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Chapter Sixteen

Noises buzzed passed me like sluggish insects. My ears picked up on the drowned voices and banging that occasionally crept into my head. However, I was unable to understand any type of information that may have been spilled. Everything sounded like garbled gibberish, and before I could even think about what I just heard…I'd suddenly go under again into unconsciousness.

I don't know how long they kept me like that.

Sometimes I'd come to and hear someone enter the room and start speaking. Or I'd occasionally feel a cold hand press against my cheeks and chest. At some points, I was just barely able to crack open my eyes, only to have them flooded with bright florescent light. It burned...so I'd close them for a few minutes only to pass back out.

I was rarely conscious, but when I wasn't trying to understand what was going on around me, I was revisiting the moment outside of Hell's Pass.

Craig turned me in. I would think miserably. He turned me in. He doesn't even care. He never cared.

He's rotten.

So rotten.

Nothing felt stronger than the anger that bubbled inside of me at the thought of Craig. I wanted nothing more than to find my baseball bat and beat him to death with it. But in order to do that, I would have to find a way out of this drug-dazed stupor.

And one day, it seemed like I finally got that.

I knew I was waking into consciousness again, and took time to listen carefully incase anyone was around me. When I didn't hear anything, I tried opening my eyes.

Light immediately pierced my vision harshly. Snapping my eyes closed instinctually, I tried to open them slowly again. I cracked my eyes open, blinking slowly as they swallowed the large amount of light thrown at them. Eventually, for the first time in—maybe—days, my eyes opened all the way.

The ceiling came into focus slowly, and looked like any other bland building ceiling. Yet, I couldn't help but stare dumbly at the florescent lights above me. It'd been forever since I'd encountered electricity, and it seemed so strange and outlandish that I wondered if I was really awake.

They didn't kill me, did they? Am I dead?

I felt my arms and legs tense in sudden panic, and bit down harshly on the inside of my cheek to try and calm myself down. My mouth felt like it had been stuffed with cotton balls, it was so dry. And my lips felt cracked and glued together. I continued to stare up at the white tiled ceiling as I parted my lips and sucked in the dry air for the first time.

I hadn't been awake this long, and I waited anxiously for someone to bust through the door and stab me with more sedatives.

But when that didn't happen…I decided it was safe to take a look around. I turned my head to the right and saw my arm resting beside me. It was pale and clean. Like, I haven't seen my actual skin in months! There wasn't any dirt caked to it, or bloody spatters covering the patches.

After the initial shock of not being disgusting, I noticed a white bandage stuck right under the bend in my elbow. I must have had an IV or something. I assumed, flexing the fingers of my right hand. I still felt too weak to move it any more than that.

With a little bit of embarrassment, I also noticed that my clothes had been replaced with nothing but a white hospital gown. Using herculean effort, I shifted my body ever so slightly, relieved to feel boxers underneath the flimsy thing.

As for the room, it looked like any standard hospital room. Small and square, with nothing but my bed and a few chairs pushed up against the wall. I turned my head to the left, and spotted something that definitely didn't come with the standard hospital room package: Craig.

A zombie sitting in the chair next to your bed is the only thing that can make a hospital room worse than it already is.

I wanted to launch myself at him and rip his dumb fucking chullo from his head to beat him to the death with it. But all I could actually manage was a hateful glare and grunt.

Craig glanced down at me from his spot. His eyes seemed as black and empty as ever.

"You're finally awake." He murmured.

"Go away." I spat. Unfortunately I didn't sound as intimidating as I wanted to since my voice came out in a quiet rasp.

Craig stood up, and I thought he was actually going to listen to me until he placed a cool hand on my forehead. I immediately frowned and tried to shake his hand away. My head just rolled to the other side limply.

"Go away." I repeated hoarsely, wanting nothing more than to lift my hand and slap him.

Craig removed his hand from me to walk around to the other side of the cot. My untrusting eyes followed him lazily to where he began changing the bandage on my arm.

"Bebe's not here." Craig mumbled, placing a new square of gauze on my arm.

I narrowed my eyes. Yeah right.

"I don't," I rasped, "I don't believe you." After all, why would I? Bebe had to be somewhere in this building. Oh god, unless she was dead already.

"You killed her." I accused, flexing my fingers after some concentration. Craig's eyes suddenly flashed to my face, narrowed and angry.

"I didn't kill her." He immediately defended. "I already told you, she's not here. I've looked everywhere."

"Why should I," I blinked slowly, "why should I t-trust you?"

"You shouldn't." Craig eventually answered, biting on his lower lip with yellowed teeth. "I mean, you have no reason to…but she's not."

I didn't believe him for a minute; instead, I tried to think of ways to escape. My brain was still foggy and slow, but it was clearing up quickly. I had no weapons, and I was probably outnumbered by whatever psychopaths were walking around this building. As I became more aware of my situation I began to panic. What if I can't get out of this? Craig will shove me in a room with a zombie and I'll either turn or become like him!

"Craig," in a surprisingly desperate motion I reached up and grabbed and his arm, "y-you have to get me out of here." I begged. "They'll kill me."

Craig's expression wavered for a moment but quickly regained its blank demeanor. "No." He replied simply. My heart felt like it sank in my chest, threatening to seep from my back into the mattress. "They're going to vaccinate you," Craig continued, "and cure me."

"You're insane!" I dropped the dead man's arm and shook. Craig was my only way out of here, and if I couldn't convince him to let me go then I'd be zombie chow for sure!

"I brought you here to help you." Craig explained in frustration. "You should be thanking me."

"Th-thanking you?" I nearly laughed at the absurdity of it. "You tricked me, then drugged me, and now you're going to kill me!"

"I didn't trick you, we were coming here to find Bebe."

"Well you left out some important parts!"

Craig growled, as if I didn't comprehend some sort of important concept. "We'll look for her after we're cured."

With what strength my body had accumulated, I sat up slowly. I felt like I'd just run a marathon as I rested my back against the cool plaster wall. Craig watched me carefully the entire time, to make sure I was okay or that I didn't attack him I wasn't sure.

"Y-You," I panted, "really think they have a cure here?"

Craig's eyes hardened. "They have to."

"Craig," I tried begging again, "we have to leave. Do you—ngh—honestly think they have a cure? Would it still be the end of the world if they made one?"

"You don't understand." Craig mumbled.

"I-I understand that there's no cure and I'm going to-to die."

"They'll fixe everything." The zombie insisted. He wasn't even looking at me anymore. His eyes were glued to the blank wall, like it held some kind of unachievable plan where everything worked out.

"It's the end of—"

"It's the end for me either way!" Craig suddenly burst. It was so swift and unexpected that I flinched, sinking down into my shallow mattress. Craig got real close to me, narrowing his eyes and pulling his lips back in a snarl. "I'm dead already." He spat. "The minute people start making their comeback, I'm fucked. I have to eat people to survive. As I fucking stand here I have to stop myself from biting into your fucking face! My life is over whether things stay the way they are or if they get better. You think people are just going to let me stick around because I'm not brain dead? I constantly want to eat everyone around me, do you honestly think I'll be spared a bullet to the head?"

I was frozen as Craig pulled back. "This is all I have." He growled. "They're going to fix everything. They have to." And before I could process anything, Craig came forward again and jabbed a needle into my arm. I immediately felt the sedatives crawl through my veins, but instead of panicking, I remember thinking of what a sad desperate monster Craig had become.

Coming into consciousness the second time was just as slow and irritating as the first. I vaguely remembered my conversation with Craig, but couldn't recall how long it'd been since the event happened.

I wasn't going to give up on him, though. He was my only way out of this mess. I knew if I tried, I might be able to convince him to let me go. He was desperate, but he had to feel something for me, he just had to. Craig's my best bet, I thought groggily. And maybe—despite all of my denial—I didn't want to leave Craig. Like, God, I wish I knew how to quit him.

I mean…he's a zombie that could eat my brains out whenever he wanted! And on top of that, he got me stuck in this mess. But, I sympathized with him. I didn't know what it's like to be dead already, to know it's the end of the world for yourself whether everyone heals or not.

However, he was still an asshole and I still kind of hated him. But, Craig was also my only chance.

Suddenly, cold hands seized my shoulders and began shaking me violently. I could hear someone's muffled voice trying to shout me into consciousness, but it was so clouded and garbled in my drowsy mind that I couldn't understand it.

As soon as I could, I snapped open my eyes. The world opened up like a harsh bright white light as it slowly blurred into focus. I made out Craig, and he stopped shaking me the moment my eyes opened. He looked flustered to say the least. His hat was missing, revealing his ratty dark hair. The collar of his gray t-shirt was torn and bloodied. The blood was thick and black, like that of a zombie.

"Wha—" I rasped, unable to voice my obvious confusion. My limbs still felt like limp noodles, and I could barely shift my head from side to side. I noticed a haphazard bandage covering my arm in the same place as it was before, only this time it was slightly bloody as if the needle that used to occupy the spot was crudely ripped away. Craig was talking, but my ears felt like they were stuffed with cotton balls.

He leaned down, a cold arm slithering underneath the bend in my knees and underneath my shoulder blades. Oh God, my mind panicked, he's taking me to get tested.

"No—" I protested hoarsely, trying to wriggle out of Craig's grip as he lifted me off the mattress. However, all I could manage was a weak twitch in the legs.

Craig ignored me, carrying me to door and grunting as he tried to open it up. Slowly his ramblings were coming into understanding as my entire body began to wake up. I was only able to catch the end of Craig's quick speaking.

"—so fucking wrong." He managed, cracking the plain door open with his foot and peering out into the hallway. My head lay uselessly against his chest and I was too tired to move it to try and peek at what he was looking for. After a few seconds Craig finished easing the door open before swiftly carrying me down a long hall.

The hallway looked like any other hospital, white, sterile, and lined with doors. Every door we passed was shut, and I wondered how many people were lying in cots like mine, drugged beyond belief.

"Craig," I tried to speak again, my voice slowly returning to me, "let-let me go." I kicked feebly, but the other simply tightened his grip around me. He was nearly jogging down the hallway, continuously glancing in either direction. My eyes slowly crawled from Craig's tense face to the double doors at the end of the hall. That's it, my mind wailed, that's where they're going to kill me!

A figure clad in white burst through the metallic doors. Their face was obscured by a surgical mask and headband, leaving only their eyes visible. My heart nearly stopped. The pupils staring back at me were blank and black.

Just like Craig's.

"Craig," they called out slowly, as if speaking to a territorial lion. Said zombie simply cursed and spun around, walking briskly in the opposite direction.

"What's—ngh—happening?" I asked, getting more alert by the second.

"I already told you." Craig answered curtly; turning to the right where another set of exit doors was waiting.

"I couldn't hear you." I grumbled, shifting again in Craig's arms. That man back there was dead like Craig too. How many them were there?

"I don't have time to explain right now." Craig said, slamming one of the exit doors open with his leg. "I just—I fucked up, okay? I fucked up."

We were immersed in a darker hall now, with only a few florescent lights blinking dully. The entire place had ominous shadows creeping across the wall and floor.

Craig stopped abruptly, and I could feel his grip on me tighten.

"Put him down." A voice calmly warned from the shadows. Craig growled, spinning us around again. My head swam from the sudden movement. We were immediately met with two figures in front of each door. They looked just like the other from before, dressed in white with eyes blackened by death.

"You were supposed to cure us." Craig hissed, spinning us again only to find two other's in view. They all looked like clones of each other save for different heights and body types.

"Don't you see?" An older man spouted. "We're already cured this way. The dead don't want us, we're basically immune." Her dark eyes shifted from Craig's face down to mine. My waking body couldn't help but shiver. The look he gave me didn't seem like he wanted to invite me into their undead club. He looked at me like a dog looks at a steak, and in that moment, I understood what was going on.

They weren't trying to create vaccines anymore. In fact, I don't think they were even turning people anymore.

They were saving me, I realized in mute horror, they're eating people.

"J-Jesus Christ!" I shrieked, shoving my way out of Craig's arms. He tried to hold me, but I had regained most of my strength and managed to push myself away. I fell to the cold floor harshly, trying to stand back up. However, my legs were so shaky and weak from disuse that they refused to support me. Craig wrenched me up, and I had to lean on him heavily just to avoid falling over.

"We won't hurt Tweek." Another figure said, her voice sounding oddly familiar. "We'll cure him, and make him like us." She tugged down her surgical mask and pulled the headband from her hair.

"A-Annie?" I gasped in disbelief, staring at the blonde locks of a girl that Craig and I used to go to high school with. It was like staring at an odd alternate version of her. It was Annie, but it was also not. I never knew her well, but we've shared the same school since third grade. It made me wonder how many of the others were here. Only something this fucked up and illogical could happen in South Park.

"You were supposed to cure us." Craig repeated in irritation. He was beginning to look like a cornered animal, threatening to strike at any minute. I wish I had my baseball bat; maybe together we could have taken them.

"We are going to cure you." The older man insisted, taking a threatening step forward.

"We're so fucked." I muttered, glaring at Craig angrily. He's the whole reason we're in this mess.

Craig groaned, baring his yellowed teeth at the others.

"We could have killed you once you've turned." Annie rumbled. "But we let you stay. Stay with us, Crai—" Annie suddenly cut short, her eyes widening as she spun around, staring down the darkened hall. The man had done the same thing, and as I looked around, I noticed everyone was frozen, staring into the darkness.

Even Craig.

"Wh-what is it?" I whispered. Craig glanced at me, and before he could even open his mouth to answer, a loud crack resonated through out the hall. The older man dressed in white fell to the ground instantly, black blood growing in a pool around his head. There was click, and Craig shoved me down, landing brutally on top of me and covering his head.

Another deafening bang dominated the hall accompanying with it the thud of a body hitting the ground. Annie's dead expression looked back at me, her face repulsively mangled from a bullet's exit, which left a gaping jagged hole in her forehead. It gushed dark blood, covering the entire side of her face.

One of the figures fled, shoving through the exit doors and sprinting down the previous halls. The other roared and ran bravely into the darkness. There were two shots this time, and then silence. Craig slowly slid off of me, and I groaned as I sat up against the wall. Neither of us stood.

Boots clicked down the tiled hallway, whoever had been shooting was coming closer.

"D-Don't shoot us!" I called out, more in fear for Craig than myself. "We're good guys!"

Craig raised an eyebrow at me and I simply shrugged. The last thing I wanted was to get shot in the head after being so close to escaping.

I could barely believe my eyes as the person emerged from the darkness. Their long curly hair was tied back into a high ponytail, and a small black gun was held securely in gloved hands. They pulled down the bandana tied around their mouth.

Bebe smiled tiredly, coming to a halt in front of Craig and me.

"It's been a while."

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