For the next few days, Dib tried and failed to get into the base to find out what Zim was up to. On his 4th day trying, he brought tacos along with him. GIR, like always, answered the door and began to tell Dib how Zim couldn't play today. However, he noticed the tacos, and began shrieking. Dib waved the tacos tauntingly, and when the robot broke into a run towards him, he punted GIR into the next room, tossing the tacos in after him and entering the base. The human crept stealthily through the first floor and found nothing. He made his way to the elevator, selecting the floor he knew to be more of the living level for Zim. Maybe he'd find something there.

Meanwhile, the Irken sat silently in his room, mind and expression blank. He was completely oblivious to anything happening around him: All was silence, all was blackness. Zim was totally and utterly isolated, and the endless, hollow nothingness had seemed to temporarily overtake him.

Until he heard the door slide open.

Dib just stared at the shell-like form of Zim, laying there, head lopsided as he stared into nothingness. His eyes were blank, lacking their usual sheen. "Who's there?" Zim asked, his voice gravelly and rough.

"Just, uh... Me?" Dib asked more than answered, looking around. "You can't see me?" Zim's head turned towards the source of the voice, but his eyes... those terrifyingly blank eyes looked right past the human, right through the human.

"Oh. Just the Dib. Zim was merely sitting here, thinking of an ingenious plan to destroy the world! Like usual!" He cackled, standing up and dusting himself off. His oddly hollow eyes stared kind of close to where Dib was, but didn't entirely look at him either.

"Sitting in your room looking depressed and forlorn is thinking of an ingenious plan? News to me." Dib frowned, placing his hands on his hips. "Really, what's wrong with you?" He asked.

"NOTHING." Zim shrieked, pointing past Dib's shoulder.

"So, if I tried to connect this spy camera to your systems, you'd try and stop me and be 100% functional and capable?" Dib asked with a smirk, despite the fact that he had no such equipment with him.

"Of course!" The Invader beamed.

Dib began hammering his fist on the wall a short ways away from himself. "Stop me." He smiled.

Zim lunged at the source of the sound, completely missing the human and crashing into the wall with a sickening crunch. "Ow..." He murmured. "Now I think my shoulder is out of socket too."

"Too?" Dib asked, grabbing Zim by his arm and tugging him up. "This suggests that your shoulder isn't the only thing currently wrong with you." The human said calmly, twirling the dazed Irken around, now having hold of both of Zim's arms. "Now, if you don't spill it, I'll pull the other one out of socket, and then your legs too, and then leave you here completely helpless. Sounds fun, right?" Dib asked, grinning from ear to ear.

Zim could feel he was at a slight disadvantage at this point, and sighed. "Stop smirking, Zim can feel your coyness," He grimaced.

"Yeah, okay." The human said, letting his smile ease a bit.

Zim sighed, "I was waiting here, hoping someone had been sent to assist me in my current sight-related predicament."

"Assist you? Sight related?" Dib frowned. "So, you're blind?" The human asked, making a reasonable assumption.

"You win. Your prize is breathable air."

"Oh, uh... yay." The dark-haired teenaged rolled his eyes. "So, are you just going to sit around here and hope that someone comes to help you?"

"That was the plan, yes." Zim groaned. It really wasn't sounding as easy he'd hoped, thinking about it now. After a long pause, the Irken sighed in what felt like, and sounded like, defeat. "Could Zim implore you for a favour?"

"You could try." Dib said, the smirk re-plastering itself to his face.

"Ughh... you have the face again." the alien grimaced. "Stop having that face."

"Sorry, it's a habit. Like you shrieking 'victory for Zim!'." The human replied, shrugging. "Anyways, weren't you supposed to be imploring me for a favour?" He asked innocently.

"Kch... Well, Dib-human, since it seems Zim is at a slight disadvantage here, he was wondering if you would be generous enough to donate your time and efforts in assisting Zim until he can order new eyes and they come in." Sighed the alien, rolling his dead, non-functioning eyes.

"Hmm... Well, I dunno, what's in it for me?" Dib asked.

"Being as you would be assisting me, you'd have access to my base and probably learn a lot about Irkens while in my presence. Could I also implore you not to destroy too much? Though that's really up to you and how much goodness you have in your organs. You know, destroying the property of a helpless little alien and all."

Dib frowned contemplatively. "Yeah, I suppose I can help you out. And just try not to antagonize me too much, and your property should remain intact. You have my word." The human said, raising a hand up as though he were swearing something.

"Okay, first plan of action: I need to get to my lab to fill out a formal request for new body parts." Zim said. "I can tell you the way, you lead me so I don't die a horrible death by tripping down an elevator shaft or something."

"Okay then." Dib replied, hoisting the invader up.

"Zim can walk!" He shrieked, sounding slightly terrified.

"You just said you didn't want to trip over anything..." The human rolled his eyes. "I promise, I won't drop you."

"You'd better not!" Zim seethed as they made their way slowly down to the communications centre.