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Chapter 1: Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom named Shin Makoku. There was no King as a sexy and beautiful queen named Cecilie von Spitzberg ruled over it. Her age was 48 years old but she looked like she was still in her early twenty. She had three sons and each one of them she got with her three different husbands. She got married for three times but all of her marriage ended early and all of her husbands left her earlier.

Upon her last husband, that was Wolfram's father, Wolfgang von Bielefeld. She had stopped thinking about marriage but didn't stop from flirting and enjoying to find her true free love – that was what she always said but all the castle's tenants knew that she was just wanting to flirt shamelessly.

Though, she was always flirted, the kingdom that she ruled was peaceful and there was no threat from other kingdoms. And because of that they didn't really mind about her weird hobby. That included her sons.

Her first son named Gwendal von Voltaire, he was named differently from his mother's family name. It was because his father originally from the Voltaire lands. His age was 32 years old but he looked older than his actual age – since, he loved frowning and scowling. He had sharp icy blue eyes with frown and wrinkles always stayed on his forehead. His hair color was dark gray and it was long, reaching his waist; but he tied it in a low ponytail.

As a first Prince, Gwendal helped his mother to rule over the country and become the Chief Advisor and Chief Military. He held an important duty to ensure the kingdom's peacefulness from being invoked since his mother was always flirting and gave less concern for their kingdom.

The second son's name was Conrart Weller. There was no 'von' in his name because his father was only a skilled swordsman and he was not some noble of the land in Shin Makoku. Conrart was 25 years old this year. He was a fine gentleman that had a chestnut colored eyes and hair. He always had a smiling face and always looking calm, different from his big brother.

He inherited his father's sword skills. His sword skill was among the best in the kingdom and it almost matched his teacher, Lord Gunter von Christ. He worked as a personal bodyguard for his mother – the queen – and his mother always managed to give him headache – since she always tried to flirt every noblemen that came as the diplomat.

The last son was the most beautiful and handsome of all Cecilie's sons. His name was Wolfram von Bielefeld. Wolfram would reach 16 years old this year. He had golden blond hair and beautiful livid emerald green eyes.

Since, he was a child, his mother and his two older brothers always spoiled him. Because of that, he always thought that everything that he wanted he should get it. He also had a temper that couldn't be compared to anyone. He would lash to anybody if he thought that he was right and the person was wrong. However, he still polite to people and he always thinking rationally – it was only sometimes when he lost his control. As the third Prince… Wolfram had a luxury of being spoiled by his mother and older brothers.

Despite being a spoiled child, Wolfram was a dedicated soldier. He had his own troop and all of them were beautiful young men. As a captain of his troop, he had succeeded in keeping peace of their country. Sometimes, his big brother would give him a duty to protect the border and he did it seriously. He was always serious and worked hard for everything that he did.

Meanwhile, in another part of Shin Makoku.

A young boy about 15 years old lived in a forest with his only brother. They got no parents and they were living alone in the forest far from other humans. The young boy was an innocent and naïve boy. He never went out of the forest that he lived in and the only person he knew was his older brother. His older brother taught everything that he should know to him. He didn't know anything about the outer world, except what his older brother always told him.

One thing that he was sure was…

Humans were cruel.