Gray and Juvia - From A to Z

Twenty-six one shots concerning the life and love of Gray and Juvia.

This fic will start my Fairy Tail From A to Z Challenge fics. I'll be doing them at the same time so once I finish one letter on one fic, I'll do the same letter in the other fics.

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A is for Alcohol

In vino veritas... In wine, there is truth. When we are drunk, we reveal our true character.

Juvia sat at the Fairy Tail bar, watching as her beloved Gray-sama was fighting with Natsu while the rest of the guild members watched in amusement. Of course, the ice-make mage was wearing only his skivvies while fighting. As usual, she was enthralled by the awesome body of Gray Fullbuster.

"Oh Gray-sama." She muttered to herself. "Your body is perfect. Oh, how Juvia wishes to run her fingers along Gray-sama's perfect body. Then she can die happy."

What she did not realize is that someone was listening to her.

"I can help with that." A voice called out to her.

Juvia turned to her right and saw a smiling Cana sitting next to her. The water mage realized that it was no ordinary smile. It was a wicked one that promised mischief.

"Cana-san?" Her voice was unsteady.

Sure, it was no secret that Juvia was in love with Gray. But she didn't like voicing her more ... errhh ... vivid fantasies out loud. When she realized that Cana heard what she said, Juvia promptly blushed.

"So you want to get down and dirty with Gray, huh?" The drunk card mage leered.

Juvia could smell the alcohol on Cana. It lingered like an aroma. It made her worried. "Do not be fooled by Cana-san, Juvia." Juvia told herself. "She is another love-rival. So just play along."

"What do you mean, Cana-san?" She asked timidly.

Cana scoffed loudly. "Come on, girl. I know you've been dying to know what he's like in bed, right?"

Juvia realized that this conversation was heading into dangerous territory. Of course, she wondered how good lovemaking would be with Gray but that wasn't all. She wanted to be loved completely by the Ice Make exhibitionist.

Cana didn't even wait for an answer. "But even with all of his stripping, Gray is sort of a prude. I've tried many times to get some of these guys in the sack." She laughed jovially. "Natsu didn't know what the hell I was talking about, Gray just blushed and said he had things to do, Elfman couldn't stop talking about manliness to do anything, Jet and Droy were still pining for Levy, and Gajeel flat out refused me."

Juvia couldn't help but blush at Cana's blunt talks about sex. "Wha-wha-wha." She stuttered.

"I swear, it's almost enough to make me swear off younger men." Cana spat in a playful manner.

"Juvia isn't like that." She stammered.

"You want Gray, right?" Cana smirked.

Juvia felt like she was a defenseless injured seal being circled by a hungry shark. But Juvia did want Gray. She wanted him so bad.

"Well, the first step is to talk to him and tell him how you feel." Cana slapped the blue-haired woman's back playfully.

"Juvia doesn't have the confidence to tell Gray-sama how she feels." She admitted, her voice lowering a couple of octaves.

"I can help you snag your man." Cana smiled at her.

Juvia was caught off guard. "You would help Juvia?"

Cana grabbed Juvia and pulled the water mage over to her. "Of course. But really, you shouldn't be having problems getting his attention."

Cana grabbed Juvia's shawl and removed it. The card mage also removed Juvia's parka, leaving her in a bulky, light blue t-shirt. Then Cana stole her hat and mussed up her hair, removing her tightly curled coif and making it into a messy wavy look. The sultry brunette pulled down Juvia's skirt a bit so that the outer lining of her panties were peeking out from it. Finally, she made a rip in the collar that extended to her cleavage. Juvia instinctively covered her breasts with her arms. "There we go. Now go over there and talk to him." Cana told her.

Juvia's blush became more pronounced. Her entire face became red. Her stuttered became so bad that she couldn't enunciate her words.

Cana gave Juvia a serious look. "Juvia, men are simple. All you need to do is walk up to him, whisper 'Gray-sama' in his ear, press your body against his and show off the goods." She emphasized the last part by grabbing Juvia's breasts and playfully fondling them, causing Juvia's face to redefine the color red. "He'll be putty in your hands and then you two will be doing the horizontal tango in no time."

Juvia couldn't believe how easily Cana was talking about sex. But then her face was downcast. "Juvia doesn't have the courage to do that."

Cana snickered. "I can give you the courage you need to talk to your precious Gray-sama."

Juvia's eyes sparkled. "You would help Juvia?"

Cana smirked. "Of course, Juvia. What kind of guildmate would I be if I didn't help a fellow member out?" She then put a friendly hand on Juvia's shoulder. "Besides, you are probably the best suited for Gray. And I have it on good authority that he likes you back."

"Really?" Juvia's face lit up.

"Sure, whatever." Cana waved it off. She then gave the girl a large glass filled with a strong smelling liquid. "Now drink this. It'll give you the courage to do it."

Juvia smelled the contents of the glass. "This smells like alcohol."

"Like I said, liquid courage." Cana insisted.

"Juvia doesn't know..." Juvia hesitated.

"You want Gray or not because there are lots of girls who would kill to have Gray in bed." Cana drawled.

Juvia downed the drink in a hurry. She then got a strange look on her face. "Juvia thinks she needs another one before she can talk to Gray-sama."

Cana snickered. "That's the spirit. Drink as much liquid courage until you are ready to talk to Gray."

Seven glasses later, Juvia was ready. "Wish Juvia luck, Cana-san."

Cana waved her off.

Juvia waltzed her way towards Gray, who was talking to Natsu, Lucy, Erza and Happy about a recent mission that they completed. Gray, to Juvia's delight, was still in his underwear, having lost his pants somewhere in the guild.

Gray didn't realized what was happening around him until he got a lapful of water mage.

The table grew silent. Natsu looked at the sight with awe, Lucy blushed, Erza sat stonefaced as if it were normal, and Happy looked like he was about laugh.

And Gray? Gray's onyx eyes widened to the point where his eyebrows receded into his hairline. His body became stiff. He couldn't move. "Ju-ju-juvia?" He stammered, his face turning pink.

"Damn." Gray thought. "What the hell?"

Juvia turned to face Gray. Then she moved her head so that her lips were scant inches away from his ear. Her arms were wrapped around his neck. Her body was fully pressed against his, her soft and full breasts touching his rock hard chest. "Oh Gray-sama." She whispered sultrily.

Gray's body shivered involuntarily. "What the hell is going on?" He asked himself in his head. "Why am I reacting like this?"

Then he got a look at how Juvia was dressed. Gone was her usual shawl and her parka. In its place was a ripped t-shirt where he could see her black racer bra. Juvia's skirt was pulled down a bit so he could see the outer lining of her black lacy panties.

Gray felt himself getting excited. "Shit. This isn't good." He cursed internally. Then, another question popped in his head. "Why is she like this? Is she drunk?"

Juvia continued whispering in his ear. "Gray-sama, do you know what you to Juvia?"

Everything in the guild stopped as all of Fairy Tail stared at the interaction between Juvia and Gray. You could hear a pin drop.

"Gray-sama is always taking off his clothes in front of Juvia." Juvia told him. "He doesn't know how badly Juvia is affected."

"What do you mean?" Gray asked hesitantly.

"Every time Gray-sama takes of his shirt, Juvia's heart goes pitter-patter." She told him without hesitation. Then she took one of his hand and places it over her heart. "Do you hear Juvia's heart, Gray-sama?"

Unfortunately for Gray's sanity, his hand was cupping her left breast. "Ahdasfon jifewca qwfno" was the ice mage's totally intelligent and philosophical response.

"Juvia can't help herself." She continued, running her fingers across the indentation of Gray's well-sculpted abs. That action nearly had him in convulsions. "Juvia wants Gray-sama so badly and she wants Gray-sama to want her back."

Juvia moved her body so that she was looking directly into his eyes.

Gray's eyes raked over Juvia's body. "Why am I reacting like this?" He thought. "I knew that she was cute but was she always this erotic?" Then he smelled it. It was the scent of a powerful alcoholic drink.

Gray flinched a bit. This has Cana written all over it. And sure enough, when he looked at the card mage, she lifted a mug of beer jauntily, smirking as she did so.

"Damn, Juvia's drunk." He realized.

Gray was going to do the noble thing. He wasn't going to take advantage of Juvia in this state.

But then Juvia placed her delicate hand across his cheek.

"Juvia!" He nearly shrieked.

"Juvia wants to kiss Gray-sama." Juvia told him plainly, a trace of seduction in her voice. "Does Gray-sama want to kiss Juvia?"

"Juvia, you're drunk." He tried to reason with her. "You don't know what you are saying."

Juvia shook her head lightly, her now wavy tresses flowing with each shake. Gray unconsciously gulped. "No, Juvia knows what she is saying. She has always wanted to say it but she was scared."

"Juvia." Gray breathed.

Juvia closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Juvia is going to kiss Gray-sama now."

Gray looked at Juvia's lips and wondered if they were as soft as they looked. Juvia, meanwhile, was inching closer and closer...

Everyone in the guild was leaning closer to get a better look. Was it going to happen? Was Juvia going to kiss Gray?

Juvia was so close that Gray could feel her hot breath in his lips.

Then it happened.

Juvia fell face-forward onto Gray's shoulder.

"Bwuh?" Gray intelligently questioned. Then he heard it. Light snoring could be heard from the water mage that was in his lap.

The guild erupted in laughter at the scene. Gray blushed in embarrassment.

"Guess who isn't getting laid tonight?" Cana shouted at the top of her lungs. "Gray! That's who." This statement caused the laughter to be even louder.

Gray refused to be embarrassed any further. He grabbed Juvia bridal-style and headed out of the guild, ignoring the wolf-whistles and catcalls directed at him.

The next morning, Juvia woke up and found herself in her bed. Her head felt like someone was taking a sledgehammer to it.

She looked around at her surroundings and found that she was in her room. She frowned a little. "How did Juvia end up here?" Juvia asked herself.

"You got drunk and passed out at the guild so I had to take you home." A voice answered her.

Juvia knew the owner of that voice, but just to be sure, she looked at her room's doorway and found Gray standing in it, holding a glass of orange juice in one hand and an aspirin in the other. "Gray-sama!" She shrieked. Thankfully, for Juvia's sake, he was fully clothed.

Juvia blushed. What was he doing in her apartment? Then his previous words caught up to her. "Juvia was drunk?"

Gray chuckled. "Very drunk."

"Juvia is so embarrassed." The girl nearly cried.

"Here's a friendly tip." Gray walked up to her with the juice and aspirin. He hand it to Juvia who took it and downed it without question. "Don't ever drink what Cana gives you to drink. That stuff can down a rhino."

Juvia's eyes were downcast. "Juvia will remember that." She then looked at Gray with a hopeful look. "Juvia didn't do anything strange that night, right?"

Gray blushed and looked away.

Juvia saw Gray's reaction and thought the worst. "Oh no. What did Juvia do to cause that reaction in Gray-sama?"

"Nothing really happened." Gray stammered, a light pink dusting remaining on his cheeks. "You just said some stuff and passed out in front of me."

Juvia wasn't entirely convinced. "Nothing happened?" She asked again.

Gray looked at her directly in the eyes. "Nothing happened, Juvia." He told her, a serious look in his eyes. "After you passed out, I took you to your apartment and put you to bed. Then I took the couch so I could explain what happened when you woke up in the morning." Gray dutifully left out the part where she basically fondled him publicly while sorta confessing to him. He also didn't tell her that he had gotten some clothes from his apartment so he would give Juvia the impression that something serious happened.

Juvia smiled. It wasn't a smile that normally came when Gray was talking to her. It was just a soft smile that accentuated her soft face. Gray saw it and found himself smiling as well.

"Thank you for taking of Juvia, Gray-sama." said a grateful Juvia. She was very happy that Gray had taken care of her. Not that she wouldn't be happy with anyone else doing so but with Gray, it just felt more special. Maybe obtaining his love wouldn't be harder than she thought.

"No problem." Gray responded simply. "Now, get up and get dressed. I'll take you out for breakfast. You must be starving."

And sure enough, Juvia's stomach began to growl, causing her to blush. "Okay, Gray-sama."

Gray left her room to allow Juvia to change.

After Juvia had completed her morning ritual and dressed in a light blue sundress and sandals, the water mage was ready to head out with her beloved ice mage. They left her Fairy Hills apartment in search of something to eat, a comfortable silence between them.

Gray smiled at Juvia by his side. A single thought passed through his head.

I could really fall in love with Juvia.

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