I don't know about this. this isn't the childhood fic I was talking about, and it wasn't exactly meant to be multi-chaptered, or have school in it. let alone tala. I got an odd wersion of writers block, so, it might end a bit oddly and abruptly.

Blue, bluer, Tala

Kai was living a happy life. He had good parents, who were there for him, should he choose to need them. He didn't have close friends, but that was his own decision. He had better things to do than walk around the city, play computer or go to beach. He wanted to be a great man, just like his grandpa, who was strong, smart and independent. It seemed there wasn't anything his grandpa couldn't do if he wanted to. Kai loved spending time with him. Grandpa didn't bother asking how he was doing, if there was something, he trusted Kai would tell it, and then he would listen, advice and help if needed. To others, grandpa seemed a bit cold, but Kai knew he was the most gentle man he had ever seen. Grandpa didn't say much, but what he said, he really meant it, and he remembered once when he had been small and tired, grandpa had taken him into his lap, letting him fell asleep there. They didn't need to talk. They could communicate with just looks and the atmosphere, and they were relaxed around each other. Kai thought that was all he needed, and that it could go on forever.

When he was twelve, grandpa got sick and was hospitalized. Kai visited him every day if it was possible, and he would just sit next to the bed, sometimes telling grandpa how he was doing at school, and how he would want grandpa to get better so they could go fishing again or whatever grandpa would want to. Months went by, but grandpa didn't get better. Then, one day when he was leaving, grandpa took a hold of his hand and quietly whispered

"Kai, I want you to be happy. Being strong doesn't mean you should be alone. I had your grandmother I loved, and she made me happy, and you did too. So, live, get a new friends, find your dream, or whatever it is that you want. I'll be watching over your shoulder." Kai looked his grandpa, who for the first time he could remember, was smiling. He nodded, gave the hand a squeeze

"I will grandpa, I promise. I'll come again tomorrow". Grandpa looked sad, but didn't say anything, so he just went to the door, waved and went home. In the morning, he went to kitchen, and found his mother crying and father looking close to tears too.

"Mom, dad, what wrong?" he asked, looking between his parents. His mother got up and came to give him a hug

"Oh dear Kai...it's grandpa, he...he died during the nigh" Mother cried again, holding him tight. He hugged her back, trying to comfort her. That was what grandpa would have done, trying to help others in his own way.

There was beautiful funeral, and he gave a little speech about his grandpa. His voice cracked only in the end, when he said grandpa was the best man he had known, and would never know, and he would always look up to him.

Few years later, Kai still didn't hang with other teens. At home, he didn't talk much, did his chores and helped when asked to. He rarely talked if it wasn't necessary, and he didn't laugh or smile. He had gotten a little frozen, having forgotten his grandpa's last words. He recalled his grandpa being quiet, emotionless, not showing care or fondness, being distant to all and staying alone. And he tried to be just like that.

Then he went of to college. He had wanted to live in a dorm, not wanting his parents to waste too much money and getting him a flat. He would have preferred a single room, but he didn't much care when he was told he would share a room with someone called Tala Ivanov. He got the key and went to his room. When he opened the door and stepped in, he only saw a shipload of boxes. He raised and eyebrow, but decided against commenting. He went to the not filled bed and put his bags down. Then he emptied them into nearby drawer. When he was done, the door opened and a redhead stepped in. Kai looked at him, but then just sat on the bed, taking up a book.

"Hi" the redhead said and came closer. "I'm Tala. What about you?" he didn't look up.


"Hm, that's good name. It has certain edge to it. I like it." He pretend he didn't hear the redhead's talk. But then a face appeared between his face and the book, blue eyes full of curiosity. "You know, I bet we'll have fun being roommates". He glared at the boy, not wanting to pull away and show his awkwardness. It had been years since any person had been this close. And those eyes were disturbingly fascinating. The boy just smiled, standing straight again.

"I'm going out with couple friends. You wanna join us?". He glanced at the unemptied moving boxes, and said against his better judgment

"Shouldn't you finish unpacking first?". The boy's smile got brighter, and he chuckled

"Aw, Kai. I didn't know you cared." he glared the redhead again, eyes narrowing and put the book away, standing up.

"I don't care. But those boxes are annoying" he tried walking past the redhead, but was stopped when Tala grabbed his hand.

"I knew it, you wanted to come along, but you just need to play hard to get". He pulled his hand away, getting really annoyed.

"I don't want to, and I don't play with you. I bet your friends are just as crazy and aggravating as you"

"My, such a fancy word. And I take on the bet. I say my friends are perfectly sane" with that, his hand was caught again and he was dragged out of the room. Knowing that slashing out wasn't something his grandpa would have done, he hold his irritation checked and chose to wait for an opening to get away from the lunatic. Who apparently used strawberry shampoo by the smell of his hair. He shook his head, it wasn't his place to notice stuff like that, which didn't matter. But, he was mildly curious now. It wasn't possible that the redhead would have normal friends. How could anyone in their right mind be around this clingy annoyance more than few minutes, let alone voluntarily?

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