The rosy-fingered dawn stretched over the streets
Of the reawak'ning city of angels,
Whose feathers were lifted to greet the morn.

The law man, defender of the innocent,
Named for the bird of fire who oft rose
From the ashes of destruction in glory,

Lifted his weary head from his pillow
And opened his eyes, and found grey ones above,
And was woken properly with a kiss.

As he returned the gesture with great fervor
The last vestiges of a dream faded,
Gently disappearing from his memory.

He slowly broke away, smiled at his lover:
"I think I had a dream, about all of us,
But most 'specially about you, saving you."

Said his lover, the once demon-man: "I too
Had strange dreams. But we should not dwell on fancy,
When truth is before us." Edgeworth smiled warmly.

That small green token of mystic power,
Mighty magatama, ceased its eerie glow
'Round the law man's neck, its task completed.

In the grey mists, in a place of sleep and dreams,
Fair Mia smiled at her student and withdrew,
Knowing he would take care of those he loved.

As she walked she saw the days ahead of him,
Saw the lessons of each circle put to life,
And how his journey had strengthened his bonds:

Meals shared with Maya, times to celebrate;
Encouraging Larry to stick to his arts;
Visiting Godot and sharing memories;

Caring for Pearl with the utmost compassion;
Helping Franziska bury her father's ire;
And long talks with Dahlia's selfless twin.

And most brightly of all, fair Mia saw
A life filled with love and truth and happiness
With the once-demon man, who had shed his pride.

And in the early light, before the day began,
The lovers lost themselves in each other,
And cherished all of their virtues and sins.

Author's note: Thank you all for going on this journey! And thank you to everyone who has left a comment or review for this work - it means the world to me that people enjoyed this story, and it gave me the encouragement to finish it.