Alright. I'm going to do something I never do: Write a multi-chapter, non-oneshot story. DUN-DUN-DUUUUN. :D

But, seriously. I don't do these stories, no matter how much I want to, due to writer's block, discouragement, and simple lack of determination. So, trust me when I say that I'm going out of my comfort zone with this Mortal Instruments story!

Summary: Clary Fray can remember that one night in eighth grade where middle school heart-throb Jace Lightwood publicly humiliated her and broke her heart. Naturally, moving to New York was her lifesaver. But, of course, the past always catches up with the future. It's senior year. Clary's happy. And then Jace moves to the big apple and screws everything over. Both of them have changed and grew up, but their feelings just might still be there. Will it actually go somewhere this time, or will they just keep chasing pavements?

Inspired by the amazing Adele song on Adele 19. Buy the album for non-Bieber-like quality and actual, soulful music! xxx

Disclaimer: Clearly, I don't own the Mortal Instruments series because, otherwise, Jace and Clary would be married with little Clace babies by now, Valentine and Sebastian would be roasted alive and fried as a special combo meal at KFC, Isabelle and Simon would be together forever, same with Alec and Magnus... I digress.

Chasing Pavements


"You're kind of an idiot, Simon," Clary Fray managed to say with a straight face before bursting into laughter.

Her best friend, ever since she moved to New York four years ago, was stuck in the "splits position," both legs sticking straight out on the sides of his body. It was painful and uncomfortable to look at. She could only imagine how he felt.

"Took you a while to realize that," groaned Simon. Served him right. What kind of sane person would skate board off a ramp made of frozen waffles? "Now, if you would be so kind, Miss Clarissa, would you please help me out of this unnatural position? I hear my legs begging for mercy."

Rolling her eyes, Clary attempted to pry Simon off the sidewalk and into a standing position. Big mistake. Both of them heard the rip that was loud enough to reach the heavens, and she sprang back. Oh, God. It didn't take rocket science to figure out that Simon's skinny jeans had ripped.

"But you're wearing underwear, right? Wouldn't want to give the Brooklyn tourists a show."

"Not funny."

"Just checking! Ha, I bet you regret being a hipster now. Any normal senior would be in basketball shorts and this whole incident would be less embarrassing."

"Clary. If you're done ridiculing your dear best friend who, let me remind you, rescued you from being a social outcast during freshman year, could you help me with my situation?"

Clary froze at the mention of her first year in New York after moving from Los Angeles. It'd been the biggest relief of her life. It was a clean slate. New leaf. A beginning. It didn't matter what you called it. The big picture was that Clary was a few steps closer to forgetting the "incident" that would probably scar her love life forever. She remembered the humiliation of the party at Lightwood manor. Who knew 8th graders could be so cruel?

"Earth to Clary. Come on. I'm desperate. I can feel insects crawling into the rip, since, you know, I'm doing the splits on a dirty sidewalk while covered in waffle bits."

Swiftly and silently, the redhead took off her sweatshirt and used it as a bit of a curtain while she pulled Simon up. Just as quickly, she tied it around his waist, effectively covering the hole in his jeans. Clary retrieved his askew skateboard from a bush, thrusting it in his hands, and picked up the soppy waffles, placing them in the trash. Finally, she returned to Simon's side who was gaping at her.

"No insults? Nothing? You must really love me," he teased.

Jace had said that once to her. I love you. Stupid middle school hormones convinced stupid Clary that this stupid boy actually liked her. The last year of junior high was just so stupid!

"Snap out of it, Clary," she thought to herself. "That was before. He was just a boy... An amazingly gorgeous, hilarious, make-you-feel-like-you're-the-only-girl-in-the-world boy." Clary sighed and shook her head.

"What's wrong?" Simon asked, his voice sincere and worrisome.

"The past sucks," she blurted out.

"Ain't that the truth." He held out his arm to her and she took it, walking with him along the pavement of the park. "But we'll be seniors tomorrow. It'll be the last time we have to experience first day of school jitters. Our last year in high school. No surprises."

And, with those last two words, Simon Lewis said what could be the biggest lie that Clary had ever heard.

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