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Fate Isn't Written in Stone


Princess Kakyuu stood on a balcony on her magnificent palace looking up into the midnight blue star filled sky. There was a slight breeze, waving her hair and skirt.

The palace behind her was huge, at the size of 6 mansions and built of solid white granite. At least, the exterior was. The interior was incased with white marble. It had four pairs of wings, each belonging to one of the Starlights. The fourth and larger pair of wings belonged to Princess Kakyuu. The main part was the servants' quarters with kitchen, dining room, etc.

Below the Princess was a mirror-like pool that reflected the greenish tinged moon of Kinmoku (a big pool). Lillies and lotas' grew beside the edge leaving the inside clear. In the moonlight the 18 in Koi could be seen swimming in the clear water.

Kakyyu heard footsteps behind her but did not turn to see their source. Only one of the Starlights would come out there, it was their private place.

Fighter appeared at her side. "I'm sorry to disturb you Princess. I know you're busy with your decision..."

"I have reached my decision," she replied.

"You have?" She asked, a hint of excitement in her voice.

"Yes. I was just thinking..."

"Of what?"

"Of how much I'll miss you three," Kakyuu finished.

"You mean-we're allowed to go to Earth?"

Kakyuu closed her eyes and let a teardrop fall down her cheek. "Yes." She whispered.

"Will you be joining us?"

Kakyuu looked up and smiled slightly. "No, not this time Seiya-chan," she replied quietly.

"But, Princess-"

"Seiya. Don't make this harder for me then it already is." She explained. She waved her hand in the direction of the vast courtyard across the pool. "Kinmoku is my home. I belong here-" she turned to Seiya- "I'm allowing you to go to Earth because I can see you three are unhappy here. Even though it has only been 3 and a half months since we returned. I can see you are the most unhappy Seiya.."

She looked startled then dropped her gaze.

"I know why you want to return to Earth." Kakyuu confessed. "I can see it in your eyes. You miss Usagi. If I was to keep you here you would probably die of a broken heart." She reached up and touched her cheek. "Don't worry about me. I'll still have my guards. And if you ever want to return..you are welcome to. Stay on Earth as long as you like. All I ask is that you sing with your hearts every month so I know you're alright."

"Princess..." Fighter murmured. "I'll miss you." She looked about to cry.

Kakyuu did too. "I shall miss you too Sailor Star Fighter." She hugged her and let her tears escape from her eyes. "Will you depart tomorrow?" She wept.

Fighter nodded. "Yes."