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Day 2. Pool side. 11th floor. I found this a perfect opportunity to show off my newly tone pecks as I lay on a pool chair, watching my cousins splash around in the salt water wave pool. It made me laugh, you know. They were splashing each other and the water would burn their eyes. At first, it started out as an accident but they continued to do it. I guess they're really fighting now… Ha, I don't give a fuck. I pull my sunglasses off of the top of my head to shield my eyes from the sun's harmful rays. My body was already paying the price. I forgot to put sunscreen on before I left my cabin, even after my grandmother badgered me about it.

"We all burn easily, Adam. Make sure you put some sun screen on!" she would tell me in the most annoyingly squeaky voice ever. Like, how she spoke like that. I don't even know, bro. It was awful. How my dad didn't kill himself because he had to hear that every day. Wow.

"It's DeMamp!" I heard a familiar voice behind me so I turned to see my poofy-haired friend with two ice cream cones in his hand, rocking his Batman swimming trunks.

"Ohhh dude! Your shorts are pretty badass." Blake handed me an ice cream cone then took the chair beside me that I saved for… someone that wasn't him. I didn't mind that much. We could share a chair once they arrived.

"Thanks, bro! I see you're rocking the Hulk today, look at you!" I laughed at Blake before licking my ice cream.

"Yeah, don't get me angry." I said mockingly, pounding on my chest with my free hand. I forgot about my sunburn that quickly and let's just say… everyone knew that I had one. Blake laughed loudly as I screamed out in pain.

"Dude, your chest is like… as red as Hellboy's dick." Blake snorted as I laid down, taking a deep breath.

"Shut up…" I grumbled softly before I heard someone screaming. I sat up quickly to see Rachel and Layla splashing a guy who was about my age with the deadly salt water. I jumped up quickly and ran into the pool, pushing them away from him.

"What the fuck! Keep your sisters under control, man!" he spoke angrily as he towered over me, making me freeze up as I was about to reprimand the little devils.

"Hey, man. They're not my sisters, I'm just watching these little bastards. I'm sorry." I looked up at him before I realized something. That guy with the weird chest from basketball? By the time that crossed my mind, Blake had jumped into the pool, getting salt water in everyone's eyes.

"Hey!" all of the girls, including Anna, squealed loudly as I was wiping my eyes. Blake was laughing as his hair was plastered to his forehead; his curly locks now wet and dangling from his head. I turned back to the guy, apologizing again. I guess he noticed how pissed off I was because he just nodded.

"Hey bro, were you playing basketball yesterday?" he nodded in response to my question.

"Yeah, why?" he raised a brow as he ran his fingers through his short, brown hair.

"Oh I… I just…" I dropped my gaze to his chest discreetly, trying not to laugh. Oh my God, he has moobs.

"Oh my God, you have moobs!" Blake came up behind me and screamed that into my ear loudly, bursting into seemingly never ended laughter. The guy just looked at us with a confused expression on his face.

"What are moobs?" he asked before I started to laugh, nodding to Blake.

"Dude. What cup size are you?" I asked him before laughing extremely hard with Blake. I could hear the guy grunt abruptly.

"Hey, man. That's not funny." He crossed him arms across his chest, frowning deeply.

"Aw man, we're just kidding!" I patted his shoulder, shooting him a reassuring smile. He grinned a bit then looked down.

"Yeah, we all have our flaws. I mean, look at my hair." Blake pointed to his mop that was drenched in water.

"Look at how short I am. I don't think I'm ever growing." I shrugged at Blake and he nodded once. The guy nodded once and gave us a stern look.

"Well yeah. I don't know why I have," he cleared his throat then spoke softly. "I don't know why I have moobs. It's a heredity thing." He shrugged before laughing at himself. We shared the laugh with him before he spoke again. "I'm Anders, by the way."

"Andrew?" Blake asked absently.

"No, Anders."

"Aumber?" Anders began to glare at Blake.

"That's not even a word, what are you doing with your life?" I ask slowly, scratching my head.

"He could be like, a transsexual.." Blake muttered.

"What? What the hell are you talking about?" Anders was starting to become just as confused as I was.

"Transgender, I think you mean." I tried to defend him then Anders shook his head.

"You know, I'm a guy. And just call me Ders." He said flatly.

"Oh, okay Ders." We nodded in unison as I spoke those words.

"So, where ya from?" Blake, Ders, and I had found an empty booth inside of the dining room that served as the breakfast and lunch room. It was bustling, as usual, with soaking wet children from the pools and old people. Lots of old people. So many wrinkles. Gross, old people that stared at you funny when you walked out of the pool. Seriously. They will sit there with cigars in their mouths; women included, and watch you as you walk out of the pool with this smug look on their face.

"California." Ders' voice shook me out of my horrifying thoughts.

"Oh, so are we!" Blake's arm was around my shoulders now and he was tugging me closer to him, making me feel more uneasy than I already was. The boat was starting to rock more and more as the day went on. I knew I wasn't the only one who felt it. Ders was turning green.

"You okay, man?" I asked quietly as a wave of nausea hit me with full force.

"No, it feels like I'm going to-" right as he spoke, a little kid ran past us and threw up right next to our table. We all screamed as loud as we could.

"Oh my God, that's disgusting!" those words were spoken before Ders started to blow chunks right on the table. Blake and I screamed and got up quickly.

"Ugh! Call an ambulance!" Ders screamed as he bent over in pain in the booth.

"We can't use our phones, dumb-" before I knew it, I was joining this vomiting fit, getting puke all over Blake's shoe. The little kid was still standing there and he screamed as I threw up, dodging the chunks that ricocheted off of the floor.

"Oh sweet Jesus!" Blake kicked his shoes off and stepped right in a pile of vomit left by the kid. He was silent for a minute; shaking in the pile of waste. He then began to freak out and run out of the dining hall, leaving me, Ders, and the kid. We all looked at each other for a second, then I realized that this was the most awkward moment of my life. Ever.

It was dinner time by the time I got back to my cabin. My grandmother saw me and Ders walking out of the dining hall, covered in vomit, and she ordered both of us to go clean up and lay down. She didn't even know Ders but she acted like she did. His cabin was on the 5th floor but I remembered that I had a spare bed in my room, and I invited him to lay down in there with me. I was usually lonely anyway. I could have someone to talk to. Anna usually spent her time in my cabin so she skipped dinner with us. I was on a bed, Ders was on a bed, and Anna was sitting on the desk in the room.

"So, how do you two know each other?" Anna broke the silence as we watched television. I glanced over to the other bed as Ders began to speak.

"You were at the pool. I remember seeing you. After you guys left, me, Adam, and Blake went into the dining hall and started talking."

"So you guys just randomly started talking?" Anna's head cocked to the side. I nodded before speaking.

"Yeah, that's what friendly people do." I raised a brow when I responded. Her innocent expression turned into a scowl immediately before she threw the cruise magazine at me. Ders laughed quietly and I glared at him.

"You should've joined us. You would've gotten vomit on you." Ders teased Anna, making her giggle. My face scrunched up in disgust. Girls. Wait, speaking of girls… Jules. I hadn't seen her all day. I blocked Ders and Anna's conversation out of my mind as I thought about her. She was probably looking for me at dinner. The time on the clock in our room said 9:07pm. Dinner was basically over now. I huffed quietly before there was a knock on the door. Anna excused herself and opened the door to reveal the girl that cluttered my thoughts. Tonight, her hair was pulled back in a curly ponytail, she wore a Legend of Zelda shirt with the triforce on it, dark skinny jeans, and black vans sneakers. She looked… amazing. It was all of my fantasies in one! Pretty girl, sneakers, and video games. Her bright smile lit up the room as she stepped inside.

"Adam! Are you feeling okay?" she kneeled beside the bed, placing a hand on my forehead. I raised my eyebrows in shock and stayed silent for a few seconds.

"Yeah, I'm fine now. How did you-"

"Your grandmother and Blake told me what happened." She cut me off just like that.

"You know Blake?" I asked absently and she nodded in response. I heard Ders clear his throat before I shot him a "fuck off" look. Jules followed my gaze and smiled at Ders softly.

"Hi, I'm Jules. I'm a friend of Adam's. And you are?" she extended a friendly hand as Ders followed suit, shaking her hand once.

"I'm Anders. I am also a friend of Adam's." I waited for her reaction to his name, biting my lip to hide a smile.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Anders." My lips fell into a hard line as she pronounced his name flawlessly. Was it that easy or is Blake just stupid? I thought to myself. I think he's just stupid. "Oh, I should get going. I'll see you guys tomorrow. It was nice to meet you Anna and Anders." She spoke swiftly as she twirled around to leave the room. She went to go leave but she turned to face me, making me jump a bit. She walked on her toes back over to me and pressed her sweet lips against my forehead. Right then, my heart exploded in my chest, sending all of my blood rushing up to my cheeks. She giggled before leaving the room. We sat there in silence for a moment after she left.

"Well. She seems nice." Ders spoke quietly as Anna made her way over to his bed. I nodded once and thought to myself, Yup. I'm so in there.

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