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Chapter 7: Blood Pledge Castle

Night in the inn in the town of Shin Makoku capital.

In the room was a couple of boys; one of them was blond and one of them was a double black with a disguise.

The younger one shifted uncomfortably when the older boy stared at him. Clutching on the silk dress, Yuuri glanced suspiciously at the Prince. "Wolfram, what are you staring at?"


"Wolf, you're scary…" Yuuri said softly and stayed far from the Prince. Honestly, the Prince was scaring him. What was with the intense stare?

Blushing, Wolfram shook his head to shoo the dirty thoughts. Looking at the frightened boy, he huffed in false annoyance. "It's just you look so wimpy in the dress. But… oh, well, I guess it can happen if it's you." he shrugged his shoulders indifferently and jumped to the bed as he stretched his body leisurely.

"What did you mean?" Yuuri narrowed his eyes. "And I'm not a wimp!"

"Geez, wimp. Cease the talk and come on, let's just go to sleep." Wolfram ignored the boy as he turned to the other side of the bed and closed his eyes.

Yuuri rolled his eyes and took his sack provide by his big brother. Rummaging through the pack, he found his nightwear. He wanted to wear it but then remembered that he still wearing a dress. Huffing in annoyance, he tried to remove the constricted garments. After a few tries – tugged here and there –, he gave up and eyed the Prince. Walking to the bed, Yuuri shook Wolfram's shoulder softly.

"Wolf, are you sleeping?" he asked, but the light snores were the only reply he got. Sighing, he shrugged it off and at least tried to remove his wig. Finding it was another impossible task, Yuuri groaned in frustration.

He then looked between the bed and his dress. Shrugging it off, he climbed on the bed and lay beside the blond Prince. Unsurely, he let his arm curl around Wolfram's waist and hugged the Prince from the behind. After he felt he was safe, then he closed his eyes and fell into a sweet dream concerning a certain blond haired Prince. Which was probably being forgotten the next morning.

Wolfram felt his chest was heavy and there was something soft but hard pressing against him. He groaned in annoyance. 'Who's it disturbs me this early morning?' he thought in irritation as he opened his tired eyes and was present with the beautiful view he ever saw.

There, on top of his chest, lying a 'girl' with brown wavy-longhaired. 'She' was dressed in 'her' dress and not in 'her' nightwear. 'Her' silky hair fell around 'her' heart-shaped face, creating a very innocent and beautiful picture. While, 'her' soft tan skin glowed with the sunlight from the opening of the curtains. And… 'her' silk blue dress draped on 'her' perfectly shaped body, clinging to every curve of 'her' slender figure.

"Ngh…" Wolfram's eyes wide with surprise as his mouth hung open in a silent gasp.

What the hell? How could there was a beautiful 'girl' on top of him early in the morning? What were the guards doing? How could they let this 'girl' enter and sleep in his chamber?

A soft moan from the 'girl', made Wolfram stiffen in his place. 'Wh-What should I do?' he thought in panic. 'What if this girl thinks that I was trying to molest her? Oh dear Shinou, Mother will kill me!'

"Wolf…?" the soft voice called.

The blond Prince blinked his eyes. Why did the girl's voice sound familiar? Staring at those huge black eyes, Wolfram tilted his head to one side.




"What the hell?" he groaned in annoyance and a bit relief. It was Yuuri! How could he forget about the boy? Also, he was not in the Blood Pledge Castle. He was currently in the inn. Sitting up from his lying position, Yuuri removed himself from the Prince's body.

"Wolf? What's wrong?" Yuuri asked while stifled his yawn. His wig covered an eye; using one hand, he tucked the stray hair behind his ear. Not noticing that he had acted very femininely.

"What's wrong? You asked me that?" he crossed his arms over his chest, eyes narrowing. "There, you were sleeping on the same bed with me and was lying on top of my chest. Disturbing my sleep."

"Eh? But, you were the one who asked me to sleep in the same bed and…" Yuuri paused. "There is no other bed."

"You didn't have to hug me tightly! And why were you sleeping looking like that? With wig and dress." Wolfram said angrily, but his red face betraying his voice. He still affected by the fact that Yuuri was that beautiful 'girl'.

Yuuri cringed, looking down at the bed. His hands clutched at the hem of his dress. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't know how to remove the dress and wig."

Wolfram sighed and ran a hand in his hair. "You still don't know how to?" he asked. "Was that the only reason?"

"Hm…" the disguised double black nodded his head. "A-Are you still mad at me?" his huge black eyes stared at Wolfram's emerald ones, begging for forgiveness. Shouri never mad at him whenever he scared and climbed in his big brother's bed in the middle of the night. "I'm sorry. I was scared last night and usually, if I scared, I'll sleep in my big brother's bed."

'How could I stay angry at you when you're looking at me like that?' Wolfram mused and shook his head. "I'm not mad. I was just a tad annoyed and were you just saying that you slept in the same bed as Shouri?" he asked as jealousy could be heard from the possessive voice.

A nod.

Wolfram gritted his teeth in annoyance. "From today on, I'll not allow you to sleep in your big brother or anyone's bed except for my bed. Do you understand that? You're my fiancée and it's improper to sleep in others' beds."

Yuuri looked uncertain. "Even with Shouri?"

"Especially him." Wolfram answered with envy.

"But, Shouri is my big brother." the younger boy frowned.

"I don't like how you're too close to him," the Prince said and glared at the younger boy. "And that's an order."

"If that's the case, I don't want to be your fiancé." Yuuri said in defiance and glared at the blond, forgetting his earlier trepidation. "I love Shouri and he's my brother and only family. I don't care about you; you'll have none of my heart or body!"

Groaning in annoyance, the third Prince glared back. "I don't want you to love your big brother that way and you will stay as my fiancée!"

"That's it! I'm going back to my house!" Yuuri moved out of the bed and marched to the door, snatching his sack near the door. "This is a goodbye, Prince Wolfram. I hope I'll not see you again!"

"Not so fast, wimp!" the blond boy said as he grabbed the petite wrist. "You're not going anywhere and your place is beside me!"

"What? So you can kill me?" Yuuri said angrily and tried to remove Wolfram's firm grip. "Let go of me!"

"No! I'll not let you go! And yes, if you're acting like this then I've no choice but to kill you!" Wolfram said in a spur moment of heated argument.

The double black in disguise stiffened in his place. His sack of clothes fell unceremoniously on the wooden plank floor. "You're going to hand me to those people who killed my parents?" the younger boy asked quietly. A fear laced within his voice.

Looking shocked, the third Prince stared at the disguised boy. Guilt filled his heart. He hadn't meant to say that!

Taking Wolfram's silence as a yes, Yuuri started to tremble. Fear began raking his whole body. 'He's going to hand me over! He does not like me anymore! They're going to kill me… just like mom and dad…'

"I'm sorry… I'm sorry…" the double black said, shaking uncontrollably. "Please, don't kill me. Please, Wolf… spares my life…" he said and lunge forward at the dumbstruck Prince. Clutching the third Prince's shirt, Yuuri started to sob. "I'm sorry, Wolf. Please don't kill me!"

Still surprised, the blond boy stared at the crying boy before he slowly regained his composure whilst Yuuri's cries intensified when he didn't say anything. Sighing, the third Prince held Yuuri's chin up to look at him.

"Yuuri, I'm not going to hand you over," he smiled, trying to be reassuring. "Moreover, I'll not let anyone harm you in any way."

"You're not going to send me to those cruel humans? You're not going to kill me?" huge, wide onyx eyes stared with teary-eyed.

Wolfram shook his head. "No, you can rest assure."

"I-I'm sorry," Yuuri said quietly. "I'll not say that I want to go back home anymore," he said forcefully, trying his best to look convincing. But, his face betrayed his voice as his young face was painted with melancholy.

He missed Shouri and home.

Wolfram watched Yuuri's face contort in hurt and pain, sighing. Hugging the upset boy, he spoke softly. "I'll not stop you from going home but you can't always go back to the Forbidden Forest."

"I can go home? You'll not kill me?" Yuuri asked, voice muffled by the Prince's clothes.

"Yes, you can and stop with that, I don't want to kill you or anyone in that matter." Wolfram said a tad annoyed.

"Okay, I'm sorry," Yuuri said and asked again. "Can I ask one more question?"

"Yes," Wolfram said, smiling. Hugging the boy felt so good; Yuuri's body was slightly smaller – he also didn't have much muscle from the lack of exercise – and it fitted perfectly in his arms. He blushed and thanked the god that Yuuri's face buried in his shoulder.

"Why do I need to wear woman's clothes?" Yuuri asked, still mystified by the fact. The blond boy had forcefully dragged him to the shops and had he tried all kinds of dresses. When it was the last shop, – the tenth shop – Wolfram smiled in satisfaction and they had bought seven dresses with different color and styles.

Wolfram sighed, still not letting the boy go. "My mother wants a fiancée for me but I don't like those girls because they annoyed me. And you'll have to disguise as the girl until my mother can accept that you're a boy."

"Then, why don't you find a girl that fitted your taste?" Yuuri asked. "And I'm not your fiancée."

"Because there's no girl that interest me and I love you," the blond boy said, tightening his hold while ignoring Yuuri's protests. "I love you, is that reason not enough for me to marry you?"

"How I can believe you?" Yuuri demanded, charily. "You said love but we just met and I never fall in love."

"Wimp, do you know what love is?" Wolfram asked, smiling smugly.

"I know!" Yuuri pushed the taller boy from him and glared. "Shouri told me the story where the Prince falls in love with Cinderella and marries her out of love."

"Cinderella… how girlish," the brat Prince laughed. "How could a boy like you listen to that kind of story? However…" he paused, looking at the boy up and down. "Looking at you with a wig and dress, you seem like a real girl."

"I'm not a girl and I love the story a lot!" Yuuri stomped on the floor. "It's the story where Shouri always told me whenever I'd a bad dream." he said and thought, 'A dream where mom and dad were killed by humans.'

"Only a wimp is scare of a dream." Wolfram mocked. Amused at the boy's responses. "And for that, you're a real wimp. A girly wimp."

"I'm not a girly wimp!"

"Yes, yes… whatever," the blond rolled his eyes and ignored the rest of Yuuri's protests. 'He's interesting.'


Yuuri gaped in awe as he saw the first sight of the Blood Pledge Castle. Smiling widely, he tapped Wolfram's shoulder for attention.

"Hey, Wolf! Is that where you live?" he asked excitedly.

Wolfram smirked, not changing his view from the front. After all, he was riding a horse and Yuuri had been agitated since the beginning, making him a bit difficult to steer the animal. "Yes and you look so happy."

"Well… it's my first time seeing a huge house," Yuuri smiled widely. "And it's a very huge house! My house is a lot smaller than yours!"

The third Prince grinned. The boy was very excited just looking at the castle. Well, it couldn't be helped since it was Yuuri's first time seeing one. Shaking his head in amusement, he spoke. "That's where my family lives and for your information, it's not a huge house but a castle."

"Castle?" Yuuri asked in puzzlement. "Is that how you call a huge house?"

Sighing, Wolfram smiled faintly. He thought silently on how to explain this to the naïve boy. "Well, you could say it like that, I guess…" he answered unsurely. He frowned, maybe he should let Yuuri learn about important things from Gunter. After all, that man was once his tutor.

"Oh… so, it's a castle." Yuuri smiled in satisfaction. "I've learned another new word today!"

The blond Prince just nodded. "Well, that's good to hear and be ready, Yuuri. We've arrived at my castle." the Prince said and passed through the front gate where the guards giving him a few curious looks at the brunet Lady that was riding behind the temperamental third Prince.

After all, it was a rare occurrence for them.

The blond Prince ignored the stares that he got and maneuvered his horse in the direction of the castle grand stairs. He stopped just before the stairs and hopped down flawlessly. He then held out his hand and helped Yuuri dismounting the steed.

"There you go, Princess." he said and smirked when Yuuri shoot him a glare.

"Don't call me that!" Yuuri protested, stomping his feet on the ground.

Wolfram's smirk widened as he snorted in amusement. "Please mind your manner, Princess Yuuri."

Yuuri glared at the brat Prince and looked away. Not wanting to argue with him since the argument with Wolfram would only result futile. He then looked at his surroundings in awe. The castle ground was magnificent! It was beautiful and there were so many people. 'Humans…' Yuuri thought and then, he realized that all those people looking at him. He fidgeted uncomfortably and hid behind the third prince.

"Yuuri…?" Wolfram asked, glancing at the hiding boy.

Yuuri shook his head and peered at the humans with anxiety in his eyes. "Why those humans are staring at me?" he said quietly, gripping the Prince's shirt tightly. "D-Do they know that I'm the beast?"

Wolfram shook his head, not liking the way Yuuri calls other people, humans and himself as the beast. Seriously, the boy hadn't understood at all. He had told him that he was also a human. A special human. Glaring at the crowd around them, he barked angrily. "You people! What are you doing out here?" he narrowed his eyes. "Go back to your post!"

In an instant, the crowd of people dispersed while whispering to each other about the third Prince bringing a Lady to the palace. Prince Wolfram was famous for rejecting every single Lady or Princess that come for his hand in marriage and seeing that the Prince bringing a Lady was a huge news.

Indeed and in just a few seconds, the news reached the ears of the Queen.

"Wolfie-dear!" a high-pitched voice called while a clicking of high-heels against the stone resounded in the direction of the grand stairs.

Wolfram instantly cringed. 'Damn, mother is here!' he thought and glanced at the disguised Yuuri. Silently, he prayed that the wimp wouldn't mess up the first meeting.

"Mother." Wolfram greeted.

"Wolfram! Where were you going these two days?" she asked, a slight anger in her motherly tone. "Did you know that yesterday, I'd made Princess Elizabeth wait for you almost half a day and you still hadn't come back!"

The third Prince winced, looking down in guilt. "I'm sorry, Mother, but I don't like when you paired me up without my consent," he protested, though, his voice was quieter than his usual proud octave. "Furthermore, I don't like her, that Princess whatever-her-name."

"I'd given you a choice and you still hadn't found your own fiancée," Queen Cecilie scolded. "And for that reason alone, I'll have you to marry Princess Elizabeth, no matter what you've to say. Do you understand it, Wolfram von Bielefeld?"

"No," the Prince chided, staring into his mother's green daunting eyes.

"What did you say?" Cecilie raised her voice. An eyebrow raised to make her appear more intimidating.

Wolfram however did not cower from her high note. Stepping to the side, he pushed Yuuri to the front. The double black boy in a dress just blinked his eyes in confusion and fear at the Lady.

"Um… Wolf…" Yuuri said quietly.

The third Prince however just ignored Yuuri's words. Wrapping his arm around Yuuri's slender waist, he brought him closer to his body. "She's my fiancée and I'm going to marry her. I would not marry the lady that you chose mother." he said sternly, hoping his mother would hear him.

Lady Celi unexpectedly squealed in delight and said cheerfully, "Well, I didn't know you'd someone, Wolfie-dear. If I knew, I would not try to find you a princess. Well, she's a cute one. I might as well like her!" she said and winked at Yuuri, making him blush.

"Mother!" Wolfram fumed, he didn't like his own mother flirting with his 'fiancée'.

"What is your name, young lady?" the Queen's 180 degrees changed in attitude confusing the brunet.

Looking unsure, Yuuri quietly replied. "Um… Shibuya Yuuri."

"So, it's Yuuri." she hummed in joy. Eyes twinkled in interest. "What did your family call you at home?"

"My big brother calls me, Yuu-chan."

"Aww~ You're so cute!" she giggled. "In that case, I'll call you Yuu-chan."

Yuuri just nodded his head. 'Well, she seems like a nice Lady.' he thought silently.

Queen Cecilie took Yuuri's silence as a cue to introduce herself. "Let me introduce myself, I'm Cecilie von Spitzberg and I'm a mother to Wolfram. I'm a queen of this kingdom," she said with a regal tone.

The sudden professionalism in his mother' attitude made Wolfram proud with her. Though, he didn't like it when she flirts with every single man that she see. He smirked in smug. Looked like his mother had approved Yuuri and it didn't even take a single minute.

"Well, Yuu-chan and Wolfie-dear," Cecilie said, interrupting Wolfram's thoughts. "Why don't we go inside and Yuu-chan can introduce herself properly."

"Okay," Yuuri still not used to the Queen's bubbly nature, followed quietly. Carefully, he stepped on the ground and avoided from getting his dress step on.

Wolfram followed closely to the drag Princess and held his hand. Yuuri looked up at Wolfram, slightly happy that the Prince was here with him, giving him some courage at the foreign place.

Wolfram just smirked when Yuuri didn't say anything. Inwardly, he grinned and praised himself for being able to persuade Yuuri. 'Well, I never thought that Yuuri would succumb to me this easily if I thought back to his early protests. But, it's also a problem if he's too easy believing in a stranger's word.'

He shook his head. He needed to drill into Yuuri's head to become more wary with others.

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