This was written for the Phoenix Wright kink meme. The prompt was about the characters in that universe representing the seven sins, and this is where my inspiration took me. Dante's Inferno is about the journey of a man, guided by his mentor, through the circles of hell. I am a big fan of the Longfellow translation. I combined that premise with the concept of the seven deadly sins (and the seven heavenly virtues).


The stars shone brightly upon the darkened streets
Of the ill plumèd city of angels, whose
Feathers were wilted by smoke and grit and crime.

The law man, defender of the innocent,
Named for the bird of fire who oft rose
From the ashes of destruction in glory,

Laid his weary head upon his pillow
And shut his eyes, and soon drifted into
A sleep of portentous and grave import.

As his troubles and cares faded from mind,
That small green token of mystic power,
Mighty magatama, stirred 'round his neck.

His dreams became cloudy, like a grey mist,
And out from the fog came the ghostly visage
Of his wisened mentor, stolen so young.

Mia cried out in friendship and warning:
"Dearest Phoenix! You've been brought to the world
Not meant for living flesh – the spirit realm."

Said Phoenix: "Chief! For what reason am I here?
Have I died in my sleep and joined the ranks
Of the dead? Or do I yet dream strange dreams?"

She wrapped her arms around her ample chest
And smiled. "You live. But you've been given a gift:
To see with the eyes of the dead, and learn."

"Learn what?" Squiggly eyebrows drawn, he mused at
His fate. Said his mentor: "Of the circles
Of sin that ensnare the best of us all."

She gestured toward the dull expanse before them.
"Seven circles. Seven sins. Visit them all
To save the one in the center, your love."

Phoenix pondered his task. "What will I find?
What misery awaits in these circles
That I must stand witness and become enriched?"

Said the chief: "Visions of those you well know,
Some passed, some still alive, all bearing the weight
Of sin. Learn from their torments and succeed,

And pass the tests of their souls. Give them peace,
And in so doing you will find the knowledge
To rescue your belov'd from the greatest sin."