Drop the World and All Your Expectations

Author: MrJamesileee

Ship: Fiona/Holly J

Context: Canon through DTW pt 1

Rating: PG15

"Spring dance…" Anya said excitedly, trying like hell to use left handed scissors with her right hand- and failing. "Seems like the perfect time to tell Holly J that you loooove her," she sang.

"Remember the part where I didn't want to talk about it and you were going to keep your mouth shut?" Fiona warned with a raised eyebrow.

Anya stopped cutting and stared at Fiona flat, resolve-face in full effect.

"I'm getting over it, alright?" Fiona sighed out, caving. "I have to."

"What if you don't?" Anya had to ask.

"I will. I have to. I won't mess up our friendship because of some stupid feelings…"

"I meant- what if you don't have to?"

"Have to what?" Holly J asked, suddenly in the classroom behind the two girls.

"Ummm…" Anya and Fiona stumbled at once.

"Choose the right accessories for her dress," Anya blurted out. "Maybe she can wear what she really wants to wear, even if she doesn't think it will work out quite right," she added with a sideways glance at Fiona.

"Oh…kay. Whatever," Holly J rolled her eyes, lost, but decided to leave it as such.

"What's with the flowers?" Fiona asked, catching Holly J's eye and unintentionally holding it.

"Well, I'm newly single. The weight of the world is off my shoulders," Holly J breathed her hair out of her face, smiling. "So I'm here to formally ask you both to be my dates to the spring dance."

"Of course!" Fiona answered a bit too quickly, earning a questioning look from Anya.

"I'd be honoured," Anya agreed, trying hard to sound as cheesy as Fiona did accidentally.

"Excellent," Holly J said with a grin. "And to make it official…" she approached Fiona first, slipping the yellow daisy behind her ear as she stared into the girl's crystal eyes. Anya took her opportunity of distraction to creep behind Holly J, in Fiona's eye-line, to make kissy faces and a heart-shape with her hands. Fiona glanced at Anya, breaking Holly J's gaze and confusing the girl even further.

"What's going on with you two?" Holly J asked, a little more seriously than the situation required.

"Nothing," Anya and Fiona unintentionally spat in unison, only making them look guiltier.

"You're not hooking up or anything, are you?" Holly J forced a chuckle despite her seriousness. "Because I don't think I'd be ok with that," she smirked, but the real fear was evident behind her eyes.

"Pfft!" Fiona scoffed out, and Anya didn't know whether or not to be offended. "I mean, you know that's crazy," she elaborated.

"Yeah, and I think Fiona has her sights set elsewhere," Anya said pointedly, retaliation for apparently not being good enough for Fiona's standards, based on the girl's reaction.

"I do not…" Fiona argued through her teeth.

"Oh you so do," Anya shot back.

"Should I regret wanting you two to be friends?" Holly J asked with an uncomfortable laugh.

"No!" the two said simultaneously again.

"I'm not so sure…" Holly J shook her head, really wondering what the hell was going on.