Title: Chapter One: A New World

Author: TatsuyaGoldWolf123

Rating: T

Disclaimer:I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn or Fairy Tail. Neither do I own any characters, ideas, nor places and events associated with them.

Opening: Hitman Reborn X Fairy Tail in youtube (yes I have one)

A/N: This story happened before the 'Curse of the Rainbow Arc' and after the "Edolas" Arc.

-In a room with unknown where abouts-

"Reborn-san here are the results of the investigation." says the stout man, somewhat bold a wearing a tuxedo in an odd vehicle.

"Thanks Giannini … I knew it." said the child in a black tuxedo, with a red T-shirt underneath, with a yellow pacifier, and wearing a fedora hat with a green chameleon on it which apparently is named Reborn.

"If it continues at this pace the two worlds will collide." said Giannini with a worried face.

Reborn with an unhappy expression on his face said "Well there's no other choice …. Get ready Tsuna" in the last part reborn smiled.

After a couple of days we come to a place called Namimori Middle School.

Namimori Middle School.

Now we come to a scene where a teenage boy with spiky brown hair wearing the a black sweater vest and under that he was wearing a white long sleeves T-shirt, and a blue tie, he was also wearing grayish pants, whose name is Tsunayoshi Sawada or Tsuna for short, is in his room basically packing up his things.

"Judaime" said the silver haired teen wearing a long sleeve black T-shirt and under that is a white T-shirt and a blue tie, with grayish pants Tsuna.

"Yo, Tsuna" said the spicky black haired teen with a black sweater, under that is a T-shirt, with a blue tie, and wearing grayish pants as well.

"Oh, Yamamoto, Gokudera-kun" said Tsuna.

"So Tsuna you want to hang out" said Yamamoto.

"Don't talk like that with Juudaime Baseball-freak!" said Gokudera but Yamamoto responded with a laugh.

"Well ok-" Tsuna answered. Then Tsuna remembered something.

Flashback: About early in the morning before Tsuna gone to school.

"Ah Dame-Tsuna before you go I have something to tell you before you go" said Reborn.

"Yeah what's that? " asked Tsuna.

Reborn tilted his head forming a shadow on his face "If you don't come back early after school…." The chameleon on Reborn's head instantly turned into a green pistol"I think I might shoot you"

Tsuna without any choice agreed and went off.

End of flash back.

With a worried face Tsuna "Ughh, on second thought I have to refuse"

"Why?" asked Yamamoto.

"Reborn asked me to come home early" said Tsuna.

"What a shame, maybe next time Juudaime." said Gokudera.

"Ok I'm off" said Tsuna. Rushing of he ran through the school. He then passed by a Light brown short haired girl, wearing a black sweater vest, under that is a whit long sleeves and a red ribbon and a grey skirt.

"Oh Tsuna-kun" the girl said.

"Uh … Kyoko-chan" said Tsuna while jogging in place.

"Tsuna-kun would you want to go to a movie with me?" asked Kyoko.

"Going to the movies with Kyoko-chan" Tsuna's face was blushing while looking up, but he shuck his head, and answered "Sorry Kyoko-chan but I have to go home immediately"

"Oh, if that's the case don't let me keep you … see you Tsuna-kun" said Kyoko and leaving the scene.

"Darn that reborn, making me go home immediately after school, and just when I was invited by Kyoko-chan" said Tsuna then he con tinued to run. While running he shouted "Darn you Reborn!"

So Tsuna was able to go home quite fast.

-Tsuna's House-

Tsuna then opened the door and entered his of house and was greeted by his mother.

"Welcome back Tsu-kun" said Tsuna's mother in an apron.

"Welcome back Tsuna" a small Chinese girl said, while bowing.

"Hahaha Tsuna play with me" said the five year old boy with an afro and wearing a cow suit.

"Sorry but I can't" said Tsuna, he took of his shoes then rushed to his room.

-Tsuna's house: Tsuna's Room-

"REBORN! What was so important for me to rush home after school?" said Tsuna after slamming the door of his room.

"Chaosu, Dame-Tsuna so how was school." said Reborn.

"Don't 'how was school me!'" said Tsuna angrily.

"Ok, but first change your clothes." said Reborn.

"Well ok." said Tsuna. After a few minutes, entering his own room Tsuna is now wearina a blue jacket, and light brown pants. "So I changed my clothes so now what…, huh?" Reborn thrown a back pack at Tsuna and he caught it "What's this backpack for … and why are there clothes in here?" asked Tsuna in a nervous voice.

"You'll see, Giannini" said Reborn. Then Giannini came in with a giant pod like machine.

"Hello 10th" said Giannini.

"Oh hello Gianni-"by then Tsuna was kicked from behind by Reborn "Gahhh" expressed by Tsuna. Tsuna was kicked in the unknown machine. "Awww, Reborn what is this "said Tsuna as a glass sheet covered the entrance of the machine.

"Start the machine" said Reborn.

"Sorry 10th" said by Giannini while pressing the button.

"Reborn! Reborn what is this, Reborn!" exclaimed by Tsuna as the pod filled with smoke "Reborn!"

"…. It's for your training Dame-Tsuna" said Reborn before the pod filled up with smoke.

"Training!" said Tsuna. After awhile the smoke cleared.


"Where 'cough 'the 'cough' heck am I" said Tsuna. When Tsuna stopped and observed his surroundings he noticed that he was floating in the air about cloud level but not for long because he then plummeted to the ground, knowing that he'll die if he didn't go in HDW mode. So he quickly searched himself but couldn't find his pills or his gloves.

"HIIIIIIIII!" Tsuna shouted "Come on where is it" said Tsuna with a worried voice searched for his gloves and pills. He then noticed that he was going to land in a dessert but that didn't help much so he desperately looked for his gloves and pills and by then he was to late he then crashed on the ground with a big puff of smoke and a large crater in the sand Tsuna opened his eyes.

"What? I'm alive? I'm alive, Yahooo!" shouted Tsuna while hands in the air with joy. But when he looked behind he now knows why he survived. A giant jelly like monster rose up in the center of the crater looking very angry because something crashed into it.

Tsuna then ran for his life grabbing his backpack on the way."HIIIIIII! What the heck is this?" Tsuna ran and ran until he lost it "Huf, huf, what was that thing Reborn what did you put me up to now?" Tsuna then looked at the content of the backpack that Reborn gave him and behold his pills and mittens were there. Then Tsuna then noticed a note attached to his mittens.

Dear Dame-Tsuna

If you are reading this you must be alive. So you must have noticed by now you're in a different place but actually you're in a different world. This is part of your training, to survive in this new environment for a few days. If you're going to try to come back before your training is over you can't for two reasons, if you happened to return I will personally make your life miserable and unfortunately Ganini hasn't made a device that brings you back so you're stuck there. Your guardians may or may not join you soon. So that's all good luck to you Dame-Tsuna.

See ya


Ps: Don't let the locals know you're from mafia and Vongola ok.

"Hey what do you mean new world…. sigh" said Tsuna. Knowing that nothing could come out from shouting at a note then took the shoes that were in the backpack and started walking out of the dessert. He walked and walked which seemed like days. He traveled in a straight line across the desert. He almost fainted, but for a dessert it was actually quite cool. When it was night time Tsuna just slept on the ground even though he known in night desserts were very cold but here it was somewhat worm. But when he woke up in the morning he continued to walk.

Until he stumbled upon a forest he then sighed again and went in. In that forest Tsuna saw weird plants and animals that he never seen before and Tsuna thought "Where the heck am I" After hours of walking Tsuna then noticed a camp and some people talking, so he snuck up behind a tree drooling over the food since he didn't eat for quite some time now Tsuna observed them.

He noticed that there was a blue cat with a green pack that was talking actual words. Tsuna was in shock, he then noticed a spiky dark blue almost black haired guy with no shirt on or any pants just black boxers. Tsuna then turned and saw a blond girl with long hair and part of that hair was tied up in a pony tail with a blue ribbon, she was wearing a sleeveless white shirt with a blue cross, and she wore a blue skirt an black long boots, and right beside her was a teen with pink to rose colored hair wearing an open black vest, with a matching black cloth on his waist, and white pants. He also wore a white scarf with a scaly pattern. All of them had a strange marking on parts of their body that looked like a wing.

The pink haired teen then lights his hand on fire. Tsuna was amazed he taught only Xanxus was the only one who could do that. Then the Teen thrown the fire or now is a fireball at the tree that Tsuna. Tsuna then backed up and fell because of the shock.

"Hey who are, and why are you spying on us" said the pink haired teen.

"F-fire! How can he do that" iswhat Tsuna said in his mind.

"I said why are you spying?" shouted the pink haired teen. With fist covered with fire, he then jumped in the air and down hitting the ground in front of Tsuna making a small crater. Tsuna made a scared face then ran for his life.

"Hey, hey come back" said the pink haired teen while chasing after Tsuna.

Tsuna ran and ran dodging the mystery boy's blows, left to right. From the corner of his eye he saw small explosions. He also saw the pink haired teen making them, jumping around with a clenched fist cover to what Tsuna presumed to be flames

"HIIIIII!" Tsuna then ran even faster.

"Come back here!" said the teen.

Until a big explosion that sent Tsuna flying to an open field. He landed at the far side of the field. Tsuna then stood up and faced the teen.

"So you done running away now" said the pink haired boy while smashing his fist to his hand.

Knowing he had no other choice than to fight he put on his mittens and earphones, swallowed his pills and gone to HDW mode. His mittens turned into red gloves with the 10th genaration Vongola symbol on the backhand of his gauntlets and a red ring is attached to his leg thigh muscle and is link to his belt with a chain, with rings of text circling around him but soon disappeared, his hands enveloped in orange sky flames and so does his forehead. He then faced the pink haired teen.

"So you serious now huh?" said the teen

What will happen to Tsuna now? Who will win this fight the 10th Vongola boss or the pink haired teen? Find out next time.

Chapter One End