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This too shall pass.

Both are unmade and both are re-learned. Time courses through them like blood as they forge their bonds anew.

They begin small, as all must do. Going out for coffee progresses to knowing, with the deadly accuracy they're accustomed to in other areas of expertise, what to cook for the other, strict minimum contact sparring leads to playful spontaneous wrestling (with the occassional side of tickling but that's a need to know basis), and capturing brief snoozing moments side by side on the couch becomes limbs entwined beneath silk sheets and sweet dreams.

Time passes, as does the storm of mistrust that had waged war inside their heads.

It is not easy. There are always moments when blue eyes instead of grey meet hers and when the gushing blood fills his lungs. But their hands and hearts find solace in the others. It only serves to un-write a page from their ledger.

"We're gonna be late if you keep preening those feathers of yours, Hawk," her voice conveys her smirk as she leans in his doorway. It's 2:18am and they are ten minutes off their deployment for their latest mission. Clint lets out a bark of laughter as he slings his bow across his shoulder. He meets her in the doorway. Their bodies align and their eyes say all that needs to be said.

With a final nod and a brief brush of lips to her forehead, he gestures for her to lead the way, grinning wolfishly when he tosses the apple he snatched from his pocket at her retreating figure and she catches it instantly without hesitation or even a glance in his direction. She doesn't even pause as she takes a satisfying crunch.

Slowly but surely they carve their new routine. There are shadows and scars but then again there always have been. The world moves on and so do they.


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