"As a famed literary liar once told Oprah, memory is subjective.
Memories can be embellished. Or denied.
But as James Frey knows all too well, the truth always comes out."

-Gossip Girl

"Yes, I am"

He turned back to the college without saying a word. And all I can do is just stand here with a ring held tightly in my hand. He is that boy. He was my dream boy when I was five, but it's weird because I didn't feel anything when I found out that the boy is him even though he is still the same. I couldn't let it bother me for too long though, I still had classes to go to.

I entered my class and I meet AJ Holmes in front of the piano. He's the pianist and music writer for StarKid. And the songs that he has written are just amazing.

He came towards me "Hey, you're Dianna right? Joe's friend?"

"Yes I am. Wow, you still remember me."

"Of course I still remember you. You are the first fan to come to one of our rehearsals. That's why we were all completely awkward at the time. You must be special to Joe." He said with a sly wink.

Am I Joe's special person? So why is it all getting so confusing? If I'm his special person, Liza is who? "I'm the first fan that came to your rehearsal? What about Liza?"

"Oh, her. She came just for Joe and not for our rehearsal. She didn't watch the rehearsal. I only had a little chat with her; she was too busy looking at Joe and -ugh kissing and stuff."

"I get it. Well, is any reason for have you here?"

He sighed, "Your teacher said that I would be playing the piano for the Les Misèrables performers auditions."

"An audition?"

"Yep. There is going to be a casting session for the Les Misèrables performance. You can join if you want." Maybe if I join this I would be able to forget the thing about Joe and Liza. And I can improve my skills. I have to try this. "Of course I want to!" I said excitedly.

"Wow, cool! I can't wait to see you in the audition. Anyway, cause the class hasn't started yet play for me something." He said as he knocked the piano. I can play the piano. But there was no song that came to my mind to be played.

"I don't remember any songs of heart. I must read sheet music. I really can't-"

"Play anything you remember. Even twinkle-twinkle little star"

The only song that I remembered from a long time ago is the song that Stefan taught me. River Flows in you by Yiruma. The song that Stefan told me will calm me down and let off the pain. I sat in the piano seat and AJ sat beside me as I started to play the song.

After I finished it, I vaguely heard someone clapping not far from me.

I spun my head to search the source of it. I's stefan. "You still remember it?" He asked.

"You're here?" I asked back, not replying to his question.

He smiled as he replied "Hey, this is my class."


Joe s P.O.V
It's her. I smelled her scent, and I saw her. So it means Dianna saw me and Liza making out. That bitch is totally unpredictable. Why doesn't she text me or something if she wanted to come so I can get her to another place and Dianna wouldn't have meet her again.

"Gosh, I think you're crazy about her." I was startled by a man voice behind me.

I turned to meet him. "Yes, I think- wait, no. Actually I was thinking about Liza who-" Before I finished my words, Brian butted in.

"Aah, love crisis. Dianna or Liza? Each of them has really different personalities."

"Dianna, duh. But the problem is...she saw Liza and me making out. And it's just a coincidence."

"Oh dude, that's not good. What are you going to do about it?" Brian looked at me sympathetically.

"I don't know! That's the problem!" I yelled him. He looked startled and got up.

He looked back as he started to walk away. "I know you're upset but there's no need to be such a jerk mate. Come find me when you've stopped being immature and selfish. And I think you should answer it by yourself."

"What the he-" I mumbled.

With that he left the room, leaving me feeling quite guilty and mad at the same time. Shit now two people are mad at me.


Normal P.O.V
I walked with Stefan to the college's park. Because we spent our childhood mostly at the park, it made us remember it again. "I thought you'd be mad at me." he said, starting to walk beside me.

"Why would I be mad at you?"

"Because I left you."

Yeah, at first I was mad at him. He left me exactly in my loneliest and most traumatic time. But I knew the reason he had go was because his father forced him.

"Why did your father really want you to leave?" I asked.

"Problems with his job and I didn't know exactly what it is."

"I see." I said as I gave him the ring that he gave me yesterday "Here, it's yours. Keep it."

He looked the ring in his hand for a while and held it tightly. "I'll always keep it." he said.

And we went to the swings. Stefan pulled my swing and we had a little chat. Suddenly I saw Joe walking across the park. He was pretty far so I didn't clearly saw him. And to make sure it's not just my hallucination, I got off the swing and stared at him.

It's weird because his coat wasn't very thick on such cold day. His hand in his pocket with his head down, he didn't realize I'm here. When I took one little step to my front, he turned his head to look at me. I wanted to say something but my throat closed up and I couldn't have spoken even if I had tried to. Maybe it's because I still can't forget yesterday's incident. I turned my gaze down, refusing to look at him; trying not to looking very pathetic.

I slowly raised my head; I saw he has stopped walking and was looking at me, worried. I gave him a smile just to saying I'm okay, but I it failed miserably. He replied my smile but not as bright as usual. With that he turned his gaze back to the street and walked away.

I suddenly remembered, I'm not alone, Stefan was with me now. I turned back and saw he was still behind the swings. I always avoided being hurt. But now I'd hurt someone else. How selfish I am being right now.
"I'm sorry, Stefan. I just-"

"I understand your feelings."
His words made me feel guiltier. And he continued it, "I understand how hard it is forget a person that you loved very much. Like how hard I tried to forget a girl who I left in Seoul. And until now, I can't forget her."