Hey guys! So this is a little story that I thought of while I was trying to sleep. It's really weird though, because I haven't read any Workaholics fanfics :o well here it is. This is short because I wanted to introduce each chapter in a different chapter. So to all of you Workaholics fans, you're welcome :)

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Here is a story about how I met these crazy people I call my best friends. It is not a very insightful and amazing story. It's actually quite inappropriate and awkward but it's funny. Well, don't say that I didn't warn you. Oh. I didn't introduce myself. The name's Adam. Adam DeMamp. As known as, Adam the Amp. Or just Adam is fine… awkward. Anyway, this is how I met Blake and Ders. Well. We met officially in college but we had met each other before that. When I was 14 years old, I went on this cruise right?

There I stood in a bright lobby area. People are swarming the place, trying to find their families and some already at the bar. My family was surrounding the couches in the back of the area, taking pictures. I stood near the elevators, crossing my arms over my family reunion shirt I had on. I was kind of embarrassed to be wearing it. I hated being with my entire family, aunts and uncles included. How I longed for it to only be me and my immediate family. They weren't even with me. They sent me down to Florida with my grandmother. The night before was hell. We stayed at a nice hotel and all, but sharing a room with the woman was hell. She's so neat and while she tried to make conversation with me, I was trying to sleep. I could care less about how things at her workplace were or how much she can eat at once. I caught myself as I noticed that I was grimacing at the floor, and then I looked up as someone called my name. I walked in between people to get to my family who wanted to get a picture with me. I put on this phony smile for the camera, just trying to please them. After I was done, I walked away once more but while dodging people, I bumped into a guy that looked about my age. He had extremely curly hair and it got into my mouth when I collided with him. He was about an inch taller than me, and he was kind of lanky as well. I coughed before apologizing.

"Hey, sorry about that." I said quickly. He nodded as I spoke.

"Nah, man. It's fine, I should've been paying attention." He spoke in a nasally voice that hurt my head automatically.

"No, it was my fault." I tried to convince him but he was being as stubborn as a fucking mule.

"No. It was me." He said through his teeth, almost glaring. I was taken off guard, putting my hands up in protest.

"Whoa, sorry." I spoke in a less harsh tone then he followed suit.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm just a little uptight. My hair didn't turn out right this morning and the security people took my condoms away so." He explained to me bluntly.

"Damn, man. That's awful." I frowned, shoving my hands into my pockets.

"Well yeah," he continued. "I wanted to get laid on this trip but looks like if I do, I might get a girl preggers." He spoke in a casual tone, making the conversation less awkward that it seemed to be.

"That would be bad, especially if she doesn't live in the same state as you." I was becoming more and more relaxed as we spoke.

"Yeah, that would be really bad. I'd have a love child in another part of the world. Imagine that. Another one of me running around." He chuckled softly, I followed suit. He was pretty cool. I could tolerate him.

"I don't know," I responded. "It would be awesome to have a mini me or something."

"No, only thee Mini-Me would be awesome."

"Yeah, Verne Troyer is pretty amazing."

"I look up to him, man."

"That's… ironic." We shared a laugh before my little cousin started poking me in the ass repeatedly. I turned around, irritated to say the least, before I realized that my family was leaving without me. I looked back at the guy. He was staring at me, frowning a bit.

"You gotta leave, don't you?" he said in the saddest way ever. It made me frown instantly as I nodded.

"Yeah but I'll see you around, right?" he nodded then I smiled at him. "Great. I guess I'll see you later, then." I turned around to walk towards my family but something stopped me. I turned around again to face him. "What's your name?"

"Blake." He was still standing there, watching me as he answered. I nodded once before responding.

"I'm Adam." He grinned as I spoke.

"I'll see ya around, Adam." He turned around to follow his family then I did the same, only I was hauling ass to catch up with my folks.

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- Starkid Jade