Isaac was on his hands and knees trying to get up. Cassie eyes were back to normal, she still had a devilish smile though. When Cassie spoke it was Cassie not the dark magic but there was still something off.

The gang was trying to think of ways to get her. Cassie had her hand out so Isaac couldn't go anywhere, but she was looking at them. "What's wrong? You don't want me to kill him?" Cassie asked mockingly.

"Cassie this isn't the way" Adam yelled. He wanted to move but he knew he shouldn't.

"He's right Cassie don't kill him" Jake said seriously, he was trying to get Cassie calmed down so that he could get in.

"What? You don't want me to kill him? But he was going to kill us" Cassie was getting angry, the fire grew larger, the gang stepped back. "So what you're saying is that you don't want me to do this" Cassie said. She motioned her hand up in the air lifting Isaac up then slamming her hand down and making Isaac crash into the pier and then did it again.

Isaac must have broken ribs among other things Jake thought. The gang looked on with painful expressions, Melissa had to look away. "Cassie stop it" Jake yelled forcefully. Isaac was not moving and there was blood on his face. Jake feared the worse.

"Come on guys we have to do something" Diana said she was far passed concerned. They put their hands together and started saying a spell. They all chanted, though they knew they weren't really helping.

"It's really cute you know, how you think your going to save Cassie" a voice said from behind them, it was Eben. Eben stepped toward them. He didn't really have a set expression on his face. Jake was the first to realize that Eben was holding one hand in the other, there was the faintest drops of blood coming down. The others seemed to notice to.

"You see, while we had Cassie before you got there we did a little experiment on Cassie. I did a spell using my blood on her skin. That one symbol allows me to do with Cassie as I please if she gets out of place, all I have to do is expose my blood to any one of our natures elements, say a tree, a rock, or even…sand." With that Eben squeezed his hand and made a far amount fall into the sand.

"No" a couple of them said. Jake tried to run at Eben but was stopped when he felt to heat of the fire grow extraordinary hot.

They spun around to see that the fire went up like a burning wall of lava. Then it went down and vanished as if there hadn't even been a fire. Cassie was leaning in an awkward position, then she lifted her head up to the sky and began screaming and crying.

"Please stop. Please. Help me" her screams and crying was never ending.

They started running for her, they got to the pier running as fast as they could. Adam was at the front he got to Cassie reaching out his hands to grab her and as soon as he did he got a shock that sent him flying back.

"Adam" yelled Diana. They ran to them. Diana cradled Adam's head on her knees. Melissa brung her fingers to his throat to check to see if he has a pulse. "Adam can you hear me?" Diana was practically shouting.

"He's fine, he's just knocked out" Melissa said, she was trying her best to stay calm.

Jake stood up and walked carefully to the screaming Cassie. He went to the front of her. Cassie could barely see Jake. "Jake, please help me. Please, it hurts." Cassie almost couldn't make out the words.

"Stop it. Stop Eben" Jake yelled. In that moment Eben put his hands up in the air and Cassie fell, she would've hit the pier if Jake hadn't had caught her. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was jagged. Jake put her down on the pier. He moved over to see if Isaac had a pulse. There was barely even a pulse; Jake doubted that he would make it.

Adam was starting to come to and Diana helped him up. The rest of them headed to where Cassie was. Jake was still checking out when Eben started heading on the pier. He walked down the pier as if he could not be harmed. Jake and Adam tried to fight him off.

"Boy's I'm done for tonight, just let me get Isaac and I will be on my way." Eben said, he was very calm.

"Why would we do that?" Adam said he was getting so angry that it hurt.

"Well look at it this way boys, either let me by peacefully or I will start hurting people." Eben gave a little smirk of satisfaction. Adam and Jake looked at each other then at the group.

"Look just let him get his little freaky practically dead friend so he can leave." Faye said who was by this time ready for this to be over. The boys shook their heads and allowed Eben to go through. He made it to Isaac and had picked him up ready to leave when all of a sudden he could not move.

He grunted as he was forced to be turned around. Isaac at this time fell back to the pier. The group was astonished at the image in front of them. Cassie was standing up, her hand in the air holding Eben in place. She had blood coming from her nose, ears, mouth. She had a very faint smile on her face.

"What are you doing?" Eben grunted.

"I would think you would know."Cassie said. The others looked worried. "Don't worry guys I am me, but if you went through what I did, you would want to do the same." Cassie then shut her hand making Eben wheeze and gasp for breathe. She squeezes her hand so tight she drew blood from her hand. Diana gasped a little bit but no one said or made a movement to stop Cassie. Cassie turned her hand sideways and there was a loud sound of cracking bones. She released her hand and Eben fell to the pier dead.

The group stayed there for a minute. Cassie then collapsed from exhaustion. She had blood everywhere. "We need to get out of here" Diana said. With that they helped up Cassie and left. The boys though took and tied the bodies together and dumped them in the water, watching them sink. The left the pier all traumatized, not knowing that Cassie will never be the same, the dark magic still lingers and will be back.