"What in the world is that?"

"It's a mirror of course, frog, and a very rare one at that. It's very old, and it's said to possess a very strong dark magic."

"I can see what it is, stupid, I was just wondering why the hell it is sitting in our living room!"

"I had to buy it! As I said, it is supposed to hold a very strong-!"

"What it possesses is a strong lack of visual taste! It's hideous!"

"Of course that would be what you're concerned about..."

"Laugh all you want, but this is not staying in our living room. Put it in the attic or something!"

(About 150 years later...)

"Hey, Matt, you gotta look at this! It's HIDEOUS!"

"Al, why would I want to look at something you're describing as... Oh, wow, that is ugly..."

"It's kinda cool though. Look, it's big enough for us to actually see both our reflections at the same time."

"Do you think it's Arthur's?"

"Yeah, it's probably some stupid 'black magic' thingy. Look out, it might clone you or something if you look into it for too long!"

"Hey, stop pushing! You're gonna make me break it!"



"...Al, you're... Crushing me."

"Oh, uh... Sorry. Ahem."

"How did that happen...? I didn't even touch it. And look, the crack is almost unnaturally straight..."

"Uh, hey, l-let's just tell Arthur about this and go... Isn't the meeting coming up later anyways?"

"Okay, okay, sheesh... You don't have to drag me..."

Edit: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- I need to start remembering to add these... Eheheh ^ ^; Anyways, I'll add my usual opening in chapter 1. Oh, and don't expect the rest of the story to read like this. This is the only chapter that's full dialogue, I just thought this would be an interesting opening.

Oh, and yes, the title does mean exactly what you think it means.