I know you want an update, but I've been busy with job-hunting and other activities that are going around my life so yeah, this is something that you should hear, I'm taking part of it for obvious reasons so yeah, I'll hopefully have time tomorrow to work on some stories, but I don't know when I'll upload a chapter, worst case scenario will be after the beginning of July, best case will be next week at some point. Anyway, enjoy the small report I have to paste in this again for the same reason as last time.

Again, sorry about no updates.

So on June 23rd, there will be an official Black Out. Authors will not log in,
read, or review stories. Those who do not have accounts are also affected by FF's decisions too. Please participate and spread the news! If enough authors take part in this event, FF will know we mean business. Also, if anybody has any information on when this purging on M-rated fics will be please contact me. I would like to know in advance.!
copy and pate this into your story updates, communities and forums thanks!