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*Stardom Chapter 9*

"Alice, I think I need a puppy." I whined in my phone while lying lazily on my king size bed.

"And why, exactly, do you need a puppy?" I could practically see Alice raise one of her eyebrows.

"I'm bored. Edward is on set for the whole day. I have…nothing to do." I glanced at the clock near my bed. 10:25am.

"You have nothing to do? Like I believe that Bella. You could be rehearsing, exercising, going over your tour dates and ideas, don't tell me you have nothing to do just because you miss Edward," I groaned. "Hey, we can shop. Yea, I like that plan. We'll do that. Get your lazy bum up, get a shower and get dress. I will be over in thirty minutes." And with that, my energetic best friend hung up the phone.

I knew I should have called Rosalie instead.

Forcing myself off my bed, I started to make my way to the bathroom before the buzzing of my intercom caught my attention.

"Yes?" I acquired after pushing the respond button down.

"There's a surprise for you down here. Should I send him up?" Billy, the bellhop in the lobby of my penthouse asked. I raised an eyebrow.

"Surprise?" I questioned to myself, thinking about who could possibly be waiting downstairs. "Is he okay with Liam?" I asked the intercom.

"Yes he is, Miss. Swan." A deep familiar voice replied causing me to jump in excitement from where I stood.

"Oh my God, come up here now!" I exclaimed before running to my front door and yanking it open. Waiting impatiently at the elevator, I squealed as soon as it opened before throwing myself into the man who stood behind the doors.

"Wow, Baby Bell. You have been eating some Wheaties." Isaac laughed as he pulled my body tighter to his own.

"I've missed you so much. When did you get home?" I slapped my brother's arm after pulling away.

"Early this morning. I went to visit Mom and Dad first." He sobered up slightly. "This cancer is really taking a toll on her uh?" I glanced away from his face, choosing to stare down the hall instead.

"She's fighting. Have some faith." I replied before pulling his large muscular arm into my penthouse.

"Wow, this place still looks the same." Isaac observed before picking up an apple from the kitchen counter.

"You haven't been gone that long. What did you think it would look like?" I asked as we both took a seat on the large L-shaped couch in my family room. Isaac shrugged.

"Like the hell I would know. I just thought with you spending ample time with that Oscar Winner you call a boyfriend…" he veered off with a smile.

"And how do you know this?" I raised an eyebrow as he laughed. "We started seeing each other months after you left. We haven't even released a statement yet."

"Baby Bell, Baby Bell, I do have a wife and a daughter that I talk to when I'm not, as you kindly put it, "slaying the bad ass villains". Besides it was the only thing Addie could talk about when I finally made it to the condo, "Edward this and Edward that". I think I need to re-inform the man that's trying to steal my sister's and my daughter's heart that he better watch tear and it's good bye. I mean sure we've hung out in the past but that was before he set his sights on my sister"

I glared at his "older brother duties" before a humored expression graced my face. Oh how much I've missed my older brother.

"Well he's on set for the whole day. But we may be able to go down and see him. Which reminds me, Alice is coming over in twenty minutes. I need to go get ready," I stopped to observe my brother already slouching in his seat with his feet up on the table in front of him. I turned to pick up the remote on the table. "I would say make yourself at home but, you're already doing that," I tossed the remote at him. "I'll be back. Let Alice in when Billy buzzes." I called out behind my back.


"Were you always this tiny?" Isaac asked with a raised eyebrow as Alice folded her arms in annoyance.

"You ask me that every time you see me, Isaac." She glared at my 6'4inch brother who was currently trying to hold in a laugh at the 4'11inch pixie's expression. Shaking my head at their childish behavior, I returned to my browsing in a small boutique right in the middle of Beverly Hills.

"Seriously though, I think you've shrink since the last time I've seen you," Isaac continued before turning his head, trying but failing to mask his amusement.

"Leave her alone. I swear you guys do this every single time," I called out behind me as I walked further into the store.

"Awe you know I missed you, Alice…" I tuned out Isaac as my iPhone vibrated in my pocket. My smile widen as I glanced at the caller I.D.

"Hello, missing me?" I grinned into the phone.

"Of course, the set seems plain without you here," I heard Edward's chuckle after he finished his line. "That was ridiculous babe. I don't know if I can do that much cheesiness. You know that I miss you. I damn well know that I miss you hence the phone call. So what are you doing?" His accent wasn't evident on the phone. I was jealous of how easily he could Americanize his voice. I could never Britishize mine…I don't even know if Britishize is a word…

"Shopping with Alice and Isaac." I answered, putting my cell phone against my shoulder so I could continue to browse.

"Isaac? Wow, when did he get in?"

"This morning. We may come visit you today." I pulled out a purple dress from the rack of clothes.

"Yeah, I'd like that. I'll put you guys on the list. I have another break around three thirty." Edward's excited tone echoed on the line. I glanced down at my watch…1:45pm.

"Cool," I paused from my conversation to glance at an innocent looking Alice and Isaac. They looked too innocent. "We'll see you then. Let me go before Alice and Isaac get thrown out the store for their too loud bickering. I swear it's them who are related and I'm the tag along friend." Edward chuckled.

"Alright shining star, I'll see you when you get here…" he trialed off as another voice sounded distantly on the line. "Edward, we need you now!" It urged before a high giggle was heard. I raised an eyebrow.

"Should I be worried?" I teased while pulling out a sheer blouse in dark blue.

"Of course not. How could you even ask me that question?" I could hear Edward close a door before wind picked up in the background of the call.

"I know, I know, I'm just teasing…." I laughed while walking over another part of the boutique and pulling out cute black leather skinny jeans. "How would you like leather pants?" I asked absentmindedly while holding the pants up to my reflection in the mirror.

"For me? I think I'll pass but for you…fuck yah baby." I giggled before Alice's scream caught my attention. "Who the hell was that?" Edward asked before his attention as directed elsewhere. "Yes, I know. I'll be ready in five," he answered some question that I could not hear. "Bella?" his attention was back on me.

"Yeah, I'm still here. That was Alice. Looks like you're going have to get your leather pants fantasy some other time. I need to go before Miss Brandon gets me thrown out of here. That's the last thing I need the paps to get pictures of…" Edward groaned.

"Damn pixie," he muttered before his attention was once again taken away. "Yea, I'm ready," I glanced down at the leather pants still in my hand before glancing at the size. Hmm they were my size. "Bella…" my attention was once again brought back to the iPhone in my hand.

"Yeah sorry. Okay so I'm pretty sure Isaac is already hungry so we are going to get something to eat and then we'll be on the set."

"Alright Shining Star. I gotta go. I'll see you when you guys get here."

"Okay good bye Movie Man." I parted happily before ending the call. Quickly pocketing my phone, I took the leather pants, dress and blouse up to the cash register.

"Bella are you ready yet? Your brother is driving me crazy. I've got to call Emmett so he can go hang out with him." Alice grumbled out while dumping an arm full of clothes on the counter next to mine.

"Yeah, I'm ready. Where is Isaac?" I asked while pulling out my credit card to give to the sales associate. Alice shrugged.

"Probably talking to Liam or messing with some other poor defenseless woman." She grumbled out the last part before shoving her credit card at the poor associate whom was ringing her purchases up. I rolled my eyes before giving an apologetic look to the associate.

Next time I'm only bringing Addie.

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