Time – 1500 hours, U.S.S Paradise, Captain's Quarters

Captain's Log: Stardate May 25, 2465, after going to Romulus for peace negotiations, which in my opinion went really well, considering that past relations between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire have been, how I can say this, they were at each others throats about to kill one another.

"Captain we're being hailed by Captain Riker, and he is asking to speak to you sir." Lt. Anderson said.

"Put the call through to my quarters and make the connection secure Mr. Anderson." Captain Shaw said.

"Yes Sir the connection is secured." Lt. Anderson said.

"Thank you Lt. Anderson." Captain Shaw said.

As the captain entered his ready room, he turned and looked at the wall and saw the picture of the Enterprise-D flying through space, and his mind went back to the first day he entered Starfleet. He also was reminded of the motto, "To boldly go where no one has gone before", the sound of the communications monitor brought him back to reality and the captain almost forgot that Captain Riker wanted to speak to him.

"Charles, it's good to see you again. Since the start of peace negotiations started we haven't had much time to talk to each other. So how are the peace negotiations going so far Charles?" Captain Riker said.

"Will, it's good to see you again. With the help of Ambassador Spock, the negotiations are over and done with." Captain Shaw said.

"How are they over with when it's only been several weeks since Shinzon's defeat in the neutral zone?" Captain Riker said.

"Let's just say after Dominion War, the Romulan Empire doesn't have much to argue with being our ally and considering the fact once we've become allies that we'll have to deal with an even greater threat." Captain Shaw said.

"Mhm, I see what your saying Charles but I want to talk in person as soon as possible regarding this threat." Captain Riker said.

"Yes of course, just signal us when your ready to beam over." Captain Shaw said.

There was the look of concern on Riker's face when his face disappeared off the screen, which gave Captain Shaw only one idea of what was about to go down when Riker beamed over.

"This is going to be our darkest hour and even our darkest battle yet to come upon us." Captain Shaw said quietly to himself.