In Love With my Shadow~


The story begins with the end of the battle against the evil wind sorcerer, Girfuu. In this adaptation, the Links choose to remain as four. Also Vaati (Girfuu in hylian form) and Shadow Link are still alive and well. Albeit with limited powers, but nonetheless breathing. The tale follows Vio and Shadow, and the matter of unfinished buisness between them. Though betrayed by his only friend and possibly his first love, Shadow continues to yearn for the time when he and Vio were friends. Vio meanwhile spends his days in depression, regretting with every fiber of his being the fact that he broke both his and Shadow's hearts when he tried to shatter the Mirror of Darkness. Here it begins, with two young souls both in denial about their feelings. Though they both are in love, the wounds of the past are slow to heal, and the meddling of others may shatter the budding romance like glass. Shadow isn't sure he can trust Vio, Vio's guilt makes him feel unworthy. Internal struggles, and external forces all conspire to thwart Love's gentle hand. Can the unlucky pair pull out of it still in one piece and more importantly, still in love?

This is a Vio X Shadow story (In case you can't tell), and though I'm hoping it'll turn out mostly Fluff, I can promise some steamy Lemon. Side stories include the reaction of Vio's siblings (The other Link's), and Vaati's revenge. Now as for the personalities of the four Links, I based them loosely off the manga. Vio tends to be quiet and thoughtful, Blue is aggressive and a general jerk. Green is determined and proud. And Red is gentle, usually just cute for the sake of being cute. Shadow was a hard one to understand at first. Mostly because of his 'mood swings'. Psychotic one moment, then he seems fragile and all too human, then there's the mischeivous side of him. In this story he most certainly will be split personality. I guess that's all I have to say for now... Happy reading and if you think this will be a good story, how about a review? =D It goes a long way as far as inspiration is concerned.

Warnings for this story :
Yaoi/Shonen Ai/BoyxBoy... Homophobes beware.
Violence/Slight Gore... Sorry my writings get descriptive and I have a fascination for blood
Language/Swearing... Again I apologize, but I swear a lot myself, in this fanfic it'll mostly be Shadow and Blue cussing
Sexual Moments/Lemon... As before mentioned, I write descriptively ^^"
Rating : M
(You have been warned)

EDIT : Ok so changes I have made to prevent being banned/deleted. No Lemon guys, All Lemonish moments have/will be censored. Violent moments will be toned down, though I loved describing blood... Still Yaoi, Still gonna have some swears. beware of that. other than that, enjoy =)