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Stardom Chapter 1: Awards Show

"Isabella, over here…..Isabella, if you could look to your left," photographers called out to me as I shifted my pose on the red carpet. Smiling my signature smile, I complied to their requests as they eagerly attempted to get my attention.

"Alright that's all guys. Isabella, you're needed over here," my manger Jane called out after a few minutes as she led me away from the flashing bulbs towards the on carpet interviewers.

"Isabella," a brown haired lady dressed in a form fitting red dress called out to me. I greeted her with a smile. "Congratulations on the new album hitting platinum after only months out to the public. What did you do differently between this one and your past three?"

"I wrote from the heart. My pass three albums were a passage to my younger days this one is more of my maturing feelings and thoughts."

"The album before the current was pretty racy to begin with," I laughed.

"My rebel days," I commented before Jane led me to the next reporter.

"Isabella, what is it that you are wearing?"

"A creation by the wonderful Alice Brandon," I smiled as I turned for the cameras, winking over my shoulder. "Thank you everyone," I concluded once Jane had motioned that I could go in to the main hall where the award show were being held.

"Good luck on your performance and nominee," they called out to me, causing me to laugh.

"Hopefully it appeases my fans," I gave them one last smile before following Jane into the Staples Center.

"Isabella," Steve, the manger of the stage crew walked over to me.

"Steve," I hugged him gently before the ushers led me over to my seat. "I'll talk to you when I get back stage," I called out to him as I was presented with my seat in the second row. Not only was I performing today but I also had the luck of presenting the award for the Best Male Actor; an award that the Oscar winning, twenty four year old, Edward Cullen was nominated for. Just looking at him, did wonders for the inside of my stomach and now I had to read his name in front of thousands of people, well the screen did that, but still, it was nerve racking, even more frightening than the fact that I was going to perform for over millions of people worldwide. Yup, Edward Cullen did that to a five time Grammy and two Billboard nominee winner.

"Bella," my best friend and fashion extraordinaire, Alice plopped down into the seat next to me. "We're seat buddies, who would've thought," she said sarcastically before smiling. "This is so exciting; I can't wait for your performance. I know my clothes are going to make you look the best," she rambled on as I caught sight of bronze hair making its way towards our direction.

"Alice," I grabbed her arm to get her attention. She paused and followed my eyes as Edward Cullen sat down in the seat in front of her.

"Hi Edward," she winked at me as my face beamed red. Why did she have to do that? The hours seemed to slow down as he turned around to face us. He smiled slightly at her before glancing over at me and winking before giving his beautiful crooked smile, his green eyes twinkling.

"Ladies," he greeted us in the sexy British accent of his before his manger turned to get his attention. He flashed us another smile, this one apologetic before turning to face the front again.

"Rosalie," Alice gushed, getting up to hug our other best friend.

"Hello gurlies," Rose smiled as she took her seat next to Edward. I would have been jealous except for the fact that her football playing, linebacker boyfriend sat down next to her.

"Bells," he exclaimed, over excitedly causing a few glances our way. I stood up to hug him and Rosalie before the lights started to dim.

"Let the show begin," Alice whispered to me as I smiled, nodding my head. The host, Ashton Kutcher, came out with a bang literally. The dancers all did flips as he jumped out of a ball of fire, causing a loud boom to sound out throughout the center, the crowd cheering loudly for the host. I clapped softly. Ashton was a great guy. I did a commercial shoot with him for Nikon cameras. He had me laughing the whole time.

"Welcome to the MTV Movie and Music Awards," he paused, waiting for the crowd to calm down. "We have many treats for you today, including a performance from the beautiful and talented, Isabella Swan," he announced to the audience as I put a smile on my face, knowing that the cameras were probably filming it right now. The cheers were deafening and I gave a small wave since the camera was still posed at my face. "And she knows how to perform if you know what I mean," he winked at me as I laughed along with the audience.

"Also we have the devilishly handsome, Edward Cullen in our presence today. Bow everyone," he bowed towards our direction causing Edward to smile. He had just recently played a prince in one of the movies that were released in the past year. He was definitely royalty worthy, not including the fact that he has relations with the royal family in England. "Oh don't we all wish we looked like you and were invited to the Royal Wedding. He only got in for his looks," Aston told the crowd, causing a few more chuckles before continuing with his introductory speech.

Before I knew it, Jane was standing next to me, motioning for me to follow her so I could get ready for my performance. I smiled at Rosalie and Emmett before following Jane with Alice right behind me.

"I'm so excited and I'm not even performing," Alice jumped up and down as the assistants were helping me unzip my dress.

"Stop jumping, you're making me nervous." Alice rolled her eyes.

"Oh please Miss Pop Star," I hadn't fooled her. "Now let me help you with your clothes," she concluded as she took out a midnight blue, glittery outfit. "Here put the leotard on first," she handed me the plain blue tard," I quickly put it on before pulling off my bra.

"Gosh, Alice my boobs look huge in this," I commented. She smiled.

"And that is not because of my outfits. You were blessed with beautiful cleavage," I smacked her arm before taking the rest of the clothes out of her hands and putting them on. She fixed the top so my boobs wouldn't fall out before deeming my outfit approved. "Where is the spray on gloss?" she called out to the assistants and they ran to find some.

"Now when you come off stage to interact with the crowd I want you to shimmy your stuff in Edward's face," she told me as the assistance handed her a can that she started to spray on my legs to make them shine. The woman that was fixing my hair sprayed the finishing hair shine in it after taking down the up do that I had in earlier.

"Not happening, Alice" I shooked my head at her as my hair fell down my back in big beautiful loose curls. Alice shrugged.

"It was worth a shot," she muttered as I put my silver, closed toed, heels on, another one of Alice's creations.

"Now don't forget, hit, hit, shake down slowly," my chorographer, Chloe reminded me. She was one of the best ones out there, creating dances for Destiny Child, when they were together, Beyonce, on her solo career, Usher, well she just helped him, and now me.

"Yes, Chloe, I got it," I hugged her tightly. "Your worst than me and you're not even the one performing,"

"I don't know how you do it, Bella,"

"After ten years in this industry, I'm mellow," I laughed with her. It was true though. I started at twelve, singing back up and dancing for some greet performers and tv shows before finally getting discovered and starting in the girl group "Fearless" with Alice and Rosalie at thirteen. Fearless quickly took off and for four years we performed and entertained millions. At eighteen, we decided to end the childhood group and I started on my own successful solo project while Alice decided to focus on fashion and Rosalie-modelng. It's a lot of hard work, especially with tours, but it's moments like these that I strive for in my twenty two years of life. I was led to a room closer to the stage where my back up dancers, singers, and instrumentalist were waiting.

"Are you guys ready," I yelled out to them as I entered the room. The door was flock by security guards. They nodded to me and Alice before closing the doors, giving us privacy.

"Whoa, Yeah" my team called back out to me smiling. I laughed, calling for a huge group huge. I loved the fact that I could consider my team family. After months on tour they were the ones that kept me sane.

"I need Isabella, Alicia, Brook, and Charda," my voice instructor called out over the loud masses. We quickly made our way over to him, warming up our voices with harmonization.

"And I loved you," I sung

"You loved him," Alicia, Brook, and Charda backed me up.

"but nowwwwwww," I ran up the scale before running it back down. "what do you have to say"

"Beautiful. Just go for that high f Bella. You got it," Marcus told me before dismissing us to go find his seat back in the audience. I was classified as a white woman with a strong, somewhat black, voice, seemly along with Christina Aguilera. Some say that my voice is Whitney Houston and Beyonce mixed together...but don't doubt Whitney and Beyonce will always be the best. All you had to do was listen to them and that was my range. I've sung with legends such as Pattie LaBelle and Jennifer Hudson, not including the many duo's that I've done with many of the younger stars.

"Alright you're on deck, Isabella," Steve called out to me. I nodded my head as my team gathered in a circle around me.

"God, please give us the strength to go out and put on a slam-tastic show. Amen," I prayed quickly before we did our signature break. "One, Dos, Tres, Green Eyes," we all yelled out. Yes, my team knew about my little crush on Edward Cullen. Alice came up with it and we've been too lazy to change it otherwise.

I lined up with four of my back ground dancers on each side of me. There was a blank screen in front of us that would project our black body images for the crowd to see.

"Isabella, I'm going to raise you up now," Steve called out and I nodded my head indicating that I heard him. The floor under me started to rise along with my dancers. A stage assistant handed me my ear piece and microphone. All I had to do now was to wait for my introduction. The winner for Best Comedian was finishing up their speech and I knew after that Ne-Yo would be up to introduce me.

"What's up with you guys?" I heard his voice asked and excitement flew through me. I loved this part.

"Are you ready?" I whispered to Anjell, my right hand dancer. She winked at me before nodding her head. I smiled back, bouncing slightly on my toes.

"Without further ado, Isabella, Ladies and Gentleman," the crowd went crazy as the screen was revealed. The music cued us in as we jumped into sensual positions, holding them after the music dropped out. Softer piano and flutes came in and we slowly unraveled from our posing positions and snapped along to the snap in the upbeat tempo.

I dropped my body as the music dropped out yet again this time with the screen that was covering us. My hip was out to the right as I held my body at a squat, my arms over my head. The audience was insane as I sensually brought my body back up, distinctively shaking my hips. I loved belly dancing.

"MTV," I yelled out into my microphone as the music and my back ground singers faded back in. The separated columns that we were on started moving. Mine glided further upward and I stood confidently, my eyes sliding along the crowd. "Are you all ready?" The response was deafening to my ears but I held my pose for the proper count before the drum beats came in.

"Who are you to tell me that I can't be me," I popped my chest out before extending my leg out and moving it to the side, bending it at an ankle to pop it back into to my body before turning around.

"My body is nothing that you can control and nothing…ooooohhhhh..nothing you can convert," I sung with my back facing the crowd as I shimmered down than shot straight back up.

"Ya, think you learn everything you can learn, ohhhh yeah," my harmonization was perfect with my singers. My column was finally at the steps so I could step off.

"But you don't know anything…..about…..anything," I reached to that high f before softly running it down. "about my burn," I strutted down the glittery steps to were my dancers were already on the chorus steps.

"Cause what you see, you can't have," I moved quickly to the front before leaning down to touch some of the fans hands before going back into the chorus dance. I moved my body to the right, sliding my leg forward than back, bringing it up to my chest before bring it back down and sliding it back. Most of the audience was already standing up, jamming to the beat and mouthing the words to my song. I bent my body, moving my hands in front of me before cris-crossing my right leg over my left to do a complex foot move before bringing my left knee down to hit the ground and coming right back up, sliding my right leg.

I let my dancers do another foot move as I stood my ground. Hands were everywhere, trying to get just a swivel of my body.

"And if you damn well choose, you'll be the only one that lose," I walked down the middle ramp to the center stage and then walked down those steps to where the audience was standing. I winked at Chase Crawford before walking further down the aisle. Jayden Smith was putting on some moves of his own and I quickly joined him, doing a great impression of the Dougie with him before turning back around to go back to center stage, where my dancers were waiting. Emmett caught my attention as I passed the front row and I smiled, poking his cheek before catching Edward's eyes and blushing. I finally made it back to center stage were the music dropped out again.

"Break it down," I led the dancers in a few moves, shaking my shoulders than popping them out before shaking my hips slowly around before cutting them to the right quickly.

"And I loved you," I sung

"You loved him," I love my back up.

"But nowwww…"I held out the high note as the crowd cheered loudly, the lights flashed in different colors, and the smoke filled the stage. I shimmery my hips down so that I was crutched on the floor, head down.

"What do you have to say," my voice was rough as my head snapped back up with the dancers as the music cut and the standing ovation was grand. I counted to six before relaxing my pose, standing up to take a bow.

"Thank you," I said into my microphone, the lights blacken on the stage as the show went to commercial. The house lights came on after that, as the crowd at my feet, screamed to get my attention. I leaned down to shake a few more hands before waving to the crowd and running back stage after my dancers.

"You were amazing," Chloe hugged me as soon as I walked through the opening. I smiled at her, trying to catch my breath.

"Thanks but it was really you," I corrected her before one of the assistants handed me a water bottle. I nodded my head at them before a burry of black caught my attention.

"Bella, you were beautiful and Edward couldn't take his eyes off your outfit," she smiled proud, eyeing my cleavage. I rolled my eyes at her before she pulled me away from Chloe and back to the dressing room. "Now this is outfit two that I brought for you to wear for when you present Edward with his best actor award."

"I don't even know if he is going to win, Alice" I took a sip of my water as she pulled out a beautiful red gown.

"Alice this is gorgeous," I carefully grabbed the dress from her.

"It's a new piece from the Swan Collection,"

"You named a collection after me," I smiled at her, tears threatening to pour out of my eyes. She nodded her head as I hugged her tightly.

"Alright, let's not ruin our makeup," we chuckled as I changed out of my leotard and into the shiny red dress. It was form fitting with a deep v-neck that showed off my chest perfectly and a right side slit that ran all the way up to my hip but still covered everything important. I slipped on some glittery silver five and a quarter inch pumps as one of Alice's assistants touched up my face.

"Isabella, You're up on deck after the commercial brake," one of the assistant directors informed me as I walked out into the hallway.

"Don't forget to smile when you read Edward's name," Alice yelled from behind me causing me to blush. I nervously played with one of the curls in my hair as the announcer brought the show back in.

"Here to announce the nominees for Best Male Actor is Isabella," I took a deep breath before plastering a smile on my face and walking out onto stage. Sure I could perform for a million people, but Edward was a whole other story. I waited for the noise to die down, waving to the crowd once more before stepping up to the mic.

"How is everyone doing tonight?" I asked and was instantly met with a loud cheer. "I hope Aston is treating you all right," I stated as Aston came stomping out onto stage.

"What's that suppose to mean, Isabella?" he asked folding his arms. I glanced over at him, shrugging.

"Your hospitality can lack at times," I raised an eyebrow, challenging him.

"Lack at times?" he repeated. "I gave you the best fake commercial sex of your life," I smiled at him.

"But that's the thing Aston, it was fake," I turned to him, extending the leg that had the open slit. He eyed my figure before, smiling and raising his eyebrows at the audience. I pushed him away, rolling my eyes. "And these are the nominees for Best Male Actor," I concluded as the screen displayed the names of the nominees. Aston waved at me before running back off stage.

"And the winner is…" I started after the camera was the back on me and the teleprompter started rolling again. I pushed the touch screen device that I was holding to reveal Edward's name.

"Edward Cullen," I announced as I showed the audience the results. Cheers stormed the center as Edward made his way up towards me. He winked and softly kissed my cheek as I gave him the award and started to take a step back. Edward's arm stopped me as he placed it around my waist, causing the butterflies in my stomach to act up again.

"I think we need to give Isabella here another round of applause," his velvet voice ringed out throughout the room. "Wasn't she amazing?" he smiled at me as the audience went crazy. I blushed slightly at all the attention…well Edward's attention…before stepping back so he could say his acceptance speech. He, disappointedly for me, let go of my arm this time and the energizing buzz that I felt disappeared.

"First I would want to thanks my fans, God, my family and even Emmett over there whose hollering like a fool," he smiled out as the audience laughed and the camera zoomed in on his cousin's face. "Also I would like to thank my manger, agent, and every person that I have worked with for putting up with me. Thanks again," he gave a Oscar award winning smile to the crowd before following behind me off stage, his hand barely touched my exposed back, the buzz omniscient.

He was instantly called over for interviews and pictures as many struggled to get that million dollar shot of the Oscar Winner.

"Let's get some of the Presenter and the Winner together,' I could practically kiss the person who suggested that. I was led over to where Edward was standing and he wrapped his arm around my waist yet again.

"How are you today, Isabella?" he asked me, nonchalant as we smiled for the pictures.

"I'mm…ffine," I got out before backtracking. "Well actually I'm a little tired but that would be acceptable since I did just perform under an hour ago and it was a lot of moving," I huffed. "I'm rambling now. I'm sorry," He chuckled, squeezing my waist gently before ducking down closer to my ear.

"It's fine really I enjoyed it," he whispered as the light bulbs went crazy. I raised an eyebrow.

"You enjoy me rambling?" I repeated, making sure I heard right. He laughed.

"I enjoy you being yourself. You'll be surprise at the amount of girls who would be all over me if they were in your position." No surprise there. I've been trying not to jump you since you sat down in front of Alice.

"Oh," I nodded my head. "So you really liked my performance or were you just saying all that stuff to be nice?"

"Isabella, I never say anything that I don't mean," he informed me as his hand dipped lower on my body. I shivered slightly before composing my facial expression into a smile again.

"That's good to know," I commented as his manger waved to get Edward's attention. Jane was standing right next to him.

"Alright guys, I think that's enough," Edward confidently led me away from the lights and I gave a small wave, dazed. Was slightly controlling a trait I could add to Mr. Oscar Winner?

"It was a pleasure Miss. Swan," Edward raised my hand to his lips before winking. God, that accent was hot. I smiled as he walked away from me, stopping to make a side conversation with the host.

"Bella..," Jane started but I held my hand up to stop her.

"Just let me have this, Jane," I exhaled smiling, as Edward laughed at something Aston said before glancing back over his shoulder in my direction.

"Shi…crap," I got out as I positioned myself to seem as if I was conversating with Jane. I peeked over her shoulder to see that he had turned back around, and released the breath that I was holding.

"When you are done stalking Mr. Cullen, may I suggest that you make your way back to your seat since they are about to announce Best Female Singer," Jane raised one eyebrow at me, smirking, her arms folded over her chest. I nodded my head.

"Right," I said as I followed her back out into the audience. Edward was already sitting in his seat as I slide in next to Alice.

"You have to tell me everything that happened back stage when we get back to the condo," Alice whispered to me as Bruno Mars made his way to the mic.

"I'm here to announce the Best Female singer," he called out in the mic, causing the room to go crazy again. I zoned out as he made jokes before Alice nudged my arm to get my attention. "And the winner is…Isabella Swan!" I put a smile on my face before the camera could catch me unprepared and stood up from my seat. Shaking fans hands along the way, I made my way up the stage to where Bruno was standing with my statue.

"Thank you," I said into the mic as I adjusted the statue into my right hand. "Well first I would like to thank God because really we wouldn't be here without him and that my parents would kill me if I didn't," I paused for the laughter to go down. "Which brings me to my second thank you which would be to my parents who are hopefully watching this on the tele right now and my two best friends Alice and Rosalie," the screams got even louder as I said the two other celebrities names. "my manger, Jane puts up with me every day and that right there is a challenge so I would like to thank her too along with all the rest of my family, friends, record label, assistants, everyone that I have ever worked with, and you," screams again. "Without you all, the fans, I would be nowhere so I give a special thank you out to all of you guys," I smiled a final time and waved before stepping back to exit off the stage with Bruno right behind me.

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