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The America and Denmark grinned cheekily and handed Norway and England the small bags with their clothes, Bulgaria blushed and handed his bag to Romania, refusing to look at him.

England and Norway blushed, stood, and faced away from everyone. Romania shrugged, stood, and began to dress. All of the other nations either closed their eyes(some peeked. Denmark! America! France! Ya'll pervs!) and the rest turned their backs. England gave a slight cough and blushed lightly. Scotland sighed and blew out a small puff of smoke from his cigarette.

"Well, you've got 'em back tah normal now, so I'm leaving." Scotland said with a shrug as he turned and left the room. Ireland nodded and followed, giving a quick nod to England, Wales shrugged and yawned and began to follow his brothers and gave a quick wave to his younger brother as well.

"Well... What are we all doing here exactly?" The blonde Brit asked with a small sigh as he watched the door close shut behind his elder siblings. America tilted his head and had a concerned look on his face. "You mean you really don't remember Iggy?" England blushed. "It's England you git! ...And no, I don't..."

America glanced over to Denmark and Bulgaria quickly, all three looked slightly confused. England, Norway, and Romania had been toddlers for a whole week, and they didn't remember any of it?

"Well what's the last thing you do remember?" Bulgaria asked. Romania tapped his chin. "Well the three of us were in my basement." France gave his laugh, Canada nudged him and gave him the 'shh' sign, England glared at the Frenchman. "We weren't doing anything that you're thinking of you perverted frog!" England shouted with a glare to the Frenchman. France shrugged.

"Romania and England were arguing." Norway said monotonously. Romania nodded. "Because someone didn't want to translate a damn spell!" England turned to glare at Romania and before he could say anything Norway interjected. "Anyway! I said some spell and now we're here." The three nations quickly looked to each other. No one noticed.

America sighed and rubbed the back of his head. "Well ya'll kind of got turned into children."

"And have been a handful!" Denmark added. The other three Nordics nodded in agreement. Bulgaria twitched. "At least you guys had help!" America waved his hand. "Details details whatever!"

England sighed. "Well we're all back to normal obviously, so now what?" France yawned. "I'm going to go back to Paris and sleep for a whole day. Au revoir(Good bye)." And the Frenchman walked out of the room. Canada blinked. "I think I'm going to go home too... See you later Al." Canada waved goodbye and followed France. Soon all of the other countries began to follow suit until it was just Denmark, Norway, America, Romania, Bulgaria, and England left in the room.

America yawned. "Let's go back to my place Iggy. I'm tired." England scowled. "Don't call me that! Git!" America rolled his bright blue eyes and began to walk out, England following.

Denmark laughed softly. "I think America's got the right idea. C'mon Norge! Let's go back to Copenhagen." Norway sighed softly and nodded. "Farvel Romania. Bulgaria." Norway waved as he left the room, Denmark following after grinning widely.

Bulgaria and Romania were left in the room. Bulgaria sighed and yawned, then rubbed his eyes and groaned. Romania blushed slightly and rubbed the back of his head. "So... Wanna have sex Nikola?" Romania asked nonchalantly, grinning. Bulgaria twitched and punched Romania in the arm. Hard. "No. Not now!" Bulgaria screamed as he stormed out of the conference room. Romania winced and rubbed his arm. "Hey! Wait up Nikola!"

:At America's House:
America yawned widely and jumped onto his bed, kicking his shoes off. He stretched, rolled onto his side, and promptly fell asleep, snoring rather loudly. England shook his head and shut the bedroom door quietly.

He walked down the stairs and into the large kitchen and opened up a cabinet. He grabbed the small box with his Earl Grey tea and began to boil some water. The Englishman reached for a coffee cup and when the water was done boiling he finished making his tea and sat down at the kitchen table. He smiled softly as he thought and sipped on his tea.

His phone buzzed and he picked it up to see who was texting him. Romania and Norway wanted to make a group chat online. He texted he'd be on in just a minute.

:In Copenhagen:
"I don't think I want kids. Ever." The spikey haired Dane proclaimed loudly as he sat on the foot of his bed. Norway crossed his arms. "Oh?" Denmark nodded. "Having you as a kid for just a week was torture! I don't think I could handle a kid full time Lukas!"

Norway chuckled and nodded. "I suppose you're right." Denmark grinned and stretched. "Well Norge I'm going to take a nap. I'm so tired!"

Denmark fell back onto the pillows and promptly passed out. Norway smiled softly and rolled his eyes as he shut the door.

'I want coffee.' the Norwegian thought as he entered the kitchen. He turned the coffee maker on and waited.

His phone vibrated; Romania texted.

'Magic Trio chat room now! Get on the computer! Magic Trio business needs to be discussed! Text Arthur!
-Romania(Vladimir the Amazing)'

Norway rolled his eyes and texted England, grabbed his cofffee, walked into the living room and turned his laptop on.

:In Bulgaria's House:
Romania followed Bulgaria into the house. Bulgaria sighed and rubbed his forehead. Finally. No small child running around, following him, messing with things, pushing random buttons, accidentally breaking things, ...well you get the idea... No. Now he had an adult Romania doing that. But it was still better than a child Romania.

"I'm going to go to bed. Try not to break anything Vlad." Bulgaria said with a yawn as he gave the Romanian a quick hug then walked quickly to his room and shut the door. He barely made it to the bed and as soon as he laid down, he was out.

Romania blushed softly and grinned. He went to 'his'(the guest) room and turned his laptop on then sent a text to Norway. A few minutes later and all three nations were on a website and messaging each other.

:Now on some website where the Magic Trio are chatting:
Vlad-the-Vampire signed in.
I-will-Troll-you-so-hard signed in.
Flying-Mint-Bunny-Wizard signed in.

I-will-Troll-you-so-hard: So what's the business that we need to discuss Vlad?

Vlad-the-Vampire: the spell.

Flying-Mint-Bunny-Wizard: Yes? What about it?

Vlad-the-Vampire: I remember being turned into a kid. Do you guys?

Flying-Mint-Bunny-Wizard: As do I.

I-will-Troll-you-so-hard: I do too. But I also remember that I was me the whole time I was a child. I won't lie. I enjoyed making Denmark and Iceland and everyone take care of everything. It was fun.

Flying-Mint-Bunny-Wizard: It was. And I did enjoy eating that god-awful food.

Vlad the Vampire: Same. You mean McDonald's? x3

Flying-Mint-Bunny-Wizard: Shut up git! Yes. It was actually pretty good. Canada ate play-doh.

Vlad the Vampire: I made Bulgaria worry about me~

I-will-Troll-you-so-hard: I sled down the stairs.

Flying-Mint-Bunny-Wizard: so we keep this a secret?

Vlad the Vampire: Guess so. I don't know about everyone else, but Bulgaria would be ticked if he knew that I acted like a child on purpose.

I-will-Troll-you-so-hard: Same. So this concludes our small meeting?

Flying-Mint-Bunny-Wizard: I believe so. Next meeting we have at my house in London?

Vlad the Vampire: Sure.

I-will-Troll-you-so-hard: Sure. Farvel

I-will-Troll-you-so-hard has signed out.

Flying-Mint-Bunny-Wizard: Well I suppose I'm going to go as well. Goodbye Romania.

Vlad the Vampire: later losers!

Vlad the Vampire has signed out.
Flying-Mint-Bunny-Wizard has signed out.

England finished his tea and shut off his laptop and chuckled softly. Norway rolled his eyes and shut off the laptop and finished the last bit of his coffee. Romania grinned and chuckled as he put his laptop away.

That had been an interesting week, that much was certain. None of the other nations ever found out that the Magic Trio knew what they were doing or that they remembered being children.

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