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"Even though the moments passed me by I still can't turn away" - Name by Goo Goo Dolls

"What...happened?" Kendall asked Doctor Nichols in a very threatening manner. Truth be told, he was still scared out of his mind, but he wasn't going to let that show. He just wanted to know how Carlos had basically DIED right in front of them.

Doctor Nichols sighed, running his fingers through his hair. "We've ordered police detail for your friend," he began, earning a series of gasps and looks of horror. "I don't want you all to be scared, but Mr. Garcia was...poisoned."

"P-poisoned?" Logan asked, being the first one able to speak. He swallowed. "Wh-why would anyone...How?" The news had left Logan completely flustered. He had no idea what to say.

But he knew exactly how to feel.

He felt angry, shocked, upset, worried.

And very afraid.

Doctor Nichols really didn't want to continue. This was so hard, but he knew that Carlos' friends needed to know what was going on. "A dangerous amount of potassium chloride was found on Carlos' system-"

"What?" Logan asked before the doctor could continue."

Doctor Nichols looked to Logan, assuming that the smaller boy had no clue what potassium chloride was. "You see, son, potassium chl-"

"I know what potassium chloride is!" Logan replied harshly. Under normal circumstances, Logan would never reply to someone, especially an older person, like that. But this was different. His friend almost died, and he felt like the doctor was treating him like he was an idiot. "What we don't know, is how someone could just walk in here and poison him!"

Camille put a hand on Logan's shoulder, giving it a faint squeeze in order to tell the boy to watch his temper.

Logan took a deep breath, calming down and allowing the doctor to continue.

"Luckily, your friend was found on time," the doctor announced. "Any second later and..." he stopped, not wanting to finish his sentence.

Stephanie had barely realized that she let a few tears escape from her eyes.

Katie and Amirah looked at each other in worry.

"Will he be alright?" James finally asked after a moment of awkward silence.

"You have one strong friend there," he began to answer. "He's a fighter. From what we can see, he'll be fine, but your friend is still recovering and isn't out of the woods yet." He started fiddling with his pager.

A few moments later, a nurse walked in. She was Asian, with a beautiful smile on her face.

"This is Lisa," Doctor Nichols announced. "She will be Carlos' nurse, unless you are otherwise notified." After getting a vague description of the other "nurse", Doctor Nichols knew he had to be careful. He wouldn't be surprised if any of the kids in front him had troubles trusting the new nurse.

Stephanie eyed the nurse. Doctor Nichols had already reassured all of them that there was no way that the nurse who had poisoned Carlos worked at the hospital, but Stephanie still couldn't help it. She was worried about Carlos more than anything.

"Can we go back to Carlos' room and be with him?" Kendall asked in a small voice. The past events had begun to take a toll on him, everyone else could tell. But he still tried to be strong, though sometimes, his voice and demeanor gave him away.

Carlos had been moved to a different room as a precaution.

Doctor Nichols nodded in sympathy. "Remember," he warned. "Don't accept any medical help from someone who's not me or Lisa, unless I say so. Okay?"

"Okay," Logan replied, following his friends as they all rushed back to Carlos' room.

They had all walked in at the right time, for Carlos was started to wake up once again, and fear was all over Carlos' face at discovering that he was waking up in an empty room.

"Carlos," Kendall said first, rushing over to the hurt Latino's bedside. "It's alright buddy. You're okay."

"K'ndall," Carlos said sleepily.

Kendall nodded with a smile. "Yeah, buddy. It's me."

"Steph'nie?" Carlos asked, his half-lidded eyes roaming the room. "Is she okay?"

"Of course she is," Kendall replied, reaching behind him to pull her closer. "You talked to her, remember?"

Carlos groaned as he tried to remember, closing his eyes until he felt a soft small hand cup his face. He slowly opened his eyes, a little wider this time, to see Stephanie's sad face.

Carlos smiled. "Stephanie," he said, still weak. "Were you crying?"

Stephanie let a small smile graze her face. She bent down, kissing him before replying. "Not anymore," she answered.

"We'll give you two some time alone," Kendall said, looking to his other friends. He didn't want to leave the room at all, but he also knew that Stephanie needed this moment. The guilt was still eating her alive and Kendall didn't like that.

Everybody else left the room, leaving the two to themselves.

Jennifer and Nathan were enjoying their lunch, talking and getting to know each other better.

Jennifer was currently talking about her children, hoping Nathan would get to know them more.

Nathan nodded as Jennifer talked about how much help Kendall had been in her life. "You know," Nathan said. "Kendall seems like a nice kid. But honestly, I don't know if it's because he kinda works for me now, he seems a little...cold to me. I don't think he likes me very much."

Jennifer shook her head. She understood where Nathan's concern was coming from. "Oh, Kendall would really love you once he got to know you," she comforted. "He's just very protective of himself and everyone close to him, so he likes keeping his distance from people until he knows them real well."

"So I guess you and him argued a bit when you told your kids about us," Nathan said.

Jennifer nodded. "He just wants to make sure that I don't date an axe murderer," she joked. "It's like sometimes he forgets that I can take care of myself and that it's me who should be worried about him."

Nathan smiled. "Your kids sound great."

"They are," Jennifer agreed.

"Hey, I have an idea," Nathan said. "Since it seems like I have a lotta convincing to do to make Kendall know that I'm a good guy, why don't I spend the day with him tomorrow?"

Jennifer gave him a look of uncertainty. "I don't know," she confessed. "With Carlos being in the hospital and everything going on, Kendall hasn't been up for doing much."

"Try to get him to go," Nathan said. "I'll make him comfortable. I'll take him to lunch too. Just anyway we can talk together."

Jennifer smiled. "Okay," she said, giving in. "I'll talk to him about it."

"That's all I ask," Nathan replied with a sly smile.

Suddenly, Jennifer's phone started ringing. She checked it. "Oh," she said happily. "What a coincidence," she said after seeing that the caller ID said Kendall.

Nathan watched as Jennifer talked on the phone with her son.

"Hello," Jennifer answered. "Kendall, what's wrong?...What?...Is he...?" She sighed in relief. "Oh good...everything's going to be fine, okay, sweetie? Are you planning on spending the night again?...Okay, I'll drop off more stuff for you in the evening, okay?...I love you too, sweetie. Bye."

What's wrong?" Nathan asked, genuinely carious.

She sighed, looking down. "Poor Carlos," she began. "Something bad happened to him. Kendall and his friends didn't even want to talk about it?"

"Is Carlos okay?" Nathan asked. If the answer was yes, then that meant...

"He's alive," Jennifer replied. "Thank God."

"Yeah..." Nathan replied with darkness in his eyes. "Thank God."

"Carlos I'm so glad your okay," Stephanie said. "You need to stop scaring me like this. I'll grow grays before I'm twenty with the rate you're going." She flashed a playful smile, hoping to lighten the mood of the situation.

Carlos returned that smile. It made his bruised face look a little better. "I'm glad you're okay," he finally said.

"And I'm extra glad that you're okay, Carlos," Stephanie responded. "I really thought I had lost you."

"I'm sorry I couldn't protect you," Carlos apologized, looking away from her.

"Hey," she said, causing him to look at her once again. "You did protect me, okay? If you hadn't done what you did, who knows where I'd be now. Those guys were intent on killing me and...who knows what else. You saved me Carlos. I'm okay, see?"

Carlos looked at her, his eyes roving up and down as if he was actually inspecting to see if she was okay.

"Promise me you won't get hurt like this again," Stephanie pleaded.

Carlos slowly nodded, a smile creeping on his face. "As long as you promise that next time, I get to choose the movie."

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