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This is going to be my first attempt at a Nadesico fic, I mostly work with comedy but as by the rating you will note it is a drama.  I hope you like it and continue to read it past the initial chapter that is if I continue to write it.

This fic begins after eps 19 but before the Jovian brain bot attacked the Nadesico.

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Anata no Ichiban Ni Naritai

Chapter One- A simple experiment

The talent contest buzz was finally beginning to die down, and to the members of the Nadesico that meant it was to once again think of war.

The Jovian's advances in boson jumping technology was an advantage Erina was hoping to curve.  Her target was set and once she convinced Akito to help Nergal's tests, Earth would be on equal standings.

"I don't see why you need me to help you with this Erina?" Akito asked after being cornered in the mess hall.

Staring him right in his eyes Erina calmly explained to him, "You're the only human we have that has survived a Boson jump Tenkawa.  We need to learn why that is."

Akito looked at his half eaten tray of food, "Is it dangerous?"

Playing on his idol worship, "It is uncertain.  We don't know if it was a fluke that allowed you to live, but don't you want to be a hero?"

'Why did this happen to me, I just wanted to be a simple cook.  Now they want me to be a test subject.'  Setting his chopsticks down he addressed her again, "So you're saying I could die."

"I didn't say die; I just said…" Erina was cut off as a holoscreen of Inez Fressange appeared directly between the two.

"Yes Akito, you could die.  We don't know if are ability to create jump fields is stable enough to transport humans."

"But he did it before remember, on Earth!" Erina said hotly.

Inez's screen turned to face Erina, "It could have been influenced by the Jovian mecha."

Losing some control Erina shouted, "What about his jump from Mars then?"

Still in her cool and calculated voice, "Again Jovian mecha was present, it could have influenced the jump."

Akito raised his finger and asked if they still needed his presence or if they wished to continue their talk along.  After getting no response from either he bussed his tray and left to his room.  The idea of being a test subject didn't really appeal to him, nor did the fact it could kill him.  Arriving in his room and popping a Gekiganger rom into his player he sat down.

His unobstructed view of his favorite anime lasted for a few minutes before his door chimed.

"Who is it?" he called from his side of the door, 'Probably that nut bar Captain.'

"It's Inez."

Shocked she made a public appearance Akito allowed her access to his room, "Is this about the tests?"

"Yes, Akito despite the danger it could help us immensely," she stated as she found a place to sit.

Running his hands through his hair, "I know, but I don't want to die, just like everybody else on this ship."

Taking his hand in hers, "The danger isn't as great as I may have made it seem, at least give it some thought please.  It could save many lives."

'Or it could destroy me," he thought as he nodded. "I'll think about it."

Realizing that would be the best answer she could hope for at the present time Inez retired to her room.  Akito now set about weighing his options.  He could risk his life in these tests or do nothing.  'I'm already piloting to save them, isn't that enough?  I could be a hero though.  I need some air.' 

To help clear his head he headed to the observation deck to cool his heels.  He arrived a few minutes later after taking several detours along the way to bypass Megumi, Yurika, and Ryoko.  Stretching out on the false grass he let out a large sigh. "It really is nice in this room…" he said to himself.

"Is it?" a female voice stated from his side.

Jumping from the shock and praying it wasn't one of his would-be girlfriends, Akito scanned for the origin of the voice.  "Ruri-chan, I didn't notice you in here."

Miss Hoshino nodded at him before saying, "I was under that impression as well."

Sitting up next to the young girl, "I never saw you in here before, taking a break?"

"I was forced to come here.  The captain believes I spend to much time on the bridge with Omoikane." Under her breath she added 'baka'.

"Have to admit I hardly see you outside of there myself.  It's not so bad is it?"

"It is nice, but why are you hear?" she said with a small smile on her face.

"I have a big question on my mind and hoped being here could help me with it," he said as he turned to face her.

"If you believe it would help, tell me what it is."

"I wouldn't want to burden you Ruri." He smiled at her thinking, 'and she's a little kid I don't know if she could help.'

As if reading his mind, "Do not disregard my opinion based on age, adults are idiots for that."

Rubbing the back of his head, "Sorry about that, I forget how mature you are sometimes."

Blushing softly under the compliment, "It is forgiven if you tell me the situation."

Nodding to the platinum haired tech, Akito told her of the proposed tests, the risks, and his feelings about it.  Ruri for her part kept silent while he told her about his worries and feelings.  When he finished she asked, "Where would you stand to gain the most?"

Thinking a few moments he replied, "I guess I could do more good if I underwent the tests."

Sensing she could help if she prodded more, "Why would that be 'more good?'

"It could help us win the war, and that would benefit everybody…"

'If the war ends, I'll be alone again,' Ruri fathomed and lowered her head.

Not noticing her change in demeanor Akito continued, "Everybody could go home and be with their families again and follow their dreams."

'Family…' the word struck her like a blow to the stomach, "What about those without family?"

Akito finally took notice of Ruri's change in composure, "Ruri, are you ok? Did I say something that offended you?" He put a hand on her shoulder, 'Great she tries to help me and I say something to upset her…poor girl knowing only war.'

Looking at him, "I have no family."

Confused he said, "Ruri…you have a family I took you to meet them."

"I don't know them…how can they be my family," her words coming out slowly and holding a bit of sadness I them.

"At least you have a family Ruri.  When I was your age I'd already lost mine and had to live in an orphanage."

'I have exposed to much of my feelings on this matter,' Ruri thought as she stood up, "I apologize for my outbreak, you are correct.  I will take my leave now."

Nodding to her he spoke before she left, "I'll do the tests.  If anything it will give me a few minutes peace from Inez and Erina."  In the back of his mind he thought, 'but how will I tell Yurika?  She goes ballistic whenever I'm in some sort of unnecessary danger.'

Ruri headed back to the bridge, feeling she followed the Captain's orders well enough, and Akito headed back to Inez's lab area to inform her of his willingness to participate in the tests.

On the bridge, Yurika was bored again. 'With no enemies to fight and the ship on auto-pilot, this place gets boring fast.' She surveyed the bridge for the umpteenth time noting Minato doing her nails, Megumi reading a manga, and Nagare sleeping on a chair.

Ruri re-entered the bridge and took her usual set in front of Omoikane's main interface node.

Looking down at the girl, "Ruri, I thought I asked you to take a break for awhile."

"I have done as you asked, Tenkawa-san can vouch for me," she said as she placed her hands on the control panel.

"Akito is at the observation deck! Great! Where is Jun when I need him to cover?" Yurika rambled enthusiastically as she made her plans to meet her beloved.

"He was at the observation deck.  He has left to inform  Fressange-san that he will assist in her boson jump tests."

Megumi raised her head, "He's going to help her, isn't that dangerous?"  She looked over at Ruri. Despite her falling out with him, Megumi's feelings clearing etched on her face.

As realization hit her, Yurika stepped into action and headed towards the Aestivalis hanger bay to put a stop to it.

Minato smiled, "Where's her heart on her sleeve…it's so cute isn't it Ruri-Ruri?"

Hoping to sidestep the conversation, "I'm only twelve, matters of grown-up affection is to vast for me."

Megumi and Minato raised they're eyebrows as images of her singing at the talent show replayed in their minds.  They made no further comments as Ruri had successfully linked to the ship's main computer and was lost in her own world.

"You lied to them Ruri."

"I did no such think Omoikane." Ruri mentally spoke to her friend.

The AI replied, "You forget that as my memory is open for your observation, yours is open to mine."

"I still fail to see any correlation between my memory and adult feelings."

Omoikane opened a vid-screen with Ruri singing.  "That was directed towards somebody."

Ruri blushed despite herself, "You wrote that song."

"I have feelings for him as well, a sense of great gratitude, he saved my sentience and protects us all from harm," it claimed as it shut down the vid-screen.

Getting desperate, "Can we stop this please?  I wish to work now."

Omoikane obliged it's master and opened the files requested, those of orphanages in the Utopia colony for the last fifteen years.  Sensing what was being sought the computer found and displayed what it thought she wanted to see.

The next few days flew by with extreme haste.  Yurika was hard set against allowing Akito to undergo the jump tests without a failsafe system to protect him.  Akito spent much of his time watching Gekiganger 3 in his room while attempting to avoid the girls, and their attempts to persuade him from the tests.

Finally after three days of bartering Inez formulated a failsafe that Yurika agreed was acceptable and the time of the first tests were set.  Upon learning about the failsafe right before the test, Akito was furious.

"How can you endanger two lives with this!" he all but screamed over the com-link in his Aesti.

Rubbing her ears Inez spoke, "She will be directly linked to you IFS so hypothetically whatever allows you to boson jump will allow her to as well."

Looking down at Ruri, "Did you even bother to ask her if she wanted to do this?"

Without even looking at him, "They did Tenkawa-san.  I agreed to act as the failsafe as I am most qualified."

Another vid-screen opened showing a very cheerful Yurika, "Isn't it great that we can trust Ruri-chan to keep you safe Akito dearest?"

After Yurika's declaration, Ruri thought, 'I do want to keep him safe…but why?'

Patting Ruri's head, Akito spoke, "Are you sure you want to risk this Ruri-chan?  I can still fly back to the hanger and drop you off."

Showing one of her seldom smiles Ruri shook her head, "It is safer this way."

Admitting defeat Akito relented and received the directions on how to instigate the jump.  Inez informed the duo that all they needed to do was focus on a place and the jump field would take care of the rest.  The entire ship wished them luck, Yurika blowing a kiss for luck to them, and a final count down was started.


Over his comm., "Deploying CC's"


Inez reported, "All signs green."



Ruri and Akito began to fidget nervously.




 Inez piped over the intercom again, "Picture your location now."

Erina crossed her fingers and prayed for success, 'If this works, my job is secure!'



Jun, viewing the computer read outs, commented, "Jump field opened."



Akito's body began to glow with strange signals and pictured the aft of the Nadesico.  Ruri looked up at Akito and a thought entered her mind, the distracting thoughts prevented her from noticing how now her body was glowing.  The Aestivalis disappeared.

Ruri opened her eyes and was shocked. She was no longer in the cockpit.  She looked around her new surroundings and called out, "Tenkawa-san, Tenkawa, Nadesico, Anyone?"  She received no response.  She attempted to calm herself as usual and noted her surroundings.  Red sand, a nanomachine cloud overhead, and Nergal buildings in the distance.  Then it dawned on her, she was on Mars, but a Mars untouched by the Jovian's.

The shock finally overwhelmed the young girl and she collapsed onto the barren Martian soil.

End Chapter 1


Sorry if Ruri seemed a bit OOC in this opening chapter but that is how I think she felt.

A young girl that has no real family, ( sperm doners don't count as family in my book) is threatened with the fact that she will be taken from those that do care for her.

This was set right before the memory mix-up when they were experimenting with jumping.  I think I have most of the spelling and terms correct but if not I'm sure reviewers will pounce upon them.

The premise is set and I plan to continue, hope you enjoyed this so far.

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