Me- This is an new Shrek fic, but haven't written anything for my fav Dreamworks fandom in a while, but still a fan.

Ogre Child- Hai, she's been in the PnF fanverse lately, but glad she's writing this, but I bet I know what gave you ideas, that Adventure Time show you started watching, with that awesome vampire chick in it, right?


Me- Yeah, as it makes me think of the stuff Leah-kun writes for the Shrek-verse.

That vamp chick might show up in this fic, as you two would be very good friends.

Ogre Child- What makes you say that, Your Highness?

Me- Well, you're both agless and immortal, you're both rock chicks and play guitar, you guys both have rivals, Marcie has Princess Bubblegum as her rival, and you have Fi-Fi as yours.

See what I mean?

Ogre Child- Ohh, I see now.


Anyways, enjoy!

It was the beginning of June and Summer in both Duloc and Earth, but in Far, Far Away, a young magenta red haired female was swimming in the lake in the forest, as she loved swimming when it was hot like today.

She'd used the necklace her sorceror mentor Merlin had given her, to come while her nakama was at Special Olympics, but that didn't bother her, as she could hang out with her friends in this world, but saw somebody dive in splashing her, as she laughed, seeing a dark blue skinned female ogre with long tendril like black hair, and wearing a black bikini.

A mischievous smile was on her dark blue skinned face, as she had been searching for her Queen and best friend as she wanted to have fun.

"Hey, Ogre Child.

You okay, bro?" she asked her.

"I'm fine, Your Highness.

Leah's not here, which is odd." she answered.

"First off, I'm only a Queen in Aria, but here and back home, I'm just me.

Leah had a track meet today, so might come later, as there's gonna be a party at the castle." the magenta red haired girl told her.

They were splashing and surfing, but having fun on a hot Summer day, but Ogre Child's pointed ears picked up something.

It was the sound of hissing, but it wasn't a snake, but saw a grey skinned girl her Queen's age with really long dark blue hair but looked like a Goth.

"We should help her out, as she might be lost." she said.

The grey skinned girl was stunned seeing both females, but she was scared, as she wasn't allergic to the Sun anymore but wasn't a vampire anymore.

"Marcie's here, in Shrek-kun's world?

This is gonna be awesome, Ogre Child!" Carley told her.

The dark blue skinned ogre female understood, but saw the grey skinned girl pass out, but they looked concerned, about the girl.

"We should take her to Merlin, as he'll know how to help her." Carley told her.

Ogre Child nodded, as she had Marcie in her slender but strong arms, but were headed to Merlin's place in the college, but saw Artie stare at them, especially the magenta red haired girl, as he had a crush on her since she first came to this world.

"Hey, Artie.

We'll be at the party, but we've gotta see Merlin about something." Carley told him.

They then entered Merlin's room, but told them to leave the girl with him, so he could help her.

"So, what do you wanna do now?" Ogre Child asked.

"Let's go to the swamp." Carley replied as Ogre Child got excited.

At the swamp, Leah was playing soccer with the triplets, but having fun, but Carley smiled tackle hugging the chestnut brown haired female, as they were on the ground, but Leah laughed seeing her best nakama here along with Ogre Child, but the dark blue skinned female was making sure that Fiona wasn't around, as she wasn't welcome when Fiona was around.

"It's okay, as she's with Snowdrop.

Shrek-kun's inside as he got too much sun.

Snowgre's inside too, as he overheated in the sun." she told her.

They went inside, but the females saw that Shrek was burnt, but Leah stopped Ogre Child from hugging him, as it would make things worse.

"Hey, guys.

Summer's here, meaning we're gonna have fun, right?" Shrek said.

"No duh, bud." Leah said as Carley smiled.

But Ogre Child was making smoothies, as it was hot, and her nakamas loved smoothies, but was going to get her guitar from the castle in Aria.

"She'll be back in a while, Shrek-kun.

We found Marcie, in the forest." Carley told her, as Leah was stunned.

"Awesome, but how did she get here, from Ooo?" Leah asked.

"Maybe the Door Lord did it, but maybe she can be Ogre Child's friend, since they have a lot in common, plus they have rivals." Carley said.

Leah smiled, liking her nakama's idea.

But she knew they were going to Artie's party, as Carley's cheeks went red, at the mention of the young King, as Snowgre laughed as she growled.

"Geez, we were just kidding, bro!" Snowgre said as Leah laughed.

She then saw Ogre Child return with an new guitar, in the shape of a Chinese dragon.

"Something tells me, a certain Dragonpus destroyed your other guitar, huh?" Carley asked.

"Hai, Night Wish burnt it, while playing it.

I made this one, and I like it." she replied.

But they then saw Merlin show up, wanting to talk to Carley.

"I'll be back in a little while, guys." she told them.

Merlin smiled, as his young adult apprentice saw Marcie was up, but eating noodles, which made her smile, but the young grey skinned girl was curious about her, but wondered where her ogre friend had gone.

"H-Hey, I'm Marceline.

You and your friend saved me, when I was feeling weak but a little scared.

I come from a world like this one, called Ooo, but that dang Door Lord opened a weird door and I ended up here but for some reason, I'm not a vampire here, which is kind of cool." she told her.

"This is my young apprentice, Carley.

She's been studying magic for two whole years, while attending the college here in Far, Far Away, but she'll help you in this world, and you'd like her friends." Merlin told her.

"Where's my Axe Bass, bro?" Marcie asked.

Merlin handed it to her, as she hugged it for dear life.

"I know somewhere you can stay, Marcie.

It's nearly time, for the party." she said as Marcie followed her.

Merlin smiled, knowing this was gonna be one wild Summer.

Artie smiled, as the party was going on, but he saw Shrek and the others having fun, but wondered where Carley was, but Leah said she was in her room getting ready, but her new friend was living in the castle with them, but he was curious, as he left the ballroom, but heard music coming from Carley's room, opening the door, but heard laughter, seeing her with some Goth like girl, but she saw Marcie hiss, as she lunged at him.

"No, Marcie!

That's Artie, the King I told you about!" she said as Artie was helped up by Carley.

"W-Who's this kid?" he asked.

"That's Marcie, and she's gonna stay for a while." she told him.

Marceline laughed, as she saw Artie leave, but Carley gave her a look wearing her skull top, with shorts and sandals, but she left Marcie in her room for now, but hoped Artie was okay.

She was strumming her Axe Bass but hugging the Shrek plush on the girl's bed.

She sighed, knowing she'd adjust to this world sooner or later.

Later that night, while Leah and Carley were hanging out in Leah's room in the castle, she heard music coming from her Queen's room.

La-dada, I'm gonna bury you, in the ground.

I'm gonna burt you, in my sound.

I'm gonna-

The door opened, but the grey skinned girl stopped singing and playing, seeing Ogre Child there, but she saw a guitar in the grey skinned girl's hands, but Marceline was shy.

"What was that you were singing, Marcie?

It was cool!" she said as she sat on her Queen's bed.

"It was a song I wrote, when we tried to open the Door of the Door Lord, but Princess Bubblegum irked me, and I started singing that, but this world is a little hard for me to get used to.

You and your friend are pretty cool.

So, you play guitar?" she asked.

Ogre Child nodded, telling her about the Punk Princesses, as Marceline and her were bonding, and jamming, but Ogre Child yawned around two in the morning.

"I need to sleep, as well as my Queen or we're cranky the next day.

You should maybe go sleep, Marcie." she said.

"Ditto, bud.

It was awesome, jamming and stuff." she said leaving the room.

Ogre Child then used her Star Wish Ogreix wings to fly for a while, in the night skies, but knew she and her friends had an awesome three months of adventure in store.