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It was a dream that she had been having since as long as she could remember. It's not like she don't have any other dream, some were… well, let's just say she was not having any decent time in it. This particular one was a tad different since it was always so real like it wasn't a dream at all, like… she had experience it before. Which sounded insane yet comforting at the same time.

Maybe she just wanted a glimmer of hope so much that even for someone like her, who had been told over and over that she meant absolutely nothing… disposable… replaceable… to have an actual life outside this chain that restrained her since a long time ago… or possibly her subconscious mind granted her untold wish by giving a confusing, mind wrecking visions as a way to answer it.

The best way to describe the dream would probably be snowy.

The snow fell from the sky slowly. Bit by bit becoming more and more as it grace the ground around her. Her breath came out like a white cloud which gradually disappeared with time. She raised her hand in front of her to catch the glittering snowflake that fell from the sky. 'Pretty,' she thought as one of them landed directly on her small palm.

She marveled at the beauty of the eight-pointed ice star but as they melted, something distracted her.

It wasn't the untainted pure white snow that had captured her attention. Neither was it the big white building… but the figure that was standing in front of it.

The man was wearing a ceremonial white robe with this big necklace or something alike with a spherical stone at the center. It gave some sort of beautiful and nostalgic sound that stirred her soul when it jangled to each other playfully.

The first thing that had struck her when she first saw him was his smile. Full of light and happiness that her mouth turned up in reply.

His eyes however, were a different story. Yes, they were jubilant and filled with affection too yet there was something that he tried to conceal behind it.

Something about them made her heart ached… even as he was smiling at her, his eyes still showed such a sad emotion.

She smiled at him while raising her hand, the one that caught the snowflake, toward him; inviting him to share her joy at the same time she wanted to erase the sorrowful look from his eyes. He just shook his head slowly as he gave a wistful smile.

His refusal sent her heart thundering with torment. Dream shouldn't be this heart-wrenching painful, do they?

Lowering her hand to her side, she look at him questioningly hoping that he would somehow understand it and enlighten her instead of giving her the silent treatment.

At the very moment she was about to take a step toward him, three things happen in sequence.

There was a loud crashing, landing, shouting sounds behind her.

The man was saying – though the interruption from behind practically drowning his voice- something to her.

She woke up.

'That dream again? I kept on having them more often these days…' she thought glumly. Releasing the breath that she didn't knew she was holding, she pulled herself up to a sitting position in the act of noting that everyone in the dorm was still in the slumber land.

Jumping down, she looked down at the sight of her most important person in the world snoring with drools coming out from the side of his grinning mouth. She didn't have to do much effort on guessing that he was probably dreaming about food.

People say that one person most vulnerable and cutest moment was when they were sleeping. She honestly can't see the attraction though it managed to bring a smile to her lips.

Stretching her arms above her head upon turning around, she looked forward for a good, long shower since it will definitely be a long day ahead of her.

"…-ter Shigure-sensei said something again 'bout how sad he is that you're not with us, he gave that hellish training to the class. The best part is we train outdoor today, I get to soak myself some vitamin D! The worst part is… he said it was just a warm-up," finishing his reverie of the day, Mikage placed his cheek on the table and groaned on how sore his muscle was. A tray overflowed with plastic's warping from yakisoba of different variety left untouched on his left. Sitting opposite of him, Teito was enjoying her lunch of curry, rice and of course milk. The cafeteria lady do know her thing.

"Told ya you were slacking."

"I wasn't slacking! I was just – " Silent. "Never mind."

"What?" she asked.

"Nothing, nothing at all."

"Hmmm…" Resuming to eating her curry, she chewed them slowly, savouring the spice in them as Mikage had once pointed out before.

~20 seconds later~

"Wait, silent treatment? Just ask me what is it already! I can't handle knowing what I know and not telling and then you ask, then I said nothing and still you don't want to ask me again! Ask me, ask me, ask me, ask me, ask me, ask me, a – "

"I'm supposed to be in agony!" Shaking her head, she inquired him wryly, "What is it?"

"Fufufu, since you ask, I have decided I have thought of a new trait that I have uncovered about you Teito! Aside from the fact that you're an undercover chibi." While uttering the last sentence, he quickly jumped away from the bench at the same moment the stump-your-feet-till-you-can't-stand-up attack was unleashed under the table.

The table that they were occupying suddenly rumbled so loud when Mikage slammed his hand on it that everyone in the cafeteria turned to their general direction.

"I, Mikage Celestine, have found out that Teito Klein is…" *Drumroll, please!*

"A Tsundere!"

The noise in the cafeteria died that very instant. Those other cadets shutting their mouth had just served to add in the silent as they watched the continuation of the odd confrontation of her and him.

She purse her lips and pretended to not notice the absence of the excitement and replied nonchalantly, much to everyone's disappointment, "Mikage… you've been reading manga again aren't you?"

"But they're awesome!" The crowd's interest toward them started to disperse at this moment. The clanking, talking and laughing music started to increase again in its volume upon Mikage returning to his seat.

"Stop hiding them in my locker! I have enough of it when you hid those nude women picture thingy – ,"

"Woah, woah! Don't say them out loud!" He leaned across the table, whispering, "They don't know where I hid them in the first place." While Mikage was reversing back to his chair, Teito continued her sentence, " – at the very moment those idiot trio was around."

"Hahaha, it was really funny when they all started to panic at the sight of them pouring out of your locker – ,"

"Don't laugh! Even though I said it wasn't mine to begin with, they replied 'That's what they all say' with that smug face that I detested."

"Aww, come on, they respected you for it after all… You. Are. A. 'Guy'. It helps in convincing them one way or another."

She chewed her food slowly as she pondered on the logic behind his action. 'He does have a point… Huh? So it's actually a good thing when it's actually a bad thing?' thought Teito confusedly. Swallowing, she formed a question slowly, "Why do you even… umm… read that book anyway?" She wondered if 'read' was the correct term.

'Woah… as expected of Teito to ask that type of question,' thought Mikage, amazed at Teito's frank curiousity. Racking his brain for something, anything, he struggled to come up with a reply, "Well, it's… uhh… hmmm…. Aha! It's a guy thing!"

"Not the type of explanation I was hoping for."

"Iyaaa… It's kinda embarrassing explaining it to you," he scratched his head, blushing.

"Why is that?"

Mikage cleared his throat and stated with absolute grim, "Teito, although it pains me to say this but there are some things that you need to ask others and some you need to find out for yourself in life."


"Keep this in mind, any guy who is caught reading that type of book excessively is a pervert!"

Teito was silent, processing the information. "So… you're a pervert too?"

"No, I don't read it excessively," Mikage replied without missing a heartbeat.

"Yeah, riiiigggghhhtttt…"

Mikage watched as Teito scooped the last bit of the rice in a robotic manner. His smile slowly disappearing, with troubled eyes, he started, "…Ne, Tei – ,"

"I was wondering what was making so many noises around here and to find out it was the sklave… heh, just typical of their nature," Shuri Oak stated – in what Teito imagined was an insolent tone – from the side of the table.

Teito turned to look at him with unblinking eyes… and no reply. Though her thought was, 'I may look calm but I have killed you in my mind… and in the middle of digging your grave.'

Her imagination was interlude however when Mikage chipped in. "Nah, we were having fun. You should try 'em sometime. Right, Teito?" he said, all the while grinning at Teito who was,clapping her hand, muttering 'Thank you for the meal' under her breath.

"Uh… yeah, that's right." She rose with her tray and turned halfway toward Shuri. "Though with your I.Q… I don't think you could enjoy them." She smirked then walked away, dumped her tray and headed out the back door.

'That might be a bit too much, Teito,' thought Mikage pitifully, sneaking a look at Shuri gawking at Teito's departure.

Following Teito's example, he rose while carrying his tray full of wrapping for Yakisoba's bread and an empty soda can. "It's no good for the young master to wait for their servant's arrival, right?" Mikage grinned at Shuri.

"Hey, Mikage," Shuri called out.

"Yeah?" he paused in his leaving.

"Assuming that you want to be in the group again, there's always a spot…," Shuri trailed off but he knew it was a futile effort from the start.

"Thanks but I think I'll stick with Teito. Never too good to have too many devotee, ya know?" After saying that, he repeated Teito's action except he practically half-walk, half-jog out of the cafeteria.

'What does he see in that sklave anyway?' thought Shuri angrily but laced with curiousity underneath.

"Did he just call us devotee?" one of Shuri's followers said to the other.

He shrugged and folded his arms. "Heh, I got to hand it to Mikage. I'll bet he's just after the special privilege given to Klein – ,"

"Shut your damn mouth." Startled at his cold tone, they saw Shuri was staring angrily at backdoor that his former follower and his archenemy had exited. "Mikage's not that type of person."

The hallway was full of life today, all the cadets were enjoying the momentary free time during lunch. A pair of boys in front of her, making some lame jokes with each other. After they noticed her presence though, they let her through, waited until she was out of their presumed hearing range before they whispered discreetly about her behind her. Not that she mind. Much.

Other than Mikage and the occasional insults by Shuri, everyone else alienated her and chose to ignored her, afraid that she might go complaining to Chairman Miroku aka her guardian of sort if they hurt her feeling. In all likelihood, he would probably say 'bite the bullet' since that Old Nick has no mercy in his heart! All in all, she really can't blame them for giving that sort of treatment to her though her days could have gotten better if they would stop looking at her in such a way that she felt like she had grown a tail or something.

She turned around the corner and looked out of the window to the world outside. The weather was sunny, every so often some screeching sound by the hawkzile can be heard in spite of their lack of appearance in Teito's line of sight. There were some but not so much. 'They must be flying high up into the sky today,' thought Teito, placing her hand on the floor-to-ceiling window. 'Gliding through the pretty blue sky…' Teito gazed unseeingly at the bright sky.

Somehow, even though the sound of laughter resonated here and there, she felt so hollow. She knew it was just because she was alone, missing the sound of another pair of feet accompanying her to everywhere she went. The idea of turning back and wait for Mikage was very tempting and that's why she had to resist it. Being with her would only cause trouble to Mikage and she doesn't want that.

Compassion is your main weakness.

'That Old Nick… Save that sort of talk to someone else who is not me,' thought Teito, depressed. "Compassion, huh? I don't…" she muttered under her breath.

Her mind unconsciously wandered to her dream again where the man with the strange necklace was giving her a sad, sad smile…

'What was he trying to say?' she thought, staring at her on reflection on the glass of the windows. Mirroring the shape of the man's mouth, she tried to make sense out of it.

"Wa…waaaa… wa – WAAHHH!" Teito was suddenly pulled to her right resulting in her losing her balance. The elbow ambush she was aiming to the assailant's mid-section paused in mid-air the moment a quiet voice murmured, "Is that a new game, Teito?" Mimicking her action, Mikage made some 'wa,waaaa' sound at the window at the same time holding both of her shoulder's to steady her.

"Oh, Mikage," Teito breathed, looking up while relaxing her body. Mikage lack of reply made her trying to get a better look at him but not before she was pulled into a vice-tight bear hug.

"Soooo keeeyyoottt!" No response. "Teito?" He loosened his hug to inspect the girl who he was hugging which was currently turning blue.

"Woah, Teito! CPR to the rescue!" Charging toward Teito with all his might and – "Ouch! …Teito… your lips is so hard." A lone tear escape his eye.

"That's the window, idiot," she replied from behind him. Slipping away from one of Mikage's crazy antic was one of her normal routines, thanks to the fact that he does that every single day.

Kneeling down to the floor, he wiped the kiss mark he left on the window with his sleeve. Settled with that, he slung his arm around Teito's shoulder.

"Does me doing this bothering you?" he asked carefully.

She considered her answer carefully. "Not really. Look at the bright sight, two guys… hugging in the middle of the day… in front of plain sight… I'll never hear the end of that rumour," she chuckled.

Mikage thought about that for a few second. "Wait, aren't you also a target!?"

"The rule doesn't apply to me."

Mikage puckered his lips. "I'm not hugging! I'm spreading!" he argued.

"…your germs?"

He rolled his eyes. "My optimistic energy! I have always been popular as the one with too much optimistic energy in his body – ," "In your world." Ignoring Teito's interference, he pressed on, "So I have decided to give some of them to you who are apparently deprived of it by spreading it to you! Aren't I a nice guy?" His face was clearly making the I-did-a-good-job-pet-me expression at Teito who gave him a skeptical face instead. Her heart however agreed with every single word he said despite the cold exterior. Mikage was a happy person, someone whose personality was like the sun, willing to share their warmth to everyone no matter whom. Not that she would admitted that out loud to him. Too embarrassing.

"Weirdo," she stated when Mikage grinned that simple-mind grin of his at her that made her smile too. After a while, his smile evaporated. Opening her mouth to question, she was taken by surprise when Mikage embraced her in his not usual fooling around way. "Oiii!"

"…Ne, Teito… no matter what trouble you got in your mind, just know that I'll always be there for you, 'kay?" She considered it for a moment, glad that he was facing the other way so he couldn't see the tears threatening to fill up her eyes. Blinking rapidly, she closed her eyes. "I know."

"Even if you get sick of looking at my totally loveable face." She snorted at that making Mikage pulled away, smiling at her.

"AHHH!" Mikage shouted suddenly, caused Teito to jump where she stand. "This is a TOTALLY good atmosphere to make the bestest friend ever promise!"

Mikage recited with all his heart, "Whether during sick or health, in rich or poor, good times or bad times – ,"

"That's a marriage vow," Teito cut him off.

"Then, pinky swear?" He displayed his pinky finger at Teito.

She pressed her lips, "I don't know… There's just something wrong with the image…"

Mikage sighed heavily, "You're right… Ah! Let's bump our fist then! Like a boxer! Very manly… and don't punch it, please." Clenching his fist, he said determinedly, "If you ever get into a pinch on battlefield, I'll never ever ever ever ever abandon you!"

Taking her own sweet time, she calmly lifted her clenched fist at the same time searching the bright, lively caramel eyes that bear no hesitation of such in them. Bumping her fist to him, she pronounced them slowly, "I swear by the name of God that we'll die together." They grinned at each other before letting their fell back to their side. Teito kept on walking with Mikage followed happily by her side.

"That's really cool, Teito! But why dying?" Mikage asked innocently.

"Well…" She glanced back, smiling a goofy smile that displayed her teeth, said jokingly, "You don't really strike me as someone who'll live long."

Captivated by her out of the ordinary smile, he halted in his step. Noticing that, Teito added, "When that do happen, you won't be lonely in the afterlife~" which snapped Mikage back to reality.

The sound of him running toward Teito echoed through the hallway. "FOUL-MOUTH!" Teito laughed at that and laughed even harder when Mikage caught her in a chokehold and ruffled her hair wildly.

That time Teito thought that life wasn't so bad if Mikage was by her side. And how grateful she was that he chose to.

"I'm not going to wear it," she demurred thus pushing the black bag to the blond guy who stood in front of her. The bag had been pushed to both directions so many times that for a bystander, it would look like they were fighting for it instead of refusing it to one another which is exactly the case.

"You haven't even seen it yet!" Again Mikage pushed the bag to Teito's chest.

"Hmmph." She pushed it back to him.

'So stubborn yet still adorable,' Mikage thought happily.

Pressing her lips in a thin line, she started, "You know… I wouldn't have made a fuss about this if you get me a guy clothes ins-"

"Out of the question!" To add the dramatic effect, he made that sound when someone got a question from a pop quiz wrong and made an 'X' with his hand, the bag dangled from his right forearm.

"The hell –"

"Why did you think I went through all this trouble in the first place? To see YOU *point at Teito* wearing girl's clothes of course!" ended Mikage with sparkling eyes.

Stunned by his answer, she froze for a moment to take it all in. Seizing his golden chance, he placed the bag into Teito's hand and quickly backed away from the slowly but definitely erupting volcano.

"Just for that idiotic reason you-" she retorted but quickly shut her mouth when she heard someone's footstep coming closer to them.

A signal from Mikage meant that he knew what she knew so she knew what she had to do… even though it was done grudgingly. As quiet as a mouse, they quickly hid their presence and concealed themselves beneath the shadow of the building.

Spotlight flashed on the ground where a few seconds ago the battle of I-don't-want-that-bag had taken place which was currently deserted except for the sound of cricket which occasionally breaks the silence.

The guard yawned widely as he blamed his overreacting imagination for imagining some voices coming from behind the building near the gate. Chuckling nervously to himself, his mind unconsciously started to flash back all the ghost stories he had ever heard or watched since he was little.

Shakily, he murmured to himself out loud to shake off his fear, "Haha… its not like the seven ghosts are going to come at me… are they?" Pale at the thought, he quicken his step and disappeared around the corner, leaving what might have been another possible route of future if he had caught the two cadets sneaking around late at night after the curfew who were hiding literally in the shadows.

For better or for worse, he didn't.

"The coast is clear!" Mikage announced enthusiastically, throwing his hands to the air, after they waited the short-but-it-felt-long torturing moment to make sure that the guard wouldn't suddenly popped his head to catch them red-handed then let out a relieved sigh.

"Seven ghost?" She wondered loudly as she jumped out from her hiding place, plucking out leaves from her hair.

"It's a famous legend that if you're a bad kid then they'll take you away. That story never fails to keep me up at night," he explained then shuddered internally and externally at the memory.

'From that moment on, I made a promised with myself that I'll strive to become a good kid!' thought Mikage just as he looked up at the same moon that he vowed to.

Whilst Mikage reminiscence about his oath, Teito was busy picturing seven white sheets with two holes capturing Shuri who flail around, trying to escape from their… clutch.

"Oh, and even though they're called ghost, they're actually the death reaper or death god whichever you preferred to call them," he added absently as he looked up, estimating the height of the wall.

"Uhhh…" Teito was still imagining the same scene with an addition that each of the white sheets was carrying their own scythe. Not pretty.

"Yosh! Here, I'll give you a boost up." She mumbled thanks under her breath as she stepped on his hand. Smiling, he threw her up to the night sky. When he watched Teito jumped she kinda reminded Mikage of a rabbit or a cat. More toward the later he supposed.

In a blink of any eye, she took off her black coat then threw it over the barbed wire and landed on it. Looking down, she seemed to be thinking of something before making a small ball of zaiphon on her right hand then threw it to the blond below. Caught off guard, he quickly raised his hands, waiting for the pain… that never arrived. Opening his eyes, he saw that the ball had exploded to reveal a message. 'It would be too troublesome if somebody saw a suspicious light up high in the middle of the night so it's better throw them down near the ground' must be what Teito was thinking.

How are you going there? The message stated harmlessly before dematerialise. 'I thought she was going to kill me!' he thought in relief when he replied with zaiphon too but didn't throw them. Opposite to Teito, he just waved his hand to the sky and the zaiphon appeared like a roof shielding Mikage.

I'll find some other way. Just go ahead without me. Pointing toward the bag, he made a motion of opening a big paper to show that there's a map inside it.

Noticing her hesitation, Mikage smile widely then added 'Don't worry much! I'll definitely bring ALL of them with me!'

You better be. That's is definitely what that death-glare of her was saying.

Sighing, she jumped down to the other side of the wall, taking the coat with her, after checking for any guard who might be patrolling there.

As Teito safely landed on the ground of the other side of the wall, kneeling to the ground to reduce impulsive force, she finally realised that she had just fell to his trap and now there was no way that she could get back into the military without being caught by the sentinels.

The security was pretty loose probably because of the party or maybe for the simple fact that the guards were slacking on their duty or that 5 minute shift changing something that Mikage told her when they were 'exchanging' the bag… Shaking her head, she threw all her thoughts away, pulled out the map from the bag and tried to read it using the help of the moonlight.

Swallowing her sigh, she finally admitted defeat and thought to herself, 'Well, looks like there's no turning back now.'

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