Chestnut paid the cab driver and smiled as she walked to the front door, her feet hurt and just want to go to bed, she really did pry that there was no important things coming up she just wants to sleep, just as she got the keys to the front door it few open and out came Mrs. Hudson "Mrs Hudson where is the fire." She smiled

"I…I oh lord I wish I could have unseen it."

"Oh god what did he do now?"

"I'm sorry Dear I have to go, I…I…I be back in couple of days."

"Mrs Hudson what did he do?" Chestnut called out as the older woman took off down the road "Wow didn't know she could move so fast." Shaking her head she sighed and walked inside…Whatever they he has done I will deal with later after sleep." She noted the mess in the living area and shook her head as he moved up stairs passed her uncle's room and moved to her room she open the door and stood there in shock at the door way.

Two figures lay in her bed, she didn't recognise them as they turned and tangled themselves up with each other's arm, she closed the door and tip toe down to her uncle's room and walked and open his room and then stopped again "M…Mycroft?" She said as the man sat up hugging another man "What are you doing in my uncle's room and is that Detective Lestrade hanging on your chest?" she asked

"Ummm morning to you Miss Sands, yes this is the same Detective Lestrade that you met a couple of days ago, tell me is Moriarty and Sebastian still here?"


"The men in your room my dear do keep up." He gave a sneer

"Oh urrrh yeah." She blinked at the man cool behaviour

"Good good, do you think you can be such a dear and make a pot of tea for everyone." She nodded and closed the door and stood there for a moment collecting her toughs

"Fuck." She stood there thinking for a moment "Double fuck Lestrade, Mycroft in John's room and Moriarty and his right hand man Seb in mine so where is John and Sherlock?" she said out loud as she walked into the living room slash kitchen, she made the tea and set the cups on the table when she saw the empty tin on the table "Shit hash brownies." She moaned

"Well that explains last night." She whipped around and saw Sherlock wearing a bed sheet and her uncle wearing clothes …thank god… she thought

"You drugged us." John asked

"I didn't think you would take my brownies and why in heavens is there your arch enemy sleeping in my room and your brother in my uncles?"

"Well they had fuck somewhere." Sherlock said shrugging

"SHERLOCK!" Both Morgan and John screamed as the others came into the living room,

"Oh goody good tea is there more of those brownies?" Came the chipper Moriarty who was slightly limping, Chestnut winced at the thought of them doing the dirty in her room…note to self burn the bedroom burn my brain…

"You were last in line to get sanity weren't you?" Chestnut said he smiled at her to show she was not fair off the mark.

"Chestnut the brownies why did you make them?" John started on her, she sighted and picked up her coat "Where are you going Missy?" she turned to look at the men in the living room

"I am going to drink until oblivion hit's mean so if you need me I am staying in the lion's head." And with that she was gone.