Dream Catcher

Genre: Romance/Friendship
Pairing: Tahorra (I'm stranded at sea on this ship!)
Word count: 599
Disclaimer: The Legend of Korra and all affiliated characters belong to Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko.

Korra shop up straight in her bed, sweat heavy on her skin despite the late-winter chill that seeped in around the edges of her octagonal window; on the other side of the room, Naga slept peaceful, unstirred by her companion's nightmare induced thrashing. Her dreams were haunted by the masked leader of the Equalists, and as much as she detested the amount of fear he instilled in her, the fact of the matter was that Amon scared her more than anything ever had.

Silently, Korra climbed off her bed and padded over to the window, pulling the shutters of the glassless portal open and peering out into the night. She shivered in the breeze despite its soothing feeling on her heated skin, and looking out at the full moon, she decided she needed some air. Careful not to wake Naga, Korra found her parka and boots and pulled them on before exiting the room.

The low roof of the walkway outside was easy to grab onto and pull herself up on, and Korra did just that, walking easily along the peak until it led her to the pagoda roofing of the meditation pavilion. She hauled herself up to the second tier and paused at seeing that she wasn't alone.

Tahno glanced back over his shoulder at her, giving her a halfhearted salute before turning his attention to the moon once more. Even after the young avatar had taken a seat beside him, he didn't say anything.

"Couldn't sleep?" Korra finally asked after a long silence.

"Nightmare," Tahno answered simply. "What about you?"

Korra sighed, "Same. It's always worse when there's a full moon. Makes me restless."

"Me too… before, anyway."

"I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking!"

Tahno gave her a feeble grin, "Don't be. When we beat Amon, I'll get it back, so don't worry about it."

There was a long pause that Korra had trouble being comfortable with. She ended it by asking, "What… What's it like?"

He didn't need clarification; he knew exactly what she was talking about. "You know how you feel when you're standing by the sea? How you can feel the push and pull of the tide without even touching it?"

Korra nodded mutely.

"Imagine standing there, waiting for the waves to wash over you, and then having them just… not." Tahno glared bitterly at his pale fingers, collecting his thoughts. "It's like nothing. It's the absence of everything. Pure emptiness, like having a hole in your chest—no, like having a hole in your soul."

"I can't even imagine…" Korra muttered. She felt bad for asking. Tahno didn't need any more reminders of what he had lost, but somehow Korra managed to unintentionally dig at the wound on a regular basis.

A particularly harsh gust of wind whipped by, and the two of them shivered in the cold. Tahno stood with a chuckle and stretched. "I think I've had all the fresh air I can take for now," he said.

Korra followed his example, and she found herself yawning. "If you have another nightmare, you know where to find me."

"Yeah," he grinned—not smirked, grinned. "Me too. This has been sort of therapeutic. But if you do stop by, try to make a little noise. I'd love for my neighbor to see you paying me a midnight visit."

Korra's cheeks flushed (which she blamed on the cold), but she laughed as she started on her way back to her room. "Be nice to Mako," she called back to him over her shoulder. Then, almost as an afterthought, she added, "Goodnight."

"Sweet dreams, Uhvatar."