuto was smiling. Did I travel to a parallel dimension when I was sleeping?

"Amu, I love you for who you are. Not what you look like." He said seriously. I kissed him and giggled. "I know that. I love you too. NOW STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT YOU PERVERTED NEKO BOY!" I asked for it… his cat tail and ears instantly appeared.

I sweat dropped. "Really Ikuto?"

"You know you love it…" He said grabbing my waist pulling me to his chest. His tail swayed back and forth, smirk and all. "Yeah… but there's one thing I've been dying to do!" That tail… so cute… "Don't even think about it."

My turn to smirk. I snatched his tail, hugging and petting it. I was giggling like crazy. SOMEONE GET A CAMARA, IKUTO IS BLUSHING. "Don't you think that's enough?"

"Never will be." He planted his lips on mine. I got this feeling all the time, it always felt right. I love him, and that's the end of it.

"I never thought I'd get you, miss perfect yet impossible."

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