He awoke to nothing. "Computer! Turn on the lights! ZIM CANNOT SEE!" He screamed, and waited. Nothing. "COMPUTER! TURN ON THE STINKING LIGHTS!"

"THEY ARE ON, YOU IMBECILE! WHAT ARE YOU, BLIND?" The computer screamed back, sarcasm heavy in it's synthetic voice.

What are you, blind? What are you, blind? Blind?

The words ricocheted off the walls of his subconscious, shoving their way forward into his primary train of thought. What are you, blind? His PAK, at his command, did a quick scan of his eyes.

Something was wrong. They were malfunctioning. The optic nerve wasn't working, and the orbs themselves weren't taking in the images around him, projecting them back to his PAK; his brain. Zim felt a wave of panic wash through his form, the equivalent of the irken adrenal glands kicking into action and pumping him full of a jittery, terrified energy. He stumbled forward, toppling from his rest and recovery unit, body making a harsh contact with the too-cold floor. The world, locked in darkness, was now alien to him. He could leave his room, navigate, certainly. But it was only a matter of time until he fell down an elevator shaft. He would only be counting down until he ran across one of his toxic waste vats, or one of GIR's hazardous messes he left lying around. Leaving this room was a ticking timebomb: Leaving this room was courting death himself.

And suddenly, a new wave of terror shook the poor Invader: Formal requests for new body parts needed a signature. How could he sign paperwork if he couldn't actually get to the paperwork, much less what he'd be sending the request out on. He would be trapped here for the rest of his natural life...

No, no... surely someone would notice and come to his aid! Of course! The tallest, not hearing from Zim, would worry! They'd send someone to check on him, their greatest invader, and everything would be okay! Yes! Now all he had to do was wait.

Zim pulled himself into a sitting position, curling up near what he assumed to be the end of his sleeper container and sighed. It couldn't be long now.

It couldn't be long now...

It... it really couldn't be long now...

But all he could hear was the grinding, moving parts of his house and his own breathing, becoming more and more panicked. He checked his PAK, which alerted him, yes, it very well could be long now.

It had only been a week. A week of waiting, and already the blackness, the endless blackness, was driving the irken crazy. The blackness, accompanied by the silence.

Still... it couldn't be long now, right?

It was a lovely Saturday morning, and Dib, the town's perhaps only good paranormal investigator (and thus the most over looked one), was a man on a mission. Or, rather a highschooler who'd gotten out of chores because DAMN IT! His room could wait! This was a matter of saving the Earth here, and why couldn't his father understand!

Oh well, that really didn't matter now. He strode up to the eerie green house, knocking forcefully on the door. GIR answered. "HEY! Where's Zim? What evil plans is he coming up with? Why hasn't be been at school all week? Can I come in?" Dib asked, rambling of multiple questions at once.

"Sorry, Mister Big head! Master is busy feeling sick and heeeee can't plaaaaaaay!" GIR screamed, and slammed the door in Dib's face.

Down below, Zim barely picked up the exchange. His antennae perked, and head aim upwards, he shrieked. "DIIIIIB! DIB HUMAN!" He continued screaming, shouting, for several hours, until his voice was nothing more than a ragged squeak. His mouth stayed open for some time, stuck in a silent scream, until eventually, he gave up, closing his mouth and slumping forward. If is eyes were shut, or if they were open, he was completely unaware. How long Zim stayed like that, unable to leave, or at this point call for some sort of assistance, he did not know.

He didn't have the heart to check.