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Regina Hates Kissing Emma

Regina hates kissing Emma Swan. The woman uses far too much tongue and not nearly enough teeth. She pushes her tongue a little too far sometimes, which means Regina has to supress a reflexive gag and she always ends up with far too much saliva on and around her lips. Emma also tends to grip Regina's hair a little too tight, and the mayor somehow always manages to end up pushed uncomfortably against a wall or the sofa in her office, or the passenger's seat of the squad car, or even a lamppost once.

The need to breathe becomes an issue usually as well, Emma doesn't ease up much, so Regina finds herself having to gasp in puffs of air straight from Emma's mouth, which always tastes irritatingly like whatever it is Emma ate last, which is usually something Regina despises, or even allergic to. That was a fun trip to Dr Whale; that insolent man insisted on know why Regina ate cinnamon even though she was allergic.

She hates the weird groaning sounds that Emma makes while they kiss and she never stands still; her hands roam everywhere and anywhere way too fast for Regina to enjoy it and Emma's always bouncing from one foot to the other and it makes it difficult for Regina to keep a grip on her jacket. She hates that god awful jacket as well, the way it feels under her hands and how it sticks to her heated skin if the women press too close, and Emma always presses far too close. Which is yet another thing about kissing Emma that Regina can't stand; Emma can never seem to get close enough that she's always pushing into Regina more, making the mayor feel trapped and uncomfortably hot.

What she doesn't hate though, is after the kissing, after the sex that inevitably comes after the kissing; the few moments when both women are completely spent and Emma allows herself to just be still, leaning against the wall, or lying on the sofa in Regina's office, or the squad car, or against that lamppost that once. Regina likes those moments, when she can casually slip her fingers through Emma's own, and pull the blonde closer in a way that doesn't make her feel trapped, she can gently kiss Emma's lips without it getting to heavy and she can suggest that they go somewhere more comfortable.

Regina likes that feeling, those few moments, and lying in her bed, smiling at Emma snuggled next to her, she thinks that maybe kissing Emma Swan isn't so bad it if leads to this. If all she has to do to is endure a few bad kisses for these wonderful moments then she's more than happy to grin and bear it.