Seeing is Believing

This Fanfiction is something I made up and in no way do I own any of the characters except Cynder Kusakabe (me). All original characters belong to Toei Animation and ABC. First, I don't believe in witch craft or anything along those lines. I just love this anime because I find it hilarious and it teaches great friendship morals along with doing things with your own power than always relying on something else. Second, I used the Japanese setting while I used the English names. I preferred the English names over the Japanese one but I put the Japanese names in parenthesis just in case y'all didn't know the English ones. Third, I put all English sayings said by Momoko on in italics. I just thought I'd let y'all know that. Other than that, enjoy the story! GOD BLESS Y'ALL!

"Good mornin' world and all who reside!" yelled a blue haired Osakan with her head held high; almost as if she was shouting to Heaven. She wore a plain green t-shirt under a light brown vest with matching loafers. She also sported some blue jeans to match her hair color. Her hair was cut to her shoulders and had a hair antenna poking out from the top of her head. Those sapphire blue eyes were like staring into the ocean itself. This girl also had an Osakan accent too.

"You seem in a good mood today Mirabelle (Aiko). Did something happen?" asked an 'always curious' brunette walking next to her. The brunette wore a cream shirt with white cuffs and collar. She had on an orange skirt to match her bow in her hair which was in a high ponytail. She, too, had on brown loafers like Mirabelle. Let's not forget those big, round specks she had on her face in front of two brown eyes.

"Yep, my Ma is comin' to visit me and my Pop from Osaka. I'ma headin' home early today! Can't wait fer her to get here." Mirabelle replied to the brunette named Reanne (Hazuki).

"Well, if you're heading home early, I'll tell Patina (Majo Rika) that you're not coming to work today. That way she won't yell our ears off just because she can't find you." stated a green-yellow haired Japanese-American named Momoko. Momoko wore a red crop top with a white and yellow skirt that had suspenders. In her hair, there was a turquoise hairclip in the upper right part of her hair. Her hairstyle was put in two hair loops hanging on either side on the bottom of her head with two bangs in the front. She had the same color eyes as her hair and sported white sneakers.

"Thanks buddy! I owe ya!"

"Not a problem!" Momoko said in English, "By the way, sis you guys hear? We're getting a new student in our class tomorrow. Right, Hana." She said to a hyper blonde walking right next to her.

"Yeah!" Hana agreed. The blonde had brown eyes and wore a white short-sleeved shirt with flowers on the front. She had blue-jean shorts on with pink heart-shaped pockets. Her shoes were orange which matched her flowered shirt. Her long blonde hair was parted in two with pink hairbands that had white angle wings on them. Her mom gave her those and Hana really cherished them as much as Momoko cherished her last memento of her since passed mentor, Monroe (Majo Monroe).

"How come you all get the new students?" said a purple headed child superstar to no one in particular. This girl had purple-onyx eyes that complimented her purple hair which was put up in a side ponytail. Like Mirabelle, her hair was short and it matched her long purple dress-like shirt. Her shirt had short sleeves and had a yellow ribbon tied around her mid- section that matched the yellow hem of the shirt. She wore tight dark purple shorts that reached her knees and had white and yellow sneakers.

"Beats us, Ellie (Onpu)." replied Momoko, "We just do." No better explanation than that.

"To bad Dorie (Doremi) won't be here to see…..whoever it is." Reanne stated.

"Yeah, Mama said she and Caitlyn (Pop) won't be back from their trip until the end of the week." Hana explained.

"Shame." Mirabelle pitied. The others nodded their heads in agreement as they continued their walk to Misora Elementary.

In Ms. Cooper's (Seki-sensei) class, Momoko and Hana talk about what the new student could be like. While on the other end of the classroom, Ms. Cooper is taking roll call.

"So Hana, what do you think the new kid is like?" Momoko asked.

"Hana doesn't know. Maybe it's a boy this time!" Hana shrieked in excitement but it was barely in a whisper.

"I think it's a girl again. I mean that's all we ever seem to get. Maybe this one's cute and shy!"

"No way that's it! We have too many girls already! But if it is another girl, Hana bet's that they're sporty and courageous. Like Mirabelle!" Hana objected.

"That can't be." Momoko disagreed. While the two were in the middle of their little war, Momoko didn't hear her name being called.

"Asuka." called Ms. Cooper. No reply. 'Odd' she thought because she knew Momoko was here. "Asuka?"

"Come on Hana, there's no way…." Momoko still didn't hear Ms. Cooper.

" .ka?" Ms. Cooper called again. Still no reply.

"I still don't think tha…" that was when Momoko was cut off.

"ASUKA!" Ms. Cooper yelled. It was so loud, that you could hear and echo throughout the room.

Momoko and Hana froze of shock. They were so caught up in their argument, they forgot to pay attention. They didn't know what to do. If Patina heard that they weren't paying attention in class, they'd be in for it deep. If they're PARENTS heard about it, they were screwed. And considering the fact that Dorie was Hana's mama and in actuality that Hana's only two, she'd go a little easy on her but she would get scolded nonetheless. You would think that's not Dorie's style but she takes her role as a mother seriously even though she only like, what, ten?

After their shock subsided, Momoko shot out of her chair and practically screamed, "Yes! I'm here!" The classroom was completely silent. So silent you could hear a pen drop. Ms. Cooper regained her posture and spoke.

"Great to know you're here, Asuka."

A blush as red as red could get, spread across Momoko's face. She was completely embarrassed as the class broke out in hysterical laughter. Momoko sat back down and buried her face in her math book.

"Alright class, quit laughing and turn to page 727 in your language books."

"Yes Ms. Cooper!" everyone replied in sync.