When the magic trio decide to have a meeting to test out a new spell, it doesn't go exactly as planned; England, Romania, and Norway are turned into children leaving the other countries confused on what to do.

Chapter 1

'Wow. I didn't realize how much junk I had...' Vladimir, otherwise known as the personification of Romania, thought as he moved another box. He was at the current moment cleaning out his attic. He picked up a box and began to put some old books into it, every so often looking at the titles and reading the first few pages. He soon picked up a small leather bound book, and after reading the title he grinned and quickly flipped the book open and began to look at the table of contents before grinning widely and standing up, book in hand, he left the attic.

'I'll finish the cleaning later. Gotta tell Arthur and Lukas about this. We've been needing something to practice our magic skills.' he thought as he walked towards the stairs leading to the first floor of his house, pulling out his cellphone and flipping through some of the pages of the small book.

Vladimir quickly found Arthur's name and he called the blonde, green eyed personification of England.

:Meanwhile in London, England:
A green eyed blonde man sat at a desk while it rained softly outside, the sky a dull gray, as he did some paperwork. It was very quiet, other than the sound of rain falling and the small crackles of thunder which were ignored. But the silence was shattered when a loud buzzing pierced the quiet atmosphere.

"Gah!" Arthur yelled out, grabbing at some papers that were falling to the floor. He put them back on the desk and glared at the phone before answering. "Hello? Arthur Kirkland here."

"No! Really? Arthur?" Arthur rolled his eyes and sat back, cellphone pressed to his ear.

"Oh what do you want Vladimir?" he said, scowling slightly.

Vladimir chuckled. "Well~ I was cleaning out my attic earlier~"

"Good for you," the blonde replied sarcastically.

"And I found a book."

"That's excellent. Go read it." Arthur said, yawning.

"A magic book."

"... you have my full attention now." England said after a few second's pause.

"Yeah, that's what I thought." Romania said. England could practically hear the arrogant smirk through the phone.

"Any good spells?" Arthur asked as he stood up and looked out the window and watched the rain fall.

"Haha! Heck if I know! I've only looked at a few pages. But I figured we could all use something to practice our magic with. Besides! The three of us haven't hung out in a while. We could use a bit of ah... bonding time~." Romania said.

"I see. You're right. Honestly I haven't been able to practice my magic for a while and the last time I did was about three months ago. You're house I'm guessing?"

"You would be guessing correctly. See you in a few hours then."

"Yes," the blonde nodded, "but before you go; do you want to call Norway or would you like for me to?"

"I'll call him."

"Right. Goodbye then Vlad."

"La revedere(goodbye) Arthur."

And so with that, both hung up. Arthur turned away from the window and began to stack the forgotten papers on the desk into a neat pile and brought them with him to his room to put into a suitcase along with some clothes. He didn't know how long he was going to be staying at Romania's house, but it was always a good idea to bring some clothes incase he ended up staying longer than expected.

"England! Are you going on a trip England?" a small voice said said.

England looked up and smiled softly. "Well hello there. Yes. I'm going over to Romania's house for a bit."

"But England! We'll miss you... can we come with you? No one else can see us. It get's lonely." The little fairy said, fluttering around England's head, and finally coming to sit on his left shoulder. She watched him as he put a shirt into the suitcase.

"Now don't you worry. I'll be back within a few days. No worries. Can you and the others take care of everything while I'm gone?" the blonde asked looking at the small blonde fairy.

"Of course we can England!" she said, smiling happily as she followed him to the door.

"Good. Then I shall see you and the others in a few days. Goodbye." he said as he walked outside.

:Meanwhile in Copenhagen, Denmark:
Two blondes were currently laying on a couch together, cuddling rather close, and kissing softly.

"Mmm... Lukas..." The blonde with spiky hair moaned out, running his right hand up the others side.

"Mmm..." The other blonde, Lukas, moaned out very softly.

"You taste like coffee Lukas~" The spiky haired man said, grinning widely.

Lukas pulled away and sat up. "And you taste like an idiot Denmark," he said plainly, rolling his blueish almost lavender eyes.

Denmark laughed and rolled onto his back. "I didn't say that you tasting like coffee was a bad thing Norge." he said, gently pulling Norway back down, but now the Norwegian was on top of him instead of beside him.

"You're still an idiot." Norway said, leaning down to kiss Denmark slowly.

"Mmm~ but~," Denmark moaned out, smiling softly as he ran his hands through the others soft blonde hair. He quickly took out the hair piece that held Lukas' hair out of his face and put it onto the table beside the end of the couch.

Lukas sighed as his bangs fell more into his face. "Denmark..."

The spiky haired blonde just grinned and pulled the smaller blonde back down. "Shh..." And with that Denmark slowly kissed him, lightly licking at Norway's bottom lip. Norway happily opened his mouth, but instead of slipping his tongue into the Norwegian's mouth, the Dane grinned and pulled back. "Ah ah ah~ I'm an idiot, but~," he said, playing with the Norwegian's blonde hair; twirling some of it around the tip of his finger and then dropping it and then twirling some of it again.

The smaller blonde looked down at him and quirked an eyebrow. "..." he sighed. "You're an idiot... but you're an awesome idiot Mathias. Happy?" Lukas said, rolling his eyes.

"Yes!" Mathias said triumphantly before leaning up and re-capturing Lukas' lips in a firm lip-lock. Both moaned slightly.

Buzz buzz buzz buzz!

Both stopped kissing and Norway sighed and reached over for his cellphone, which was right next to his cross hair piece. His hand was two inches away from it before Denmark grabbed his wrist lightly and shook his head.

Buzz buzz buzz buzz!

"If it's important, they'll call back later. C'mon..." Mathias said softly, kissing Lukas' finger tips softly.

Buzz buzz buzz buzz!

Lukas looked at his phone as an attempt to see who was calling before nodding and leaning down to kiss Mathias.

Buzz buzz buzz buzz!

Mathias slowly began to slide his hands up Lukas' shirt and the Norwegian moaned and buried his face into the Dane's shoulder. Norway softly kissed the side of the Dane's neck and smirked softly at the moan that he received.

Buzz buzz bu-!

"Mmm. See? They'll call back later," Denmark said as he began to softly caress the Norwegian's slim stomach and he turned his head so he could kiss at Lukas' neck too.

Buzz buzz buzz buzz!

"Oh come on!" the Dane mumbled, rolling his eyes.

Norway smirked. "Let me answer this real quick. Shouldn't take but five minutes Mathias."

Buzz buzz buzz buzz!

Lukas gave Mathias a quick peck on the lips and stood up, grabbing his phone and walking out of the living room.

Buzz bu-

"Hallo?" he asked monotonously as he brushed his bangs out of his face.

"Hei Norge!(Hey Norway)" a voice that Norway instantly recognized answered back.

"Romania. Why are you calling?"

"You didn't answer the first time I called."

"That's because I was a bit busy."


"Yes. Now if you would kindly inform me of why you called?"

"I was cleaning out my attic earlier!"

"Oh. That's lovely. Can I go now?" Norway asked, rolling his eyes and leaning his back against the wall.

"No! Geeze! What's with you and England trying to ditch me now?"

"You called Arthur?" Norway's interest slightly piqued.

"That got your attention? Wow. The way I got Arthur's was that I told him I found a new magic book."

"Now I'm even more interested. Care to share details Vladimir?"

"I'd love to, but here's the thing, I can't. Sorry."

Norway almost facepalmed. "I get the feeling you're being an ass."

"You would be correct!" Romania proclaimed loudly, attempting to do a Dracula laugh.

Norway rolled his eyes. "Right."

"Oh you're no fun."

"I've been told."

"Come over. England's on the way and we're going to try out some of these spells now. Neither of us have had much chance to use our magic for a while. Want to practice for a bit?" Romania asked.

Norway thought it over. He hadn't had much time to practice his magic in a while and it was always more interesting to practice new spells with England and Romania. But then there was Mathias. He couldn't just leave now. "I don't think I can leave right at this moment Vlad." Norway finally replied.

"Oh come on! Denmark will be there when you get back! And then you two can go at it like friggin rabbits for all I care!" Romania yelled, rolling his eyes.

Norway turned redder than his flag. "I'm not with Mathi- Denmark. Who said anything about Denmark?"

Romania laughed. "Whatever Norway! Come on! Just one week~ then you can go back to screwing Denmark as much as you'd like."

Norway sighed and rubbed his eyes. "Sometimes you're an ass."

"So you're coming?"

"Yeah yeah. Goodbye Vladimir." And with that, the blonde hung up. He sighed and slipped his phone into the back pocket of his jeans and walked back into the living room where Mathias was now hanging upside down off of the couch.

"What are you doing?" Lukas asked crossing his arms and staring at the spiky haired blonde.

Said blonde shrugged. "I got bored. Who was it?"

"Romania. Wants me to come over for a bit."

"What!" Denmark yelled before falling off of the couch and hitting his head on the floor.

Norway flinched slightly. "Ow. That looked like it hurt. Be careful you moron."

"You're leaving? Now? Really? Norge!"

"It'll only be for a few days Danmark." Norway said as he turned to go into the Dane's bedroom. He started to grab his shoes and put his things back into his suitcase. "When I get back, I'll make it up to you. Promise."

"How?" Denmark asked crossing his arms as he watched the other put things into the suitcase.

"However you want." Norway responded, giving him a quick kiss before walking out of the bedroom, the taller Dane following after him with a small smile. "Alright. See you in a few days. Have fun doing whatever it is you do over there I guess."

"Right. Jeg elsker deg(I love you) Mathias."

"Jeg elsker også dig(I love you too) Lukas."

:A few hours later at an airport in Romania:
Arthur grabbed his suitcase and looked at his watch, yawning a bit and looking at a board that told the next incoming flights.

'Hm. One coming from Denmark. Bet that's what Norway will be coming in through. Hm... twenty more minutes. Might as well wait.' the Brit thought to himself as he sat down in a seat.

Twenty minutes later, and England spotted Norway as he came through the glass doors and the Englishman smiled and waved. Norway nodded and walked over towards him.



"Nice to see you. What's with Vladimir's new book?" Norway asked, suppressing a small yawn.

England shrugged. "Bloody hell if I know. He didn't say much about it at all. Do you need to go get your bags?"

The Norwegian nodded and started to walk towards the baggage area. He quickly grabbed his bag and the two walked out of the airport and quickly found a taxi.

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