Title: Chapter Forty-one: The Misty World

Author: TatsuyaGoldWolf123

Rating: T

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-Fiore: Some forest near Magnolia-

"Cambio-" said Mukuro.

"Wait is he doing what I think he's doing" said Loke as he looked worried.

"Forma" continued Mukuro as he was then surrounded by light. When the light disappeared we see Mukuro with his coat changed and having a khakkhara surrounded by rings of texts but slowly disappeared. "Now time to get serious" he said.

"So that's his weapon, a staff" said Loki as he looked a little worried.

"Come at me" said Mukuro.

"Ok, I'll go with your plan" said Loki as his fists was surrounded with light and then launched at him.

"Kufufu, time have some fun" said Mukuro as he and Loke was enveloped with black mist.

Meanwhile with Lucy and Chrome-

We see the two as they were serious in what they were doing. "I need to get out of here, Loki needs me" said Lucy as she reached to her keys. "I have one chance!" she said as she slowly reached her keys, but Chrome sensed this and turned to Lucy.

"I won't allow it" said Chrome.

"Chrome I have to get out of here" said Lucy.

"But Mukuro-sama said to prevent you from interfering, so I won't let you out" said Chrome.

"Why are you following that guy" said Lucy.

"Because he saved my life" said Chrome as Lucy looked shocked. "I had an accident which caused me to lose some of my organs, I needed to have a transplant but even my parents didn't show any compassion, but when I was at the brink of death he saved me by creating organs with his illusions, so I owe my life to him!" she said.

"Chrome…" said Lucy.

"Hahhh!" shouted Chrome as the ground cracked and pillars of fire came out.

"Ahh!" shouted Lucy as the illusion was getting to her. "I didn't … know that Chrome had a sad past … but I won't allow our world to be destroyed!" she said.

"Huh?" said Chrome as she looked confused.

"Hahh! Fleuve d'etioles!" said Lucy as she hit Chrome.

"Ough" said Chrome as she was hit. She then fell and the barrier was lost.

"Sorry Chrome, but I need to do this" said Lucy as she dashed off.

"… Mukuro-sama" said Chrome as her voice was heard by Mukuro.

Meanwhile with Mukuro-

We see that Mukuro realized Chrome went down. "Chrome … I see, with her coming this battle will be more fun" said Mukuro as we see that Loki' was at the center of a place where it was covered with black.

"What is thi place? Another one of your illussions? I thought you said you'll fight me seriously" said Loki.

"No, no, no" said Mukuro's voice as he appeared in front of Loki. "As you can see I'm right in front of you" he said.

"Then I guess the battle begins" said Loki as he started gathering energy. "By the power of Regulus … Regulus Impact!" he shouted as he sent a massive amount of energy at Mukuro in the form of a lion.

"Kufufu, hmph" said Mukuro as his eye changed it's number as started to emit Mist flames. Then an explosion occurred and we see Mukuro jumping out of it unharmed.

"He managed to dodge that!?" said Loki as we then see Mukuro landing on some invisible wall.

"Now for the counter attack" said Mukuro as he leeped off the invisible wall and lauched to Loki.

"Hah!" said Loki as he covered his arms with magic and guarded the attack from Mukuro's staff. "How did you do that!" he said as he was face to face with Mukuro.

"Things aren't as they seem" said Mukuro as we see the things that were hanging on the staff start to elongate.

"Huh!?" said Loki as he almost sensed what was going to happen. Then we see that the hanging objects grew and peirced everything in it's path. But Loki dodged it and jumped back. "He seems to have increased in power, and the way he jumped at me … right we must still be in the forest so this field must be hidding the trees and bushes from my sight, I have to be more carefull" he said in his mind.

"I see that you noticed" said Mukuro.

"I can guess what your thinking about now, so I expected that much from you" said Loki.

"Kufufufu, your making this more interesting, but can you really preddict what I'm thinking!" shouted Mukuro as he swiped his staff the ground burst into pillars of flames came out.

"Hah!" shouted Loki as he dodged the piller near him. "I won't be fooled by these illusions!" he shouted as he ran through the pillars.

"That wont work" said Mukuro as we see Loki going through a pillar.

"Geh!" said Loki as he stopped midway.

"Don't forget about the trees" said Mukuro as he looked all smug.

"Crap I forgot" said Loki.

"You can never know what's the truth and what is lies" said Mukuro.

"This guys is getting on my nerves" said Loki as he then ran to Mukuro, dodging the tree, with his fist covered with power. He then gave a flurry of punches to Mukuro. "So why are you doing this!?" he said.

"Why? Because I want to settle this fight between the two of us" said Mukuro as he both blocked and attack at the same time.

"Not that! Why did you come here to destroy this world" said Loki.

"Kufufu, I don't know what you mean" said Mukuro.

"I mean what I said, hah!" shouted Loki as the two broke from their battle. "What's your reason for destroying our world" he shouted.

"And as I said I don't know what your talking about" said Mukuro keeping it cool.

"Why doesn't he know what I'm talking about?" said Loki in his mind

"What is this guy talking about? Destroying worlds?" said Mukuro in his mind

"But there's one thing certain" said Loki in his mind.

"Only one thing" said Mukuro in his mind.

"I must win to know" said both of them in their minds.

Meanwile with Lucy-

We see that Lucy was running through the forest. "Loki! Loki!" shouted Lucy again and again.

Back to Loki and Mukuro-

We see the two as they had an intense stare off. "Loki!" sounded Lucy's voice.

"Lucy!" said Loki as he turned to the spot where Lucy's voice was.

"Heh" said Mukuro as he then took the chance and wrapped Loki in vines.

"What the!?" shouted Loki as he struggles.

"It's pointless to struggle, because this is the end" said Mukuro as he tapped the end of his staff to the ground. Then dozens of eyes appeared and had Mukuro's numeric eyes on them.

"Huh!" said Loki.

"Now tell me everything you know" said Mukuro as the eyes started to glow.

"Crap this doesn't look good" said Loki as the eyes glows brighter.

"Kufufufu…" said Mukuro as then he was hit from behind. Then the illusion broke clearing the field and revealing the forest. Even the vines that were binding Loki disapeared.

"I won't let you" said Lucy as we see her with her star whip.

"Lucy" said Loki.

"I can't believe it she actually saw through my illusions, she's a unique breed" said Mukuro as he looked at Lucy.

"Loki are you alright" said Lucy as we see her running next to Loki.

"Mukuro-sama" said Chrome as we see her running, we then see her by Mukuro.

"Nagi" said Mukuro.

"Lucy, did anything happen to you?" asked Loki.

"Nothing Loki I was worried about you fighting Mukuro" said Lucy.

"You saved me there, but right now it's going to be tough" said Loki as the two turned to Mukuro and Chrome. "Now there's two illussionists in front of us, and added that Mukuro is already tough by himself" he said.

"Let's go Nagi, by beating them we can get some answers" said Mukuro.

"Hmm" said Chrome as she had a doubting tone, she then tightened her grip on her staff.

"Lucy get ready" said Loki.

"Yes" said Lucy as she held her whip tighter.

"Hah!" shouted Mukuro as he launched a Loki with his eye flaming with mist.

"Hmph!" shouted Loki as he lanched at Mukuro. Then we see them clash, pushing pack their weapons. Then the two separate and start battling leaving the two girls behind.

"Chrome I want to ask you something, aside from Mukuro, why is Tsuna doing this!? Why is he here to destroy this world of ours" she said.

"I don't know what you're saying, destroying worlds and all, but I know one thing boss will be boss and I won't let you bad mouth him!" shouted Chrome.

"Chrome …" said Lucy as she then looked serious and redied her weapon.

"I'm the Mist Guardian of the Vongola Family, and I'm going to fight you!" said Chrome as she charged at Lucy.

"Damn it" said Lucy as she also charged to Chrome. We then see the two as they clashed their weapons.

"Gah!" said Lucy as she was hit by Chrome's trident.

"Uwah!" said Chrome as she was hit by Lucy's whip. Then we see a teen girl with a coat over lined with light violet as curly purplish pink hair peaked out the hood behind a tree.

"Fufufu" said the girl as she fades away into the dark.

Meanwhile back at Fairy Tail-

-Magnolia: Fairy Tail-

We see that everyone in Fairy as they had a sad aura around them all. "Did I hear it true about Tsuna-nii" said Romeo as he came in to the guild through the main door.

"Calm down Romeo" said Macao.

"Yes, we heard it from Master" said Levy as she came into the scene.

"But that can't be true" said Romeo.

"We can't say for sure" said Makarov as we then see him walking to the group. "It's all up to Natsu now" he said as everyone looked worried.

Meanwhile Back with Lucy-

-Fiore: Some forest near Magnolia-

We see that the team changed venue from earlier, basically . "Ahh" said Lucy as she stepped back

"Lucy!" shouted Loki as he turned to Lucy, and then we see Mukuro.

"Focus on your opponent" said Mukuro

"Chrome's a good illusionist I can't hit her since she makes those illusions" said Lucy as she then shuddered. "This is going nowhere-" she said stepped back. She then lost her footing and fell of the cliff

"Ahh!" shouted Lucy as she then walked of the ledge. She then fell off the cliff.

"Lucy!" shouted Loki as he was shock.

"Huh…" said Chrome as she looked scared.

"Why? Why are we fighting? What's the reason?" said Lucy in his mind as she was falling.

"LUCY!" shouted Chrome as she was at the ledge trying to reach Lucy

"Chrome … that's right she's has a reason to fight; she's fighting for Tsuna and Mukuro" said Lucy as she was staring at Chrome. "That means I have to fight too" she said as we then see Lucy's whip latch on a branch on a nearby tree. Then she swung back up and landed in front of Chrome. "And that means I need to win" she said.

Meanwhile back with Natsu and the rest-

We see that the team as they were running through the forest. "Hey wait!" said Erza as she stopped, and so did the team.

"Why are we stopping Erza?" asked Gray.

"Let's split into two teams" said Erza.

"Ehh, splitting up at this time, what are you thinking Erza" said Natsu.

"Listen, if we go as a group we'll be spotted easily by the others, that time with Mukuro shouldn't happen again" said Erza.

"But Erza-" said Wendy.

"Are you disobeying one of my orders" shouted Erza.

"Ehhh" said Wendy as she looked scared.

"It might not so sure about the splitting up thing but let's do it, if it gets us closer to Tsuna the better" said Natsu.

"Agreed" said Grey.

"Ok, if any of you find Tsuna before the others, give a signal to alert the rest" said Erza.

"Right" said everyone as they then ran in different directions. As the rest were out of sight slowly Erza activated her magic, one of her magic blades began to appear in one of her hands. With the transfer complete, her normal and well used sword appeared and was griped tightly. She then slowly turned around.

"You can come out now" shouted Erza as she had a serious look on her face. Slowly we hear footsteps in the leaves as we slowly see a figure. As the light slowly revealed it was Hibari Kyouya with Roll and Hibird on both of his shoulders.

"So you sensed my presence" said Kyouya.

"Yes, and I sent my friends away so that they won't get involved in this battle" said Erza as she pointed her blade at Kyouya. Kyouya then readied his tonfas. Hibird then flew off and Roll form its floating spike balls. The two off them had a stare off that only powerful people have, but with one dropping leaf landing on the ground.

"Now!" said the two as they lunged at each other.

Meanwhile back with Lucy-

We see that the four were having a stare off, but it was a one-sided battle with Mukuro winning. Both Lucy and Loke were badly bruised and also Chrome too. It was almost over and it was clear who would win. "Lucy looks like we're done here" said Loke.

"Yeah" said Lucy.

"You should run" said Loke.

"No, I'm staying till the end, we're here to win this fight no matter what, we need the intel on what's happening with Tsuna" said Lucy as she readied her whip.

"Lucy … My dear I'll be happy to fight with you" said Loke as his fists glew.

"Hah, it seems that you two are ready to fight again" said Mukuro as he readied himself too.

"…." sounded as the group as silence grew.

"…Hey Lucy, that speech you had was very inspirational, it made me cry a river inside me" said Loke silently to Lucy.

"Will you stop it with your flirting! This is not the time for that-" said Lucy as she had an epiphany. It was like lightning struck her mind. "Of course! Why haven't I tried that before!" she said with glee.

"Um Lucy … What are you talking about?" said Loke as he looked confused.

"Just trust me here an follow my lead" said Lucy as she then ran.

"Ok you got the plan" said Loke as he ran with Lucy. The two ran into the forest as the two illusionist saw what happened.

"Where do you think you're going" said Mukuro as he quickly turned to Chrome. "Let's go Nagi"

"Hai" said Chrome as the two followed. The four were having a chase as Lucy continuously looked around. They ran through the trees with the two pineapple heads following.

"There!" shouted Lucy as she ran into another clearing.

"So you just made us run to another clearing, I got to say I 'm disappointed" said Mukuro.

"No, I know the fact that your illusions are good, and you can also make illusions of yourselves to through us off, so there's only one thing I can do for this" said Lucy.

"So what are you going to do? Stand in that puddle" said Mukuro as he jokingly pointed the puddle.

"Puddle…" said Loke as he turned to the puddle.

"Why yes, this puddle-" said Lucy as she pulled out one of her keys.

"Lucy you don't mean-" said Loke as he looked surprised.

"-Is going to be the key to success!" shouted Lucy as she dipped the key in the puddle. "Gate of the Water Bearer I open thee! Aquarius!" she shouted as she summoned one of her spirits. A blue haired mermaid appeared through the light. She had a golden adornment on her head and her tail was blue, while she was holding a blue jar. "Ok Aquarius, go get them" said Lucy as she pointed to the two.

"…" said the woman mermaid called Aquarius with a unimpressed look. Loke, Mukuro, and Chrome looked confused.

"Ugh, Aquarius-" said Lucy.

"Is that the way you should ask for favors huh, I bet you can't get a girlfriend because of that" said Aquarius.

"Oh come on we've been over this! Will you please use your power one more time Aquarius" said Lucy pleadingly.

"Kufufu another one of those spirit things" said Mukuro.

"Fine I'll do it, but it isn't because you asked" said Aquarius.

"Why you!" said Lucy.

"Oh no" said Loke.

"HERE IT COMES!" shouted Aquarius as the jar overflowed with water.

"What in the world-" said Mukuro as his feet was engulfed in the flood. But eventually he was then taken in by the water as his whole body.

"Ahhh!" shouted Chrome as she was flooded.

"Ough" said Loke as he was also not spared. As we zoom out from the forest we see that the part of it where Mukuro, Chrome, Loke and Lucy were was in a whirlpool of water.

"I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!" shouted Lucy as we see her in the water.

A flood of emotions have gone through the forest battlefield. The fight was over and the victor goes the spoils, next chapter the fight continues, but who will be fighting. Tune in and find out.

Chapter Fourty-One End