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"We got a long way to go, we gotta get there quicker" - Long Way to Go by Gwen Stefani Ft. Andre 3000

Kendall, James, Logan, and Carlos excitedly talked about the party they were "invited" to. Jennifer Knight raised the volume of her TV, trying to block out the noise her son and his friends were making as they walked into their Palm Woods apartment.

"Hey Mom," Kendall said. He and the guys had just got back from another day with Gustavo, who informed them of a party Griffin wanted to have. The boys were basically being forced to show up, but for once, they didn't mind. They knew Gustavo would need their help. Kendall stopped his friends from talking when glanced at the TV and raised one of his large eyebrows. "Whatcha watching?" he asked.

Jennifer shook her head in disgust. "Another killing," she responded, her eyes still glued to the TV.

Kendall, James, Logan, and Carlos all shared glances with each other before they plopped onto the couch and began watching the news with her.

"Not again," Logan muttered as they watched the report. He still couldn't believe this was happening.

The newscaster's voice filled the living room.

"Andre Washington was found yesterday night in a dumpster behind his apartment complex. Police investigation has led them to believe that Mr. Washington's death may be connected to the murders that have occurred these past three weeks..."

Local news had been the same for the past three weeks. Someone's found brutally murdered. Their bodies were usually found in undignified places such as dumpsters and junk yards. One person was found in a sewer. No one thought anything of it until the police noticed a very important detail about the victims: they were all minorities. Four had been black, one Hispanic, and two Middle Easterns. The list could continue at this rate. The police hadn't confirmed that race was an issue, but many people began to speculate.

Were these hates crimes, or were these victims just at the wrong place at the wrong time?

Or was it both?

"Mama Knight," Carlos said in a small voice. "Do you think the police are right? That these are all hate crimes and whoever's doing it...they're just attacking the first minority they can get their hands on?"

Logan, James, and Kendall froze. They hadn't even wanted that question asked, or answered. As much as they wanted to keep ignorant about the whole thing, they knew they couldn't. If Carlos actually felt worried about all of this, then they needed to always be by his side. Who knows what would happen if...They shook the thought out of their heads.

"We can't be sure," Jennifer replied. She saw the worried look on Carlos' face. "Carlos are you...are you scared?"

Carlos shrugged pathetically. "A little." He sighed. "I know the chances of me being the next victim is very slim...but it's still kinda scary just thinking about it."

"And we're gonna make sure you never have to worry about that," James said as he put an arm around his smaller friend. "We're not gonna let anyone hurt you." He sent Carlos a reassuring smile.

"But... but what about everyone else we Stephanie and Kelly and..." Carlos said. Leave it to Carlos to worry about other people's lives even though he knew his safety was at stake just as much as the others' were.

"Nothing's gonna happen to them either," Kendall interrupted, suddenly feeling very protective. He'd die before anything happened to Carlos.

Carlos nodded wordlessly. He was sure the other victims and their families didn't believe that the next victim would be them. But what happened?

Carlos chuckled nervously. "Okay, yeah you guys are right. Maybe I was just overreacting."

Carlos began relaxing. His friends were right. As long as they were all together, he had nothing to fear.

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