The light of the fire was blurry, but I could feel myself coming back. The last thing I remember, I was sitting on a bench at the pier waiting for Jake, when I was being smothered from behind. My head hurts so badly. I wonder why I can't touch my head. I look down and my arms and legs are tied down. I try and struggle with the chains a little bit but they wont budge. I look around to see where I am. There isn't much light expect for the fire. I could tell the walls are not close, and the ceiling is high. Maybe an old warehouse? Why would someone bring me here? There was a big fire built in front of me just a few feet away. On the floor around the fire there were symbols in red. I can't quite make them out. I study them for a moment and then realize what they are. They're the symbols of Rama, of the witch hunters. What was I still doing here, I need to get out. There's a sound of a door in the distant open then close. I don't see any light escape. There's a sound of shoe's coming toward me, maybe two people. I've got a shiver down my neck. The two people are one the other side of the fire ring; they are so close that I can make them out. They're two men, fairly tall with dark clothes. I can't quite make out if I know them. They're talking and then they start coming toward me again. I notice one of them as a member of Rama and I don't recognize the other.

The man from Rama spoke "Hello Cassie". I just look at him. Why would I make light conversation with someone that may want to kill me?

"I'm Isaac; you may already know that though"

"Yes" I said feeling that if I talked it may stall this due process. "What do you want?"

"What I want is simple; I want you and the rest of the witches dead"

It startled me but I didn't let it show. "Well if you want everyone dead then why do you only have me?"

"Your friends will be here shortly looking for you, though before they get here we need something from you first".

What! What does he need from me?"What?"

Isaac with a little smirk said "it's quit simple, and it only may hurt a lot".

Now the fear is setting in. The whole time we were talking I hadn't noticed the other man go to a table and was reading through a book and had walked back towards us. He had a burn scare on the side of his face just below the ear and chin. He didn't look mean or give off the vibe that he wanted to hurt me.

Isaac spoke while giving a hand gesture "this is Eben".

I looked at him and he just looked stern with no facial expression.

"He is what's going to happen to you"

My blood ran cold, I had no clue what was about to happen.

"Before your friends get here and before we kill you I need some information from you."

I was puzzled and confused.

He gave a smirk "we will read your memories for past information. You since you posses the same black magic as your father, you can share some of his memories without even knowing it"

"What? Share memories" I don't even know anything about my father except what's been told to me"

"It doesn't matter, you still have it, and were going to retrieve it" he began to get a little testy.