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Not even in hell,' said the jade eye girl to her best friend. She would threw her life on to a moving train, drank a glass full of poison or even jumped from the top of the building if her friend asked her to. But this time she is not going to comply to his request easily.

Mikage looked at Teito with a tearful eye and put on his puppy face and kneeled on his knees in front of her to add the dramatic effect.

'Aww, pleaseeee! I don't have any other friend that is a girl other than you and I'll bet you look terrific in a dress and I'll do your chores and buy you melon soda and lunches or even better, yakisoba for a month! Besides you don't have any other things to do on that day, don't you?'

'Why don't you go there by yourself? Its not like that's a bad thing to do,' suggested Teito to the guy who was following her around like a puppy and starting to annoy the hell out of her.

'Well, I did think of that but I don't think my family would approve of me going without a date since the invitation state so clearly to bring a date. So, to avoid that, please go with me to the ball, nee?' Mikage gave her a wink and smile goofyly at her.

'What part of the word NO that you don't understand? I don't want to go means I DON'T want to go. Besides, you know that I can't, I'm a SKLAVE and they are not being treated kindly at that type of party,' frustrated at her friend's persistence pleas, she wheeled towards the military's library to finish her report on the last mission. Being an optimistic person, Mikage stood up and quickly followed her.

'I'll prepare a disguise for you so nobody would recognize you~! 'Sides it's just for a day and we could dance and eat lots and lots of delicious food and have fun!' he tried to reason with her but of course only earned her famous cold glare which was the one of the top ten reasons why she doesn't have a lot of friends. But to Mikage, that glare was the number one reason why he started to hang out with her and eventually found out that the famous 'chairman's pet' is actually a girl. Not without a lot of hardship and bruises of course. When he first found out about her secret, he was almost beaten to death if he didn't proven himself to be trustworthy to her from the very first time they had met. Ever since then both of them were inseparable, from Mikage's point of view of course. But compared from the first time he met Teito, she's becoming warmer even if its only towards him. To other people she's still like ice, unapproachable and cold.


A blond hair guy with caramel colored eyes and a small 'X' scar on his right cheek stood in front of a room with the number 301 on the front door. A military style sling bag was draped on his shoulder and although its heavy, he carried it with ease as if it weight nothing thanks to all the hard work he had done to improve his stamina.

'Seems like this is my room,' looking at the paper given to him by the advisor, 'and I'll be sharing it with a guy name Teito… Klein. Wonder what type of person that everyone just so fussy about~' said Mikage good-humourly when he remembered some of his colleague's reaction when he asked some details on his new roommate.

'WHAT! You are rooming with THAT GUY!' stated one of Shuri's wingmen.

'Unbelievable, the higher up actually let the chairman's pet staying in the same room with the like of us' said another one of Shuri's wingmen.

'I heard about him! He's a sklave before and Miroku-sama trained him ever since he taken him under his wing!'

'I'm going to ask MY father to gain permission for a better accommodation since he is one of THE MOST important people in the military! This room is so below standard for someone as important as me,' said Shuri Oak with that arrogant tone and self-centered attitude of his.

'Buuuttt~~ if even this so called 'chairman's pet' is not having any extra attentions (a better room), I wonder what are the odd for you?' state Mikage happily to the papa-boy who seem to snap out of his own world.

'Mikage! I order you to stop making fun of me and pick up my bags!' said Shuri then point at his bags on the floor. (Yeah, people. He got TONs of bags.)

Mikage took one look at the mountains of bags and walk on the opposite direction of Shuri's bags and said 'We are all equal here and we all have our own burden to carry in our life. So… I'm off to look for my room! Jane~!'. After that, from afar Mikage could hear the sound of Shuri barking orders to his wingmen to carry his bag into his room. Mikage sighed and wondered when his childhood friend is going to learn.

Back to the room, Mikage opened the door and as he stepped into the room, a sight of a young teenager's back with the same sling bag as his greeted him. At the sound of Mikage's boot, the teenager turned around and what Mikage saw was totally unexpected. A small, delicate and beautiful face, a petite body which was shorter than him by a few inches, the soft looking short brunette hair and last but not least was the deep emerald colored eyes which seems to be looking into his very soul. But sadly a frown appeared around the brows, a pouting lip started to jut out and a bored looking eyes was starting to bore into Mikage's eyes as he been staring at the others eyes too long for anyone's liking.

Realizing his rudeness, Mikage cleared his throat and tried to make a good first impression on his newly met roommate.

Putting on a big smile, he said 'I'm Mikage! I'm so happy~ My roommate is not a stern guy~ *heart*!' No reaction and just more stares from the brunette. Thinking that the brunette is a foreign student, he gave a bear hug and said in a foreign language 'My name is Mikage! Nice to meet you! ' He got some reactions alright and that was a punch on the face!

'Don't suddenly grab me! I'm not a foreigner!' said Teito angrily as he was taken by surprise by the unexpected hug and expected a lot of scowl or even hatred directed toward him as he was bracing himself for it.

'It's a foreign country greeting! A hug! Don't you know that?' said Mikage while holding his injured cheek. At that question, Teito's eyes hardened and he gave him a cold look and state flatly 'No, I don't' then walked away from the confused Mikage.

*End flashback*

'Looks like I don't have any other options. I really don't want to do this but you left me with no other choices,' he said gravely behind Teito as they slipped into the library.

'Huh?' intrigued by her friend's sudden change in his voice she turned around just in time to see a picture of her sleeping peacefully on her bed with a small smile on her face and one of her hand curled which made her look like an angel praying.

'You… you took a picture of me while I was SLEEPING?'

'You wouldn't let me take when you're awake, so I figured that doesn't include while you were sleeping,' snickered Mikage while swaying the picture in front of Teito who was starting to let out her killing aura.

'Even a KID would know what that sentence actually imply on!', Teito tried to snatch the picture away from him but the difference in their height pretty much gave more advantages to Mikage. She loved to use Zaiphon to shred the picture at that moment but considering her aim was just to obtain the picture and although using Zaiphon is efficient but too flashy and attracting others to looked at them, she dismissed the thought.

The librarian from the counter shushed them and whispered to them sternly to keep quiet or she'll kick them out. Wanting to avoid any more attention that might lead to her secret being found out, she pulled Mikage out with her to the courtyard where they usually practices in their spare time.

After making sure they are out of hearing range so no one could hear what they are talking about, she turned around to look at Mikage who had been smiling his usual smile all the while she practically dragging him out of the library and dropped him (painfully) on the hard, cold and unforgiving ground.

'I'll give you two options whether you'll hand me the damn picture when I asked for it nicely or I'll take it by force. Either way, still the same result which ended up with me having it and you sprawling on the clinic floor wishing you had never even took it on the first place,' threatened Teito through a clenched teeth at Mikage who seem to be at a complete ease sitting at the base of the statue's seat completely indifferent toward the angry teenager in front of him.

'Now, now, Teito,' wiggling his forefinger in front of her face while smirking, 'you didn't think that I only have this picture of you taken, aren't ya?' Her already pale skin became even paler as comprehension started to sink.

'So… as I was saying before you completely declining my humble request, the ball is in 3 days at 8 o'clock at the Barsburg Hall and there I will give you all the pictures and film! I'll give you a dress and of course a disguise so that nobody will recognize you! Just trust me, you won't regret this later on!'

'GRRRR….! Give me 3 reasons why I shouldn't kill you and have all those embarrassing things NOW,' zaiphon started to form around her hand and the blond haired teenagers started to sweat and a bit worried on what was going to happen to his life.

'Alright! Alright! Sheesh~ Are you having your period or something? Just curious coz you've been touchy much this whole week,' joked the caramel-colored eyes but his comment earn a spectacle of a scarlet face and an angry young teenager biting her lip trying her VERY hard to silent the blond boy but luck was on his side as he quickly dodge her killing attack at the last minute.

'Hey! Wait a second! Were you trying to kill me?' protest Mikage from a far distance.

'That's the point! Now stay still so I could have a better aim on that BIG mouth of yours!' yelled Teito while running toward Mikage and that was how they started their practice on that day~~

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