Title: Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Truth

Author: TatsuyaGoldWolf123

Rating: T

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-Magnolia: Fairy Tail-

We see everyone as they continued to party, but then all of a sudden they turned towards the door as it suddenly opened to reveal Carla and Wendy. "Mina, I have some bad news" said Carla as she held up the seemingly crumpled piece of paper.

"Huh?" said Natsu as he was looking at Carla and was with Gray, Lucy, Erza, and Happy.

Sometime later-

We see Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Wendy, and Happy all sitting down together all looking depress and mad. "Damn it" said Natsu angrily as he slammed his fist on the table. "It can't be" he said.

"But it's true, it's stated in this letter that I found in Tsuna's room and it's specifically advised to Tsuna" said Carla.

"That doesn't mean anything!" said Natsu angrily as he turned towards Carla.

"It can't be …" said Lucy as she cried.

"Tsuna …" said Gray as he looked mad.

"Mina-san…" said Wendy as she looked worried for everyone.

"I just can't believe it!" shouted Natsu as he stood up.

"Natsu" said Lucy, Gray and Happy as they look to Natsu.

"Natsu-san" said Wendy simultaneously with the others.

"Tsuna couldn't be the one who was sent here, it's impossible" said Natsu angrily.

"But this letter says-" said Carla as she was interrupted by Natsu.

"Don't give me that bullshit" said Natsu.

"Hah!" said Carla as she was shocked.

"You're saying that the Tsuna we laughed with, we played with, we ate with, we fought with, and the Tsuna we had fun with was the one who was sent here to destroy our world?! He and his friends" said Natsu.

"But …" said Carla as she stepped back.

"Enough" said Erza, and then the whole lot turned to see that Erza was walking to them.

"Erza" said everyone.

"I've told the situation to Master" said Erza as she stood next to Wendy.

"Hey Erza, you think that this whole thing is a mistake right, you don't think that Tsuna's the guy that were looking for right" said Natsu.

"…" said Erza as she shifted her eyes to the side.

"Right …" said Natsu.

"Well I also think Tsuna's-" said Erza as she straightened her face, then we see her being pushed into the wall by Natsu as he was very angry.

"Don't tell me you think so too!" said Natsu as he was angry as he's pushing Erza.

"Natsu" said Lucy as she and the rest stood up in surprise.

"I know what you're getting at Natsu, and I understand that you're mad but calm down" said Erza as she shouted at the end.

"Grr" said Natsu as he backed off and sat down.

"I've personally did some research on Tsuna and his friends and found only one conclusion" said Erza as she crossed her arms.

"One conclusion?" said Lucy as she listened carefully.

"Is that they don't exist!" said Erza.

"Huh!?" said everyone aside from Erza.

"Do you remember where Tsuna lived when we met him" said Erza.

"Yeah as I recall Tsuna lived in Clover town" said Lucy.

"Yes, and presumably his friends lived there too, but when I got there and asked around and I discovered that no one knows anything about them, normally even one or two people would know them but none, and then when I further researched then is as if no one live there" said Erza.

"Imposible" said Gray.

"That can't be" said Wendy, we also see that Natsu was speechless.

"Then that proves my suspicions as well, that Tsuna is the perpetrator" said Carla.

"Tsuna-san …" said Wendy, and then we see that Natsu looked angry with the anime shadowed upper face.

"Natsu" said Lucy as she turned to Natsu then the rest followed.

"Natsu I know what you're feeling right now-" said Erza as she was interrupted by Natsu as he stood up.

"…" said Natsu as he stands quietly, and then he turned to the others. "Let's go get him then" he said as he had a smile.

"Huh" said the others.

"We can't say for certain why Tsuna was sent here to destroy our world, but one thing's for certain we won't get any answers sitting down on our butts so let's go ask him and find out for ourselves!" said Natsu.

"Natsu" said both Gray and Lucy.

"We need to know what's really happening and go out there and grasp the truth for ourselves" said Natsu.

"Well said Natsu" said Erza.

"Then let's go find them!" shouted Natsu as he raised his fist in the air.

"Let us come as well" said Juvia as the team then turned to see that Juvia and Gajeel standing together.

"Juvia" said Gray.

"We want to know as well, we want to know why it was Tsuna" said Juvia as she placed her hand on her chest.

"Don't get the wrong idea, I just want to give that Lambo-kid a little lesson ok!" said Gajeel.

"Ok you can come too" said Natsu as he smiled, and then he faced towards the main door. "Iku Mina" he said.

Meanwhile somewhere else-

-Some castle somewhere in Fiore: Throne Room-

We see the dark catle throne room as a man sat on the big throne. "Hehehe … Hahahahahaha, Mwahahahaha!" said the man as he laughed evilly.

"Hora hora, what was the joke? I didn't quite hear it" said a woman with a coat over lined with red as she had short red hair and appeared beside a pillar in the distance.

"Oh it's you, it's nothing much, just the fact that were so close to our goal and those pathetic guilds don't know anything" said the man on the throne.

"Hehe, yeah I know, but maybe I can pull of a little shopping before that" said the woman with a coat over lined with red with short red hair.

"What are you saying we aren't on a shopping, we have one goal and that is to kill" said a teen with a coat over lined with blue as some blue hair can be seen.

"Man you're a cold little boy aren't you" said the red head woman.

"Your one to talk about little" said the blue haired boy.

"Are you two fighting" said a man with a coat over lined with violet as he appeared at the opposite set of pillars.

"Come on now were all allies here right" said a teen with a coat over lined with green as brown hair peeked out the hood. He appeared next to the man.

"Will you people stop this you're in front of the boss" said a teen girl with a coat over lined with light violet as curly purplish pink hair peaked out the hood. She entered with a rather buff man also with a coat over lined with yellow as blonde hair peaked out the hood.

"Yes have some respect for the boss" said the blond man.

"Yeah, yeah" said the brown haired teen.

"So hey how's that Mad Clown doing? What did you do" asked the red haired woman.

"Nothing, absolutely nothing, I just let him be captured by those royal guards" said the pink-violet haired woman.

"Well he deserved it" said

"All of you, you don't need to fight amongst yourselves while our goal is nearing completion" said the man on the throne.

"Hai" said everyone.

"Now come" said the man on the throne then we see the six walk towards the man and stopped in front of the man. Then they all simultaneously kneeled on one knee and the man on the throne stood up. "We are all in the final steps of the plan and nearing completion, but we should take every precaution to make sure it succeeds, so we must do everything in our power to achieve it, we must destroy, crush, devour, and annihilate everything and everyone that gets in our way, we must kill, kill, kill and relish in their defeat, so there is one thing I'm going to ask you who are we?" said the man as he gestured evilly. Then we change to the view to the six kneeling but we also see that in the darkness behind them there were red eyes that were open and showed figures of humans.

"We are the dark guild Chaos Exodus!" shouted all of the guild members.

"Yes now let's pillage my fellow demons" said the man.

Meanwhile with Tsuna's team-

-Fiore: Some forest outside Magnolia-

We see that the team, Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Enma, Ryohei, Chrome, Lambo, Mukuro, and Hibari as they walked through the thick forest as Tsuna was leading the group in front limping because of his leg. "Oy Sawada where are we going?" asked Ryohei.

"Why are we walking so far?" said Hibari as he looked mad.

"Vongola what are you up to" said Mukuro as he also looked mad also, but Tsuna didn't give any response and just kept.

"Will you just be quite, all of you" said Gokudera as he turned to face the people behind him and then turned towards Tsuna. "Juudaime" he said in concern.

"…" said Tsuna as he had his upper face shadowed anime style.

"Wahh, Lambo-san's tired, Lambo-san's hungry ne~" sad Lambo as he walked weakly, then he turned towards Tsuna. "Tsuna …" he said.

"Will you shut up Aho-shi" said Gokudera as he turned towards Lambo angrily.

"Hehe, make me Bakadera!" said Lambo as he turned around and spanked his but in front of Gokudera.

"Why you!" said Gokudera as he looked angry.

"Maa maa, you two shouldn't fight here, right Tsuna" said Yamamoto as he turned towards Tsuna but Tsuna didn't have any response.

"Here Lambo I'll carry you" said Enma as he then picked up Lambo and held him. "Hey Gokudera what's wrong with Tsuna-kun?" he asked as he turned towards Gokudera and the two of them paused.

"I don't know, Juudaime has been like that ever since he got back" said Gokudera as he stared at Tsuna as Tsuna kept moving forward.

"What are you two doing? Stop dwindling around and lets go" said Tsuna as he stopped walking and turned around.

"Hai" said both Gokudera and Enma as they then continued walking, and so did Tsuna.

"Why … why … why!" shouted Tsuna in his mind.

Meanwhile with Natsu and the rest-

We see Natsu and the rest as they were running through the forest. "Tsuna … I'll catch you" said Natsu in his mind as he ran.

The story has now come to it's breaking point. What will Tsuna do now? And another what will Natsu do? Two teams two friends who will prevail? Tune in and find out.

Chapter Thirty-Eight End

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