My Eternal Curse

By Mara456

Rating: PG (subject to change)

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters that are recognizable in this story. I only own the plot and my own original characters. I don't make any money off of this so please don't sue me.

Description: Ginny thought she was free of Tom Riddle forever… only to discover that he never really left. Now she must confront him and her own worst fears before it's too late. But how do you fight an enemy that knows you better than you know yourself?

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A/N: I don't like writing authors notes so you probably wont see them very often. I'd like to thank Panda_1999 for doing such a great job beta reading my story so far. If you like the story please review and I'll continue it. This is the first full-fledged fanfic I've ever written beyond my poetry so please go easy on the criticism. This chapter is from Ginnys POV.

Chapter One


As I walk through Hogwarts' grounds at night my thoughts return to him, once again. When we first met he was so sympathetic, and kind. God! How could I have been so blind? I should have somehow seen or known that it was all just for show. To get me to let down my guard enough, to let him into my life. But I was too lonely, stupid, and trusting to see the truth. I know now that… that was no excuse.

Back when all of this began the only ones I had at Hogwarts to talk to were my big brothers, and they were no help. I had no friends to confide in, there was no one who could understand. I felt like I was completely on my own… till Tom Riddle entered my life. He was calm, caring, everything I could ever want. We quickly became so close. He became my shoulder to cry on whenever I needed it. A soul to confide my deepest darkest secrets with. Unfortunately for me, the first and last person I trusted that much.

Whenever we were together all of my pain and fears just disappeared. I gave him all of my thoughts, my dreams, and poured out my soul. In return, he was my friend whenever I needed to talk. My voice of reason when I needed it the most… that, and so much more it seems. To this day I find that the bond we had shared in the good times is still difficult to describe, but there is one thing I can put into words with absolute ease. When we were still friends he meant the whole world to me. There were even moments before everything went so horribly wrong that I thought I could feel him somewhere in the back of my mind, quietly reassuring me that everything was fine.

But nothing was ever as it seemed with him, and my world slowly crumbled beneath my feet, piece by piece. I started having blackouts, and awoke having no idea where I'd been. At first Tom allayed my fears and suspicions. When things slowly got worse I finally began to see the truth. That he was the Heir to Slytherin, a monster within. At that point I thought I was in too deep to seek help from the Hogwarts staff, so I tried to handle things myself. Well… you saw how well that worked out.

For the briefest of times I thought I was free of him at last. Only to see my old crush Harry Potter with "The Diary" in his hands. I panicked when I saw that it was back. I couldn't risk any further exposure. If the diary blabbed all of my secrets, then I was doomed. So I waited till the dorm had emptied out and stole the bloody thing back, ending up back at square one. Trapped in a downward spiral I finally tried to seek help, but it was almost too late. Tom's talons were anchored so deep in my mind that I was losing myself.

Finally Tom decided to end it for me, once and for all. He forced the Ginny that everyone knew and loved into the Chamber of Secrets, never to return. I'm sorry to say that, in a way, the real Ginny Weasley died that day. The real Ginny was too weak to resist Lord Voldemorts powerful pull. Little Ginny… loving, and trusting to a fault was destroyed by the Dark Lord.

From the moment I awoke in that place I was never the same. At first I thought it was just the trauma I had endured. But with the slow passage of time I discovered that the changes that took place went far deeper then anyone had guessed. Every aspect in my life had been affected, from my personal tastes to my physical state. The worst change of all was in my heart. It had become so much more… dark. I felt like Tom had left a stain on my soul that I just couldn't get out. I realized that no matter how hard I tried, I could never be the same innocent girl that everyone knew.

Meanwhile, my family acted like I was made of glass. Always asking me if I was alright, or treating me like I was about to break down at any moment. I already felt like I could hardly breathe and their concern just made it all the worse. I decided that if I confided in them about my change, they would never give me the space I so desperately desired. So I pretended to be okay, and hid what I had become. They had bought it so completely that it was almost a shock. It hurt at first to use this charade, but after a while it seemed almost natural to me. As time passed my life seemed to regain some sanity at last…

But something happened just before my fifth year to cast a doubt… I was at Diagon Alley with my family, Hermione, and Harry. Tired of the others being my constant shadow I wondered into the Magical Menagerie for a few moments of peace. I knew better than anyone else just how edgy everyone had become after Voldemorts return, but the way they were acting was getting on my nerves. I went unnoticed as I traveled further in the store. I stopped when something had caught my eye. It was a long red and black snake, which looked oddly beautiful to me. I don't know why but I spoke to it aloud. To my surprise it answered, and I could understand! We ended up having a nice conversation, till mum found me and I had to leave. As I left the store the truth finally began to sink in. I was now Parseltounge, just as Tom Riddle had been. Somehow Riddle was with me still… more or less.

That day I had believed it to be only in part, little did I know what was really going on… Not long after that my blackouts, and dizzy spells returned in full force. It didn't take me long to realize the truth…

That monster never really died…

He was very much alive, and inside my mind…

I fear it is too late to seek assistance from anyone else, for he has blocked my every attempt. What he is after this time I do not know. This time only one thing is clear. No one will be able to save me from him or myself.

Tom Riddle is back, for better or worse…

My Eternal Curse