Chapter 3

By now, Alfred was getting a little weirded out. Sure, he loved the fact that Matthew was being far more lovey then normal, but he was also acting really strange. Like, when Latvia had approached Alfred to ask him something about Russia, Matthew all but started barking at him, glaring and inserting himself directly between the two. The smaller country had fled in terror, only to run smack into Russia himself (which of course made Alfred feel bad for the poor guy, but nothing could be helped there.)

Also strange, though, was Matthew's strange familiarity to Russia. Normally, Matthew did his best to totally ignore Russia's presence. It was hard, of course, since he was the size of a mountain and the moment he walked in the room you felt like the temperature dropped a good 20 degrees, but he'd managed to do it. A little while after Alfred and Matthew had started dating, Russia had started making passes at Matthew, assumedly out of spite for Alfred. Matthew figured the best way to deal with him was to give him the treatment he'd given Matthew before and ignored him completely, which seemed to work.

Today, though, Matthew actually went out of his way to turn to Russia, smile, and even call out, "Hi, Ivan!" to which Russia turned and stared at Matthew for a moment, very confused, before returning the smile and waving.

"Ah, Matthew. You look very nice today," Russia slowly approached them, poor Latvia dragged at his heels. It was hard to tell if he was more scared of Russia or Matthew at this moment.

Alfred, on the other hand, was quite obviously beginning to fume, especially from the intimate use of Matthew's human name.

"Oh, th-thank you... Wow, I don't know the last time I saw you smile. You look different today..." Matthew trailed off, apparently thinking to himself as he looked the Russian over. While Russia looked somewhat confused, Alfred could no longer take it and grabbed Matthew's hand, dragging him in the other direction.

"C'mon, Mattie. We're gonna be late for the meeting at this rate. Why waste our time with the commie, anyways?" He spat, face flushing slightly red with anger. Matthew immediately clung back to Alfred's waist, following his lead.

"Aw, c'mon, Al... I know you don't like him, but we should be nice to him... He does look better today, though. He's much happier then usual... I wonder if something happened?" He trailed off once again, talking less to Alfred and more to himself. Alfred had absolutely no idea what he was talking about, but he didn't feel like questioning him anymore and just brushed it off as Matthew just not being himself today.

It became slightly harder to brush off, however, when he rounded the corner and came face-to-face with... Well, Matthew.

The two stared at each other for a moment, mostly out of shock, before simultaneously looking at their companions (Matthew at the Alfred that had been trailing behind him, now staring with just as much shock and disbelief that Matthew had at the Alfred they'd run into, and Alfred at the Matthew clinging to his side, now glaring at the other two who'd appeared). Another moment passed as they once again looked at each other and stared in disbelief before Alfred2 (the one who'd been trailing behind Matthew) broke the silence.

"Well, this is... Freaky," he pushed his way in front of Matthew to stand face-to-face with his counterpart. Leaning straight up into his face, to the point where Alfred1 (the one with a Matthew attached to his side) had to lean back a bit to keep their noses from touching.

They stayed like that for a moment, just staring each other down, before Alfred2 finally smirked, grabbing Alfred1's glasses off his face in one swift motion. He took a few steps back, avoiding a few swats coming from the protesting America as he shoved them on his face.

"Who, dude you're blind. I guess this explains why everyone's been asking me about glasses today, though." He took the glasses off, tossing them at Alfred1 (who, without being able to see the throw, fumbled them in the air). Turning to Matthew2, who was still planted firmly on Alfred1's side, he smirked, "And now that I'm looking, this actually explains quite a few things."

Matthew2 was looking at Alfred2 suspiciously, apparently trying to work things out in his head. The two locked eyes for a moment, Alfred2 speaking up again, "Well, if I'm right about this… I know who this guys is too~" As he did before, when we was talking to Matthew1, he put an almost sickening amount of emphasis on the word 'who'. This time, though, a reaction was immediate; a terrifyingly dark look took over Matthew2's face as he let go of Alfred1 completely. In a flash, he was in front of Alfred2 with his hockey stick poised above his head, ready to strike. Alfred2 was well prepared for this, though, and he caught the weapon as it was brought down over his head. Tugging, he pulled Matthew2 into an embrace and smirked again, "Now there's the Mattie I know and love!"

Matthew1, his head finally processing everything that seemed to be going on around him, took the advantage of the pair's distraction, skirting around the embracing couple to hide behind Alfred1. Alfred1 welcomed this, looking at his Matthew over his shoulder, "You have any idea what's going on here?"

Matthew shook his head, eyes wide with fear and confusion, "D-did you see that…? I-I didn't even know I could make that face…"

"That's not you, Mattie. He may look like you, but…" He paused for a moment, trying to get his thoughts to catch up with him, "I knew something was off about him. Sorry, Matt, I shoulda noticed sooner…"

Matthew1 shook his head apologetically, "No, I should have noticed too… He looked like you, but… I should have known you would never act like that…"

"Well, I dunno if I should take that as an insult or not." Somewhere during their discussion, Alfred 2 had made his way over to the originals, arm slung around Matthew2 lazily. Matthew2's flash of anger had apparently passed, as he was now looking innocently from one Alfred to the other, apparently thinking about something involving the two of them.

Alfred1 took an automatic step back, lifting his arm as a sort of defense for his boyfriend, "Please do. Now, who are you, what are you, how did you get here, and why do you look like us?"

"Well, I'm Alfred F Jones. This is my boyfriend Matthew Williams. I'm… Human, if that's the answer you're looking for? And I dunno how we got here, but all I remember is waking up in Iggy's attic. Oh, and Mattie here beating the hell out of him…"

Suddenly, Matthew's encounter with England made sense, but he didn't speak up, letting Alfred continue to do the talking (it was more of his specialty anyway). And of course, he did.

"Wait, what? He did WHAT to Arthur?"

"He used the 'W' word, there's no stopping him when that happens."

"Well, you obviously stopped him just a second ago! Why didn't you do the same then?"

"I did, God, calm the hell down. I didn't let him kill him or anything. I was just more fun letting him go for a bit."

A'fred1 was now thoroughly pissed. The thought of someone that looked so much like him just standing by while Arthur was being hurt… It was impossible. Despite his fuming, Alfred2 continued.

"Anyways, I dunno why you look like us either. My guess is, someone's not exactly in Kansas anymore, and since everything here seems pretty fucked up to me, I'd say it's me and Mattie here."

The group's attention was drawn away from each other, though, when they heard talking. From the sound of it, a decent-sized group of other nations were approaching from the hall Alfred had just come from.

For whatever reason, the four al seemed to think the same thing at the same time; There's no way we can explain this to everyone here.

Without thinking into it very much, Alfred 2 dove at the door just to their left and the other three piled inside, Alfred2 sneaking in and closing the door behind him. He kept his ear against the door for a moment, listening as the group outside passed and the voices faded. Sighing in relief, he turned to take in the room they'd hidden in.

It was a meeting room, similar to the ones usually used by the nations at their monthly meetings (the one that they were gathering for now, actually), though it was much smaller.

Alfred1 had begun pacing, eyes glued to the floor as he tried to work through everything in his head. Matthew1 was sticking close to him, one of the chairs pulled from the table in the center for him to sit closer to the American (or perhaps farther away from the other him?) He seemed to be keeping a close eye on the other two, either out of fear or curiosity. Matthew2 was sitting on the other side of the table, intently watching Alfred1 pace back and forth.

"They're gone, I think."

No one really looked at Alfred2's announcement, though Alfred1 did begin sharing his thoughts with the room, "Shit. What are we gonna do…? We have two crazy versions of us wandering around… How're we supposed to explain this? What do we do? Shit, shit, shiiiiiit…"

Matthew1 shook his head, glancing down at his watch, "I dunno, but Al, you're the host for this month's meeting… We need to get into the main meeting room, it's supposed to e starting in 10 minutes."

Alfred stopped, straightening up as he let out a sigh. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before motioning for Matthew1 to follow him. He went for the door, opening it and letting Matthew1 exit before he turned to the other s in the room, "Alright… Alright. We'll deal with this after the meeting. You two stay here, I guess. We'll be back as soon as we can. Just… Don't let anyone see you."

With that, he turned and followed Matthew down the hall towards the main meeting room, pushing the door closed behind him.

Instead of clicking shut, though, the door was stopped by a hand pushing it back open.

"Wait here, huh? Well, that's no fun… C'mon, Mattie, let's go investigate what else is new in this world."

Author's Notes: This was a... Somewhat difficult chapter. I wanted it to go one way, which it kinda did, but I had to do it a bit differently than it originally went in my head. I still think it works, though, so yeah. Hope you like, more hopefully coming soon (sooner than this one did OTL).