Chapter 1-Cameras

Nina's POV

Me and Fabian have been date for a few weeks now if you don't count the few weeks we were on separate continents for the school holidays. I love him just so much and were going on a date tonight. I asked him where we were going but he wouldn't tell. I bet it will be somewhere romantic because that is just the kind of guy he is and love even more for that!

Right now I am in my room with Amber she is playing with a camera. I wonder what she is doing?

"Hey Ams, what are you doing?" I ask once my curiosity is almost strangling me.

"Isn't obvious?" she said in duh tone. I shake my head showing I have no clue what in the world is going through her little blonde head.

"Well I am set up a camera to record the evidence that I am the best makeover-er ever in the history of the world!" she say really and I mean really excitedly.

"Who are you torturing with an Amber-Makeover today?" Please don't say me , please don't me!

"You, of course silly you are going on your date with Fabian tonight so I am setting up this camera to video the magic!" She look up to the corner of the room and twinkled her fingers on magic.

"Great!" I say sarcastically and Amber seems to not notice the sarcastic-ness in my voice either that or she is too excited to care.

Amber lets out a little Amber-Squeal then turns to the camera and says "I am going to get Mara to help me to set this up. And she lets out another Amber-squeal then runs off to find Mara.

I love Ams but sometimes she can be a little airheady and off in her own world of makeup and expensive pink clothes. She is my best friend and she has always has been there for me through the mysteries, through guy trouble, everything. So in a way I get off easy with clothes and fashion obsessed Amber. But I hate to look at it she put, I put up scenario we both love each other and will help each other through thick and thin because we are best friends.

There is a knock at the door that pulls me from my thoughts.

"It's open!" I yell. My face lights up as Fabian steps in to door.

"Hey Nina," Fabian smiles and bend down to kiss me from my spot on my bed.

"What's up?" I ask curious as to why Fabian has come to see me but definitely not upset that he decided to.

"Oh, nothing just wanted to come see my girlfriend," I love it when he calls me his girlfriend and he must be thinking the same thing I was because next he says, "I love to call you that."

"I have to admit that I love it too." He smiles wider and bends down and kisses me again.

We pull apart once we hear a squeal and look to the doorway and she Amber and Mara watching us.

Amber walks over to Fabian and pulls his arm, "As much as I hate to break apart this Fabina Moment we have to get Nina ready so go," Amber says pushing him out the door then slams the door.

I look over to the camera and Mara is working away at it. Boy I hope the camera doesn't add 10 pounds.

"Done!" Mara announces, " I will leave you guys to prepare," she say then exits the room.

"Ok let's get started then," Amber says as she walks over to the camera and presses a button that I presume is the record button.

Amber then makes a B line for my closet and starts pulling out clothes like there is no tomorrow. Skirts, tops and shorts are everywhere. Amber trudges through the piles of clothes on the floor and picks up a few garments. Then turns to me and says.

"Ok these are cute but the rest…. Why don't we have a look in my closet?" She walks over to her closet and takes out a millions cloth articles then passes them to me. "Try these on."

I take the large pile of clothes from Amber and head for the door. "What are you doing?"

"Going to the bathroom. You don't expect me to get changed in front of the camera do you?"

"No, behind the curtain." She points to a sheet hanging from the roof in the room. "Go on!" She encourages me than pushes me behind the curtain.

I try on outfit after outfit until we settle on a purple, blue and gold bralet top and black tiered skirt.

Next we go through Amber's jewellery box I swear it has enough jewellery to open up a shop! She chooses me a silver charm bracelet, white diamond drop earrings and rhinestone heart necklace.

Amber sits me down at her makeup bench and starts working. She pins a purple and black flower in my hair and lets it fall down my shoulders. She applies lip gloss and silver and purple eye shadow to my face. Amber says that with a face as pretty as mine less is more.

Lastly Amber gives me a pair of purple heels to slip on. Done! Finally! (Link 4 outfit on Profile)

There is a knock at the door and Mara comes in. "Um….. Amber could I possibly borrow you straightener?"

"Of course!" Amber grabs her straighter and run out the door with Mara.

I can't help but laugh. I sit down on my bed and pick up a book I decide to read until Fabian comes to get me for our date.

A few minutes later there is a knock at the door. It's too early to be Fabian so maybe it's Amber returning. I get up and answer it is Mark, he transferred here a week ago after he got expelled from his last school. He had given me a few sideways glances but that was all.

"Hey Mark, what do you want?"

"Why are you going out with Fabian? A hot girl like you should be with someone like me. Plus I am a way better kisser than he is." I almost choked then and there. I have Fabian so why in the world would I go out with Mark.

"I love Fabian," I said a little harshly and I tried to shut the door but he push it back open, stepped inside and shut the door behind him.

"You don't get it! I'm not going to take no for an answer!" He said angrily. He took a step closer to me so I took a step back soon I had walked to the other end of the room with Mark following me.

"Come on beautiful , stop being a tease! I so badly want to kiss you senseless!" His words sent a shiver down my spine and not in a good way.

I took another step and my back pressed against the wall. "Nowhere else to run beautiful," he smirked at me and placed a hand on the wall beside me to steady himself and the other on my hip to hold me in place.

"Do you just how much you are turning me on right now?" He said to me his face just centimetres from mine. "No matter your little Fabian says or does you are mine!"

Then he lowered his lips to mine. I screwed up my face as his fowl lips collided with mine and let out a little yelp. Slowly he began tracing kiss along my jawline then he returned to my lips.

The doorknob starts moving behind Mark and the door swings open to reveal Fabian.

Oh no!