Controlled bursts of fire exited the weapon's muzzle sending a stream three ounce projectiles into the Black Wizard's forces. None could stand against him. None could ever stand against the Hero.

The Hero of the Desert. A Hylian raised by the Gerudo, the Desert Thieves. He was the strongest to have lived. He fought one million of Ganon's servants single-handed. He then battled the King of Evil for thirty days and nights, at the end severing his head from his body. Through all his wounds he continued.

Link ducked into a room he had just finished clearing to rest. He removed the spent magazine from his gun and inserted one filled to the brim with hollow points. Range was not an obstacle to the Hero. Whether it be a simple slingshot, a wooden long bow, or a high powered rifle the hero always had a way to reach out and touch his enemies.

The Steel Hero, an oddity since he never used a sword. His archery skills were unrivaled. His hands were his weapons, though he rarely got close enough to use them against anyone having spent quivers to defeat them from a distance.

Standing he looked around the door frame to see if there were enemies nearby. There were none here. But there were always some around. The Hero was never given a clear path to his objective. While the Temples had become less important in the days when magic was all but dead there were still some items that the enemy could not be defeated without.

All the Heroes had faced their share of Temples. Often their were things located in them that were one of a kind and needed the protection to keep those who were unworthy from acquiring them. While some had faced many, other faced only one or two. Only the Goddesses knew why.

Finishing off his last magazine for his smg he dropped it in a closet so that he could retrieve it later. Most Heroes had had some sort of endless bag that they stored everything in during their journey. He didn't. Drawing his pistol he continued.

Stopping was something all the Heroes had the option of doing, but not one they had ever chosen to use. None could have lived with themselves if they had abandoned their quest. Only death cold stop them. Only death did.

The report of his pistol ended as he approached the door to the chamber in which his final enemy was contained. Releasing the slide on the empty weapon he replaced it in its holster and stepped up to the door. He grasped the knob and froze. All the Heroes froze.

This was the last step. Defeating the last boss. The great evil that tore their world apart. This is what each Hero fought towards. This was often the last fight they would see. This was it.